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Professional Chinese teacher who holds a Phd degree gives Chinese language lessons in Sydney.

I usually teach my students Chinese with different topics or using textbooks. For beginners, correct pronunciation and basic conversations should be focused on. I suggest all my students learn Chinese characters, because they reflect Chinese culture and learning characters can open students' mind besides alphabetic writing.

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Mexican gives fun and easy Spanish lessons to everyone in the Gold Coast!

Question/answer exercise – the teacher asks questions of any type and the student answers. Dictation – the teacher chooses a grade-appropriate passage and reads it aloud. Reading aloud – the students take turn reading sections of a passage, play or a dialogue aloud.

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Intermediate Japanese speaker giving lessons for primary schoolers and early high schoolers in Launceston.

For a language, I believe the best way to memorise is by the use of repetition. This is obtained through weekly exercises (letters or words), flashcards and practising out loud. I would take on primary school students and early high school students who are just beginning to learn the language.

South Brisbane
(3 reviews)
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Organizational Psychologist with further specialization in Business and Organizational Development with big passion for teaching my beatiful native language

My teaching method is based on the "direct method" which requires the active involvement of the student in both speaking and listening to the Spanish language in realistic everyday situations.

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Adelaide University student studying Education looking to teach English to Adelaide students

I approach my topics with an open and relatable topic, as someone who's young relating to the younger community is a must through references to video games e.g fortnite and technology. A lesson structure includes a quiz and discussion period. Half theory half practical.

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Experienced photographer has a wide world of exciting knowledge to pass on.

Hands on the camera and computer, out in the fields, head down in facts and figures, but all with patient understanding. Depending on your levels of knowledge or your needs I will guide you through the basics of picture taking, composition, difficult lighting, grouping, and even through to photo manipulation on your computer.

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Professional Photographer over 30 years experience in the industry from weddings to shooting the heavens above. Specializing in night photography and slow shutter photography.

Understanding your new DSLR camera Understanding the exposure triangle Shooting in RAW Getting off Auto - Manual, Aperture and Priority modes explained Field trips either one on one or groups can be arranged whether it's shooting the stars a waterfall or in a studio.

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Native Danish speaker give lessons to anyone interested in learning the Danish language

I have been speaking Danish for 15 years, and am fluent in English, and learning French. Depending on the level of Danish that the students have, we would start off with basics, and move on to food, animals, colors ect, conversation.

Hurlstone Park
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Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler, Albert Einstein said!

A combination of high tech approach and student-centered approach to learning. Demonstrating, Collaboration, and Interactive Teaching. Employing various technologies to assist students in the learning process, coaching and facilitating student learning including overall comprehension of the material. Measuring student learning through both formal and informal forms of assessment.

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Yoga is all about balance, let me help you reach it! 200 TTC + Teaching practice

My focus is on traditional Hatha yoga, as well as Yin yoga as I find it amazing for one's transactions. Yoga is not about the physical activity at first, although it is very essential. In my classes I add pranayama techniques at the beginning to help you focus inside & build that inner heat.

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Colombia se vive y se siente también en las lecciones de español en Brisbane

Mi método de enseñanza esta basado en clases 50% conversacional, 25% vocabulario y 25% gramatical, usando herramientas como videos, preparación de recetas, actividades manuales, e incluso salidas al parque o la ciudad, donde el estudiante pueda reconocer el significado de las palabras y generar mayor asociación con el idioma.

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Maxime - Friendly Native French Speaker and experienced teacher: private lessons "near" Fairfield (motorized)

Depending on the student's need, I can target specific subjects (to reach a good score on a test or exams), or we can focus on that their overall comprehension of French and their ability to be understood whether orally or through writing constantly improves.

Fortitude Valley
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French girl, give french lessons to primary school and middle school in Brisbane, with a degree in psychology and experience with children from 3 to 15 years old.

My teaching method is really positive. In teaching i prefer case by case, because each child has his abilities and his difficulties. So it is therefore to listen to everyone. To teach French, it is important to start with simple things, and to give importance to phonetics.

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Affordable Yoga Classes & Meditation/Wellness Workshops - Save more when you book multiple!

Yoga & Meditation are highly beneficial holistic and ancient tools which still work today to support mental stability and clarity in our society. I am a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (RYT200hr) who also manages my own Yoga & Meditation business online (thewaywardjournal.com).

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Professional Photographer with 10 years industry experience teaches photographic skills for beginners to advanced.

My teaching is all based on practical techniques. I like those I educate to 'learn by doing' - you cannot learn how to take a good picture by reading a book! My lessons are tailored to suit the existing skillset of my students and develop and expand on the knowledge they possess.

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Adelaide Architectural design student gives chinese lessons to students in Adelaide Bruce sun

Encourage students of mixed abilities to work together by promoting small group or whole class activities. Request students to spend more effort on their own time to learn and practice. Studying and practicing with students together. Encourge students to use what they have learned from classes in real life.

Heidelberg Heights
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No matter what or where you want to sing, I can teach you how to use your voice.

I give simple singing exercises and I help you understand how the voice works. I also give you physical exercises in order to connect the body with the voice. My goal is for you to know you instrument the voice and become proficient at playing it. I help you to become aware of different components. I break things down for you and guide you at every step so you know what you are doing and how.

Canning Vale
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Vocal Coach for students of all ages, Perth's southern suburbs, WAAPA student

Depending on your goals and why you want to learn, I have different teaching methods for each student. For high school students or students of any age who are serious about their singing, I will teach them technique regarding breathing and different ways of using your voice properly without hurting or straining.

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Student Offering Basic Adulting Lessons such as Cooking and Cleaning in Your Home

I will give the basic instructions, as well as how I personally do the task. I do not expect you to copy what I do exactly, as everyone has different methods. I will first discuss where you feel you have trouble as an adult, and then I will lead you through the process of what you need.

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German Continuers (by Distance), 4 Unit English, (3rd) Studies of Religion and (1st) Modern History recently completed at SFX, tutoring English, Modern History, Studies of Religion and Beginners and I

My teaching method is to work with the student to find problems and difficult areas to work on rather than merely pouring over countless exercises.

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Native Cantonese/Mandarin Speaker give Cantonese/Mandarin lessons to Learners at all level in Sydney

Want to learn the coolest and most up-to-date Mandarin phrases that would make you sound absolutely pro & local? Want to explore the amazing landscape in China but cannot even order food? I will design lessons based on students' needs, such as basic oral communication for trips and written Mandarin.

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Web Development - From Beginner To Expert (Suitable for students ages 12 and over)

Starting from the Basics of HTML , CSS and JavaScript each lesson is designed to help students learn the fundamentals introducing advanced topics with each lesson engraving the core concepts of web development. Upon completion my students will gain the skills necessary to create and develop their own web apps.

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Native french speaker gives french lessons or help student in adelaide, all levels

I'm using a direct method. This method is to enable the learner to communicate effectively and appropriately in the various situations she would be likely to find herself in. I want to create similarities between learning the first and second languages. There is no correction of mistakes.

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Experienced Spanish Teacher give lessons to all levels (A1-C2) in Melbourne

I am a teacher that adapts to the needs of students. I like to teach the Spanish language covering all the skills of the language: writing, speaking, listening and reading. I teach grammar, but I also like communication and teaching culture. I like fun classes where you can learn all aspects of the Spanish language.

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Join Tanmay in learning the basics of Yoga and Hatha Yoga practices

I start my sessions with warm ups, free hand exercises, then I teach the very basic yoga postures so that people feel comfortable at the beginning.

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The master portrait photographer gives best hands on photography lessons to anyone from enthusiasts to professionals in Melbourne

I believe in practicality of lessons and theory. I'd like you to stark working and seeing the results every single day. Using right side of your brain I'll help you to tap into your creative talent and create images that you couldn't believe you would even been able to produce.

(1 review)
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Graduate Diploma of Secondary Teaching and Master of Education graduate give IELTS lessons or general English lessons in Brisbane or online

When I am tutoring IELTS speaking, I usually design the learning materials according to their background and since their starting lines and aiming marks are different, so sometimes I need more scaffolding, sometimes more students-centric.

Kewarra Beach
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Pluriexcperienced Italian singer born in Italy, Rome, want teach you how to speak the current Italian tongue.

Speak Italian straight away...let student focus the pronunciation by reading Italian newspaper or book. Introducing Italian colture like history or gastronomy.

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Experienced and engaging French tutor in Ashburton (holds Diploma in French from the University of Melbourne)

My top priority as a tutor is to kindle a passion for the French language in my students. I understand the challenges of learning a foreign language so I make my classes engaging and motivating.

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La Trobe Post Graduate, Former French Teacher, give French lessons in Bundoora and surroundings.

Sharing languages is awesome. I can teach you basics of French, including Reading, Writing, Listening and speaking. Language lessons are for anyone who is interested in the language. Special French and English lessons can be arranged for primary to secondary students. Classes prior to the exams can be arranged to help students get good grades.

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Perfect! Maany is a very professional English teacher. I had a big issue with my writing in English. So I asked her to help me with this task to do my IELTS test. She not just helped me to overcome my difficulties but also, to enjoy it :)

Isabela, Student
1 week ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Maany helps me a lot preparing for my IELTS test. shes very good with what she does, and really good at explaining too. she pays attention to details, also checks up on progress, she gives tips for the exam, and above all, she's very approachable,...

Marie therese, Student
1 week ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Domenico is a very patient tutor, easy to get along with and has created a comfortable learning environment. He is clear in his expression, uses different teaching strategies if you don't understand something and really breaks down every element of...

Arianna, Student
2 weeks ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Shiori is a great teacher and I am looking forward to learning with her more!

Kahleana, Student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! He had the knowledge, assessed my need quickly, taught succinctly with easy to understand language.Also in a time frame that enabled me to take notes and fully understand, so the following week I was able tp present our children with the first...

Denis, Student
3 weeks ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! Lynette.Is erudite on the workings of a camera of which I've not grasped as as yet . We had a healthy discussion on art as well but think maybe I've a different outlook on photography which is actually healthy hope to build up a rapport and learn...

Philip, Student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

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