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Brisbane City
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Master in Social Work Student teaching English to whoever wants to learn

Hi! My name is Kym and I am an English tutor. I've been teaching English lessons with Japanese students online. My teaching philosophy is that I let my students enjoy the flow and not pressure them to be excellent immediately.

Bellevue Hill
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Ambitious sports Student provides english lessons to primary and secondary school students in Sydney

My name is Luisa and Im a 21 years old ambitious international student attending a sports college (acsf) in sydney as well as westernsydneyuni for 2 units. I offer intense english lessons for students attending primary or secondary school but Im also willing to teach high school students who need to study for their exams.

Clear Island Waters
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An experienced Chinese language teacher worked for Queensland schools in the Gold Coast area

Teach Chinese Mandarin in four macro areas: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. With online resources, books references and customise for the needs of the students and their learning styles. Teach authentic Chinese with Australia curriculum and/or suitable for business and other fields.

Lina maria
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Latrobe Student gives spanish classes all over melbourne. Learn by practice at home!

-Fun teacher with 3+ years of experience in language teaching. -Every lesson will contain some information at the very beginning, and then just practice. -You only learn by practice, that is why my classes are carried out in a way in which you only care about using the language.

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Chinese teacher with 3 years of experience gives private Mandarin lessons in China

I am Chinese and I can speak influent English.I usually teach first learners.If you enjoy studying Chinese and want to follow a NATIVE speaker then I am the only one choice. Teaching method:From pronunciation to writing,I like to teach them in different ways,such as imitation and situational analysis.

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Monash Master of Teaching student, TESOL qualified experienced English teacher.Focus on IELTS, Speaking & Grammar.

IELTS Speaking & Listening 8.5 TEFL/TESOL, CTEYL & CTBE Certificates. BA (Hons) in English (2011) International experience. Currently studying Master of Teaching in Early Year Education. Teaching is my passion. Tell me what your aim is and we will work together to achieve it. I love using practical situations that students might encounter in reality for our speaking lessons.

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ANU postgraduate student, experienced ESL teacher/tutor and journalism major seeking international or younger students for English tutoring.

I'm an experienced ESL teacher and tutor who focuses on communication and use of language to achieve language results. I have a great rapport with all of my students and enjoy watching them grow and achieve their goals. Depending on the kind of student, I will start my lessons with a review of previous learning points and try to use them in a suitable context.

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TEFL - TESOL Certified English teacher provides private tutoring lessons in the Perth area.

I am a Certified TEFL - TESOL teacher/tutor. I also have experience in the use of the English testing regimes know as IELTS and PTE. My lessons can be adapted to the needs of most students. I am currently privately tutoring 6 students.

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I'm a native French girl and I would be very happy to offering french lessons

Bonjour! Hello! Would you like to learn the basics of French in a fun and engaging way? Would you like to improve your German conversational skills to be able to talk to natives on your business trip or on your holidays? Do you need any help with your French homework or term paper? Please read on! I am an outgoing and energetic 24 y/o French native speaker with a solid background in...

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Hi I'm An I love teaching. I have an experience teaching kids in all his curriculum but my expertise is reading, math or science subjects. I am patient and creative in teaching and hopefully it will h

My teaching method is I assess the person and understand what he/she is good at and what are the areas he/she needs to improve. I make them think and express more their thoughts, kids want to be listened to and someone who will understand them as well. I use visuals so that it will help them remember things. I can draw and make educational materials for the kids so it will help them learn easily.

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Qualified Musical Director and Pianist teaching Piano and Music Theory in Melbourne.

My lessons are based on the individual; whatever you want to learn, and how fast you want to do it.

Coffs Harbour
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10 year Barcelona resident gives Spanish conversation and vocabulary lessons/practice in Coffs Harbour.

I believe that the only way to become proficient in speaking another language is ....... to speak it! I offer conversational classes designed to encourage, correct mistakes and build both your vocabulary and confidence.

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Cantonese and Mandarin native speaker at Hawthorn gives lessons to uni students and adults.

I have given Chinese lessons to both children and adults in China and they both enjoyed my lessons which are very interesting, professional and closely related to daily life. To second-language learners, l will teach both practical skills for oral communication and comprehension.

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Conversational English Teacher: The Path to Becoming a Fluent or Native English Speaker

How I like to structure my lessons is that the first lesson would comprise of just getting to know the student and understand their strengths and weaknesses and how they would approach study or how they tackle problems and from there I would structure my lesson plan or tutoring geared towards those improving learning learning strategies and techniques.

Shailer Park
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Food & Industrial Industry Staff Training in Brisbane Based on 36 Years of experience

Practical Training based on In House Experience. Teaching not only the 'How To Do A Task' but also the 'Why The Task Needs To Be Conducted That Way'! Background information on the task so the staff understand the reasoning behind the methodology enhances why set procedures are to be followed.

Macquarie Park
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Computing Graduate and previous Optus Case Manager gives mobile/computer technical help

• Hands on experience with the equipment - computer, tablet, mobile phone. • Patient and repetitive on an instruction until the student understands. • Friendly and approachable - allowing the student to ask questions comfortably at any time. • If I do not know the answer to a problem, will do my best to research and find out.

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Creative and Artistic cooking lessons with 13 years of experience in hospitality in Queensland

I can teach basic to advanced cooking and barista lessons can be given on a flexible basis. Depending on what you would like to learn to cook or lessons you want to learn. Theory and hands-on with interactive activities and the philosophy of fun.

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Completed grade 8 at 13 years old providing Home flute lessons around Cheltenham VIC area

My teaching method is very encouraging, yet also pushing the students so they can perform at their best capabilities. I am happy to teach grades 1-4 any age, teaching them grades if they wish or just for leisure. The lesson structure varies from the capabilities of each student.

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Post-Graduate student in Curtin University teaches Swahili in Perth; first hand experience growing up in Kenya!

My teaching method can be through presentations; in addition, I aim to teach through direct interaction with the students either face to face or through a digital platform. This will ensure efficient communication. Furthermore, I will give the students tests and assignments to have an idea on the progress they are making.

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Jazz or pop piano lesson! in Melbourne :) You can understand chords easier!!

Based on Jazz harmony that is very important for understand all music. Every harmony starts by scales.

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Experienced Registered Nurse wanting to teach English and Nursing/Medical related topics

I like to incorporate theory based learning with practical learning as much as possible. I also feel that it is important to know the WHY as well as the HOW when it comes to learning. I am flexible and very open to new styles of learning and also tailoring learning to the individual to achieve the best outcomes.

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Lenko, helping in the ways of drawing, in and around Warwick Queensland.

I have enjoyed drawing and finding Methods to help myself draw more realistic as well as cartoons. So, with art, specifying in drawing and painting I would like the student to get many different pictures... this is to help guide not copy someone else's work. It is a great way to learn unless you have a great memory.

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Experienced vinyasa and yin yoga teacher provides private lessons Sutherland shire and CBD

My classes vary depending on my clients needs, but I often provide a strong practice as I believe pushing oneself past our comfort zone is one of the greatest ways to grow. Unlike many vinyasa classes, I like to move a little slower providing the time to really focus on each position and the alignment of the body.

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John Curtin Student teaching ESL and other Languages as required ! Fun and Creative!


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Lovely Banks
Nikolina katarina
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Melbourne University Student readily available to teach any area of the Russian Language

Давайте изучать русский язык! I have been learning the Russian language for two years now and am confident in teaching both written and spoken Russian including the alphabet and the grammatical cases. Learning a new language is always very rewarding and looks amazing on your CV! I tailor my classes to the specific needs of the student/students.

Lovely Banks
Nikolina katarina
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Melbourne University Student readily available to teach any area of the English Language

I tailor my classes to the specific needs of the student/students. Every student learns at their own pace and it is vital as an educator to become aware of the student's abilities and work with them to achieve their absolute potential.

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Deakin student to teach kickass writing skills in Ballarat - smash that essay!

Completely focussed on the student's desired direction. Send me an essay and I'll give feedback. Engage in a conversation with me where I can give tips on grammar. If you're doing VCE English Language, I can help out with specific problems you're having.

Ascot Park
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I am a Filipina teaching ESL online for about 10 years now to mostly Asian students most likely Korean :)

My Teaching method is simple,I begin with the need of the learners. Materials should be attractive and brain-friendly . And I also use links for additional resources in teaching. Make your students a resources too by asking them to choose a topic to discuss on your conversation, this way you give them freedom to express themselves.

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ESL tutor, 15 years experience, University level Academic and General English, Available now

I use a communicative language teaching method. When teaching GE (and all the skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation) I try to make the classes and materials as interactive as possible so that students are not only learning from me but also from each other.

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Perfect! Emilie is a really knowledgeable, patient and kind tutor. In only two lessons, I already have a much greater understanding of fFrench grammar because of the really helpful activities, explanations and resources she provides during our lessons. I...

Phoebe , Student
1 month ago
(7 reviews)

Perfect! Sai is a great tutor, he helps make concepts very easy to understand by explaining them in multiply ways. He's very patient, professional and experienced. I would highly recommend him if you are looking to take lessons in any type of programming he...

Reema, Student
1 month ago
Sai rama rao
(1 review)

Perfect! Friendly and easy going. Really motivating to learn from you while you are also studying hard at university. Really good command of mandarin chinese and enough patience to listen to me read at such slow pace. Excellent tutor!

Jun yeu, Student
2 months ago
(2 reviews)

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