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North Fremantle
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Experienced tutor and University of Melbourne Graduate offers interactive academic support and proofreading assistance.

I believe in the power of peer-to-peer education. I use my age as an advantage, to empathise with the experiences of my students, and to make them as comfortable as possible. At times, studying can be stressful and overwhelming - and I get that! That's why I make sure my sessions are as interactive and fun as possible, using a range of activities and constantly checking in with my students.

Shailer Park
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Recent high school graduate (op 2) from Logan/Brisbane area who specialises in humanities and arts subjects.

It has been my experience as a student that it is exceedingly difficult to grasp a topic if one cannot find an interest in it. As a result, it seems that perhaps the most important step in learning something new is to make a connection between the new subject and something that one is already interested in.

Kelvin Grove
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Current Engineering Graduate gives maths lessons to high school and uni students in Brisbane. With 2 years of experience in teaching Maths to uni students, I have incorporated a wide range of strategi

I teach the building blocks of math, such as number sense and operational skills, as well as boost students ability to think about problems. I motivate students to try and teach them to persevere when problems are challenging. I always begin a new lesson with a reminder of last, this help students make sense of concepts, provide them connections to the real world.

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Native Chinese Speaker offering Fun chinese/cantonese lessons for all levels of proficiency

I understand that each student has different needs so I try to use a range of different approaches to tailor my lessons to the specific student, ensuring that everyone can maximize their potential and improve.

Little Bay
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Maths and Physics Teacher Graduate with 4 years of experience in teaching

I am a highly communicative learning person. So while learning for uni I always had a teaching part. For me teaching is a communicative cooperative act in which you and me will figure out the best ways for you to understand the problem as well as the solution. I am very fast in understanding problems and creative in finding ways to explain complex subjects.

Little Bay
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German University Graduate with teaching experience will help improve your German pronounciation

My teaching is very communicative and cooperative. The greatest joy for me is seeing someone learning something new. I am very precise in pronunciation especially in foreign languages. A very hard task was learning some French from a native French speaker or learning Swedish vowel pronunciation.

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Final year Medical student at Griffith University with over 4 years of tutoring experience. Extensive academic background with a PhD in Genetics, Evolution and Ecology from the Australian National Uni

I personalise and tailor my classes to the needs of the student. I believe in shared learning and love facilitating discussions. I like to link to familiar concepts and being a visual learner myself, like to use visual props and diagrams during sessions.

Wattle Grove
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Master of Teaching (Primary) student able to tutor primary school and junior high school students in Perth

I like to get students involved in the lesson. I have found that students learn best when the content is linked to the world they experience every day. I like to revise previous lessons to make sure they understood the content before moving on. I also believe using multiple representations of lesson content allows for better understanding.

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Deakin Business and Law graduate giving English lessons to school students and foreign nationals preparing for competitive examinations (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc.)

My teaching is based on the goals and requirements of my students or mentees. I am flexible to provide online learning (audio or video classes) or even personal coaching (Melbourne Eastern Suburbs) if he/she needs help in any specific area of the language. I am currently looking to teach individuals who are looking to crack competitive English exams (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc.

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Master's Degree Graduated gives English lessons to ESL students in Sydney NSW

I try to teach English in the most interactive way, making good use of technology, music, films, books, even games.

Saint Lucia
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As a Chinese teacher for more than 10 years ,hope to give you the most help!

My teaching method is very flexible, according to your Chinese level ,I will design a special Chinese course for you, the most important thing is I often encourage students to speak out boldly ,communication is very important,learning any language need to practice continually, just follow me I will provide a special teaching method for you and your Chinese will improved very fast!

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Distinction Average Creative Writing Student Offers English Tutoring For High School Students

I like to base my teaching on an individual approach. Each student will have different needs and I like to isolate those needs and then cater to them by offering a positive role model and new ways of approaching learning and challenges.

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Adelaide University Advanced Arts Student with a double major in Classics and English available for Latin, History, and English tutoring

I am able to take you through an extensive vocabulary with Latin and go through each new grammatical concept in detail. When working on essay help and general class issues, I can go through the issues slowly and in detail so that a retention rate is guaranteed.

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Data Scientist @ University of Sydney, ex-Facebook programmer comfortable teaching any level.

I dissect advanced concepts down to its core. In essence, a computer takes some data as an input, process the data and gives an output. That's it! We have created functionalities on this ground to add more capabilities. You will learn some of the computer science fundamentals that I struggled with, but you won't.

Keilor Lodge
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Qualified solicitor from La Trobe University and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice Graduate.

I have significant volume of materials which have contributed to my studies as a former law student and I have created great amounts of notes which integrate the learning techniques of every subject required for teaching.

Keilor Lodge
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Law graduate having studied in Greece and Australia and VCE Modern Greek top scorer 2009

I have materials which contain multi-level practical exercises for multiple levels of knowledge (beginners, intermediates, advanced students). I approach teaching as a new and exciting way to learn the background of a language which will help learners understand the logic behind its grammar and general expression.

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I am a french native teacher ready to help you in differents aspects of my language !

I am really passionate and honest in my job, I am empathic and I have studied child and adult psychology before so I know how to be adaptable and find the best way to learn french. I am really creative and I love teaching with games.I love travelling and discover the world as well. I use often the french culture to improve their skills, sometimes musics, videos, theatre for example.

Cranbourne East
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Engineering Manager taught science to students and delivered lectures to Power Plant Professionals.

To incite the urge to learn by infusing great deal of curiosity and learning as enjoyable like watching a movie, reading novel etc. Integration of ideas & knowledge through a pedestal of Philosophy in the premise of science that inspire to think and observing the response as feedback within the precincts of human psychology.

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An Accounting student doing Masters from LA TROBE University has been passionate about teaching since years and have experience in teaching in her Undergraduation days. I am here to help you out in ev

My teaching methodology is very easy. First of all, I will give my students a well structure of the topic he or she has come up with . I'll start from the basics which is required for any managerial subjects so as to spread a good knowledge on 'what it is ' in a simplest way. Then I'll teach one by one by giving relevant examples .

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Flinders University Student with a Major in English available for English tutoring for Primary school aged children in Adelaide Southern Suburbs.

I believe teaching should be fun and engaging to increase comprehension of key ideas and areas. Teaching is about motivating and encouraging students through their successes and their struggles to ensure intrinsic motivation continues throughout the entire learning process.

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HSC Graduate tutoring Mathematics of all levels - Home Tutoring one-to-one, or in groups

My lessons are geared toward students of all academic and maturity levels. I am able to aid students who are struggling to understand the coursework or keep up with their studies, but also those who are looking to be challenged and pushed ahead of their classmates.

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Let your creativity flourish and flow with my support at your own home

My teaching methods include getting to know the student/s prior to sitting down and tackling the class content/s. Examples of it are playing a short game to warm up, yoga stretches, dance. After this, I go ahead and see what is in store of the day's learning. I break up the class every now and then by going for a short walk, quick game and more yoga stretches.

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JCU Business Graduate is willing to help university students help for business management in Townsville

I am a recent JCU graduate with a knowledge of the business world. I am willing to teach current James Cook University or Other University with similar nature of the knowledge of the business world. I believe that everyone needs help sometimes even if itis in small in nature My Teaching Methods are varied due to the nature of the individual or group.

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PhD student with lecturing experience gives management lessons to anyone who is interested.

I teach only subjects related to management. I focus on anyone who is interested on learning management. I always adopt student centered learning method and learning by objectives in teaching. Power point presentations will be used for the lessons. Students are always encouraged to engage in learning.

South Brisbane
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QUT Master's information technology student major on Data Science and Data Analytics, an expert in computer science with a bachelor in electronic engineering and more than 7 years of professional expe

My philosophy is teaching through experience and motivation. I consider that only bu developing a motivation and creating a feeling with the topic is possible to understand what is going on. I always try to encourage my students to understand the reasons why the topics are relevant for their future or the importance of the knowledge gathered.

Canning Vale
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Murdoch PhD Electrical Engineering student give math lessons to primary and secondary school students.

As a teacher it is important to make each student realize their true potential. As teacher student relationship grows, together they should recognize that all their efforts are to achieve wisdom to find a truth. Learning is not something that can be defined as a procedure; learning is something that occurs in a rather unstructured way. However, Learning can be built into structures and processes.

Surfers Paradise
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Math Wiz offers school-age students (Kinder to year 10) assistance in all areas of Math

My teaching methods are student and relationship based. By that I mean I spend some time getting to know the student so that I can tailor my lessons to the individual. I learn what the students learning style is (kinetic, aural or visual) and use this to assist their understanding of topics. I also like to find out areas of interest/hobbies and try to base some of my lessons around these areas.

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Volunteer Research Assistant at University of Newcastle seeking for entry level jobs

First I prepare an outline. I set the lessons that I want to cover within the scheduled time I prepare. I am also available to the students after hours and I prefer to be connected with students by phone, email and other social media. I listen to the students. I prefer feedback from my students. I check the performance of my class through regular assessments, assignments, class tests etc.

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Professional writer with years of experience in high school and university tutoring

I try to make things as simple as they are. We often over-complicate our tasks and work, and I see it as my job — something I enjoy — to help students to develop basic strategies to get tasks done.

Oakleigh South
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Deakin Commerce student gives Spanish lessons ! ( For every level - Basic - Intermediate - Advanced) Melbourne

I follow five steps that help me organise the way I plan my lessons. STEP 1: Know my students' needs and talent This because It will help me choose my learning goals, topics, and teaching approaches adequately.

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Perfect! Kai is very warm and kind, but also a very excellent teacher. She ensures that the lesson includes everything that i have requested (pronunciation, vocabulary, character writing, grammar, conversation). I really appreciate her approach to...

Sandra, Student
4 days ago

Perfect! I have had 6 hours of lessons now with Channing and found her to be very helpful and thorough in her teaching methods. I have practised what I have learnt on my Chinese friends and they can understand me which is very encouraging and pleasing I...

Peter, Student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Priyanka, is a valuable and noteworthy tutor. Her knowledge and skill set for python is thorough, as I am tackling any type of coding for the very first time. Her patience and understanding is beyond amazing and something to be admired. A quality...

John , Student
3 weeks ago
(21 reviews)

Perfect! Lisa is such as lovely teacher and is nice to me and my son! She is very helpful and considerate. I'm glad I had her as a teacher!

Tori, Student
1 month ago

Perfect! Xochitl is a great teacher, very passionate about her work and students. My children have been taking Spanish lessons with her for a month now and they literally can't wait for their next class. Xochitl is a native speaker of Spanish and taught us...

Galina, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Giuljana was exactly what my boys needed to help them with their IB German. We look forward to working with her again next year to iron out some of the areas that still need a bit more refinement. The boys have recommended Giuljana to many of their...

Annika, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

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