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Qualified English Language Arts teacher in Bunbury, WA offering English lessons online!

My teaching method is student-centred and focused on active learning. Rather than lecturing or simply explaining concepts, I work hard to have students engage with the topic and be active participants in their own learning by practicing, performing, and perfecting. I am offering tutoring services for anyone in need of help in the areas of English, literature, and/or writing.

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JCU student with math tutoring experience gives math lessons to students in Townsville.

I have been a math tutor for two years, having tutored children of all ages from 5 to 18. While tutoring I demonstrate tricks that often help link the missing piece of a concept. I will help with homework and then go over some extra examples to ensure that the concept fully makes sense.

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Masters of Teaching Graduate gives proficient English lessons to high school students.

My hope is to become the sort of teacher who can help her students awaken their own inner wisdom and value, and to guide them as they seek their place in our rapidly changing world. My current babysitting job has only strengthened my desire to have a career in educating and working with children.

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Deakin Biomed student looking out for high school and undergrad students around Melbourne to share her knowledge in biology

My priority would be the student. First when the student contacts me I would like to get to know everything the students wants to know and have a doubt on. And I would prepare myself accordingly and would and deliver the lesson the way the student and I both would be comfortable.

West Hobart
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A humorous teacher can make the complicated language simple, fluent and native (Come and improve your Chinese)

My teaching method is based on 8 steps including 5 on class and 3 after class. That is Pre-class test, New lessons, instant check, review, Post-class check, chat online after class for your feedback of homework, an short online class before next lesson, check your homework.

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Canadian in Australia! Enjoy Learning English: TOELF, IELTS, VOCAB, GRAMMAR, WRITING & More! (Bondi/CBD)

My teaching method is a mix of everything. I like to make lessons FUN and EXCITING. I want my students to feel comfortable and happy in class, because really, it is the best way to learn! I base my lessons on the student: YOU tell me what you want/need, and I'll take it from there. I like to tailor-make each session so that the student gets the MOST out of their lessons.

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Business Leader with recent Master of Teaching degree who loves to teach chemistry and biology at all levels in Melbourne's North West

Develop relationship in order to adapt to best teaching methodology. My life experience and Masters of Teaching ( Uni Melb ) enable me to rapidly engage students. Teaching in Saudi Arabia, China, as well as Melbourne to many students. Age does bring wisdom and sharing my gift is my reward.

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Flinders University student supports school students in their English studies and other school work in Adelaide

I am to stem my lessons from what the teachers have students working on, or areas that a particular student needs a bit of added help. I am happy to assist in research, writing essays or other assignments, and editing essays (for English and History specifically, but I may also be able to assist in other subjects).

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ANU Masters Student: Tutoring Maths and Science subjects to School students Canberra|ACT

* Cover core concepts which can be validated on all situations. Once the fundamentals are clear, difficult problems can be broken down in order to simplify solutions. *There are no mediocre questions, one should always know how to create a pathway for an optimum solution (minimising complexity and time constraints).

Pascoe Vale South
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High achieving 1st year BSc engineering student at the University of Melbourne

My teaching method is to make the student proper understand of the concept and then bit of a practice to master the skills. I found my ability to teach at a very young age.

Tuart Hill
Bhan prince raj
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Postgraduate student from UWA likes to teach physics, chemistry and maths and also other subjects.

I am a postgraduate student and I have learnt a lot through experience. My teaching method is simple, just to make the student understand the principle and then apply it in his daily life activities to remember. And until I make him/her learn, I will try various methodologies such as explaining in activity related way, story telling, visualizing by thoughts etc.

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Cambridge CELTA graduate teaches fun ESL lessons in Gold Coast and online

My teaching method is as hands on as possible. I get my students to participate in engaging activities every class. I believe that a language is learnt by speaking it, not by writing down rules, and this is reflected in my classes.

South Hobart
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UTas Science Student give maths and physics lessons to Hobart high school students

I am passionate about maths and physics and will tutor enthusiastic students who are struggling with their class or want to achieve excellent results. I will usually briefly explain topics, then work through some example problems. Ultimately my goal is to help you enjoy physics and maths as much as I do.

Brian george
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I am a mechanical engineering student pursuing my masters degree in mechanical engineering and i have sufficient knowledge on high school level maths and physics

I believe one can learn only if he practices. So i will give my lectures and classes. Make them do a few problems and homeworks.

Balwyn North
Bao hien
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Unimelb Student give math lessons to secondary and high school students in Melbourne

My teaching method is to study from the most basic and simple thing and once the students get it, I will give them more difficult work and they have to figure out themselves based on the previous simple questions.

Sunshine West
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Swinburne MS Information Technology student l,eager to use my skills to help youngsters achieve their goals

Being an educator is not as easy as people think. It is a very crucial job , one has to keep an eye on what the say and do as it has a great impact on students. My strategy is very simple and clear, first and foremost i try to understand my students and their temperament, I give spot on quizzes so that the student can revise what he/she just learned.

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Learn German with a native speaker with university degree in language teaching! (Melbourne)

My teaching method is communicative language teaching, which involves focusing on the 4 language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) and on teaching grammar and vocabulary in context.

Victoria Park
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Curtin Education Student giving anatomy lessons to high school students in Perth

My teaching method is quite hands on, as I believe that science is best learnt in a practical way. When students can relate to what is being taught, they are more likely to retain core concepts. My lessons will most likely involve both practical elements as well as quizzes or practice questions.

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University of Queensland English literature and writing student gives patient, friendly ESL lessons

My teaching method is to find out what you don't know, what you need to know, and how you learn. Then I put all those things together and help you to achieve what you need to in your way, in your time.

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Brisbane-based Law and Psychology Student available to tutor school age students in English

My specialties in English include (but are not limited to) creative and essay writing, public speaking, vocabulary and grammar. Once you and I have established what it is you want to achieve through our sessions, the following structure is an example of a typical two-hour session that focuses on a standard high school English essay: 1.

Noble Park
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Teacher of English at all levels from Grade 1 to Year 12. Full time Teaching for 36 years and Part Time and Substitute Teaching plus Tutoring for the past five years.

My main goal as a teacher is to help my students to reach their full potentials, both academically and as people. I make my lessons as interesting and enjoyable as possible and that, combined with my friendly and engaging personality, helps me to maintain my students' attention and motivation.

Noble Park
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Teacher with 40 years Teaching experience, Tutoring English: all aspects and all levels. Has BA Dip Ed and Teaching Certificate.

My overall goal as a Teacher is to help my students to reach their full potentials, both academically and as people. No matter what aspect of English I am teaching in a particular lesson, I make my presentation as interesting as possible so that my students will enjoy the learning process and will be highly motivated to make a maximum effort.

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I gave IB, AP and A-Levels maths tutoring for international students in Nepal

Instead of getting the students adopt with my methods, I try myself to provide students with options and flexible methods they feel easy to adopt into. Before going to the core, I basically provide students with all the necessary basic principals and relevant backgrounds so that it will be easy for them to understand when, why and how do they apply what they are learning.

(1 review)
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Karyn is Australian and has lived in Barcelona & Madrid in Spain, Phuket & Bangkok in Thailand, and in the Central Deserts of Australia around Alice Springs. I have been teaching English for five year

Learn English! In a tranquil and fun environment. With an experienced, native teacher, certified TEFL, patient, friendly, organised. Enjoy the English language: conversation, business negotiations, preparation for exams. Develop your abilities, writing, reading, comprehension, speaking, grammar and vocabulary. Work methods: text book, novels, magazines, newspapers, aduio, video.

Forest Hill
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Law and Literature graduate to tutor literature (VCE or otherwise) in Melbourne's East

I hold flexible lessons based on each student's needs. With writing, I look to help my students find their own personal voice while polishing their work. With literature, I look to facilitate my students with fleshing out their own ideas.

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High School and College Advanced Mathematics, Extension 1 and Computer Programming Tutoring

As your kid's tutor, I would assist in explaining concepts they may have difficulty understanding or simply improve their ability, knowledge or motivation for whatever topic is needed. I believe that for difficult subjects it is the job of the tutor to break the problem down into bite size steps for the student to grasp. This may not always happen at school, and requires a good private tutor.

Mary joy
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One-on-one ESL speaking lessons to young learners within Stirling and nearby suburbs.

I base my teaching methodology on the learning style of every student. For young learners, I use visuals and tactile representations for better lesson retention. I give out rewards for outstanding performance to motivate students and keep up according to their pace.

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Tutor available in the Colac/Geelong region for private maths, science and health science lessons, in person or online

I prefer to teach 1 on 1 as I find this allows me to spend the extra time needed to explain subjects and concepts thoroughly. In the course of my work as a Physiotherapist I find that I spend much of my time doing this to help people understand their diagnosis and also to explain treatment options.

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ANU Anthropology student gives lessons in English,Chinese, and boxing in Canberra ACT.

From my whole year of teaching experience, I firmly hold the notion that Teaching is Reducing: you help the students to filter the things that they do not need, to guide them away from what's wrong, and to direct them to what is the right.

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RMIT Postgraduate student with excellent score in IELTS and great English speaking and writing skills

My teaching method is very interactive. I make the students completely involved in the topic and make them love English as a language. Being an IELTS 7.

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Perfect! the best teacher ever! I've hired Lydia as soon as I got a reply which was almost instant. I have engaged her in a weekly tutoring on python since then. I intend to continue for a while. Lydia's is highly competent and knows a lot about programming!

Gayan, Student
1 week ago

Perfect! Lydia is just great! We've had some lessons now and I couldn't be happier. She provides me with detailed lessons and I feel that my German gets better already. She is not afraid to travel quite a while to meet me and brings enough time to make real...

Stefan, Student
1 month ago

Perfect! Remarks from my son Gabriel "She explains things clearly and gives enough questions to do. She is very patient and kind. She always asks you questions to make sure you do the work, and then she makes you do questions from what she taught."

Monika, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Veronica helped me with my resume. She promptly got back to me after I sent her my resume. She helped me with my grammar and sentence structures, and gave me useful comments about how to improve my resume. Highly recommended :)

Pimpisut, Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Emilie is a really knowledgeable, patient and kind tutor. In only two lessons, I already have a much greater understanding of fFrench grammar because of the really helpful activities, explanations and resources she provides during our lessons. I...

Phoebe , Student
3 months ago
(7 reviews)

Perfect! Sai is a great tutor, he helps make concepts very easy to understand by explaining them in multiply ways. He's very patient, professional and experienced. I would highly recommend him if you are looking to take lessons in any type of programming he...

Reema, Student
3 months ago
Sai rama rao
(1 review)

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