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Quakers Hill
(7 reviews)
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If you need a real eduactor who can actually help your child to polish his/her potential, then you can contact me :)

I teach according to the child requirement,my methods highly depends upon the needs of a particular child so that my teaching could be effective

Springfield Lakes
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Third Year Honors Education Student gives helpful High-School English Lessons in Springfield

My teaching methodology is largely constructivist - meaning I truly believe that people learn best when they are actively participating through first hand experience! I love creating learning experiences that relate to students real-lives. I don't necessarily see myself as a teacher. I see myself as more of a facilitator of learning.

Saint Albans
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Private tutor from Victoria university available for teaching Hindi lessons in Melbourne(Victoria)

My name is Harshita Bhardwaj. I am motivated to make people learn Hindi language and tell them about the beauty of language since it is the language of poetry, wisdom, philosophy and song. I am looking forward to teach anyone who wants to know and learn Hindi.

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Doctor in Organic Chemistry gives Science lessons to all student levels in Brisbane

I think it's important to be aware that different people may have different learning styles and it is crucial for a tutor to be able to adapt their lessons to the students. Knowing that, I found that what often works best is to go over the course material/notes and extract then explain the important notions. Once they are understood, these notions can be applied to exercises.

Dandenong North
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Year 7-10 Maths in Dandenong North who has tutored for over 10 years and is always smiling

I am always smiling and try to build a rapport with my students. I have a lot of resources and try to make sure that my students strive to do better, even if that means going from a fail to a pass. I like to start my lessons with any work the student has problems with, followed by a few questions and examples of current/future work. Then I always like to finish off with timestables.

South Yarra
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Spanish native high school teacher gives Spanish lessons at all levels and for all purposes

My teaching method is based on materials provided by the official Dele examination programs. I consider myself enthusiastic and ongoing, with a friendly and fun approach to the learning methodologies. I am also very flexible towards the student/s needs, and I like to prepare my lessons based on the student strengths.

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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and IT, very experienced tutor, Perth area, any Maths subjects...

My way of tutoring is making hard things very simple and understandable to my students. I usually use samples from life, comparing them with Maths problems and resolving them. It is very important to have friendly connection with student, but also I am very reliable and responsible tutor.

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Scientist with 2 decades of experience gives an integrated approach in understanding Biology to students in Canberra!

I follow a course outline according to students’ needs and academic levels. I use lecture method and interactive discussions on the topics to be covered based on text books and relevant journal articles and papers. I provide guidance on science writing and citing styles to achieve what is required.

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Teaching English as an Additional Language or Dialect, IELTS, EAP, ELICOS, TOEIC

A teaching method will look like: needs analysis, structured lessons, communicative language teaching that is eclectic and scaffolded from controlled, to semi-controlled, to autonomous learning.

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French teacher with more than 25 years of experiance in high school & at university

I've been teaching French for almost all my life: first in a High School, then at the University in R. of Macedonia.

West Beach
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Recent high school student offers tutoring in English, History, Drama and Hospitality

My teaching method is based upon recognizing and utilizing a student's strengths. If essay writing is not your strong suit, I will work with you to simplify the task and complete the essay in a style of studying that suits you.

1st lesson free !

98.85 ATAR Third Yr Medical Student will teach HSC/IB Biology, Economics, Chemistry

I tailor my teaching to the students needs and and will change methods depending on what works best for the student. I would like to meet students 2-3 times a week. For example, In Biology I will ideally talk through concepts according to the school academic year for the first few weeks, then provide homework that will usually consist of summarising concepts in earlier weeks.

1st lesson free !

University Lecturer with 16 years lecturing/tutoring experience providing business law assistance. Company Law and Legal Environment/Framework a speciality

My students' feedback is that I am tough but fair. It's not just about studying to an exam content requirement or to complete an assignment. They KNOW that I want them to PASS and PASS WELL but they must also UNDERSTAND the subject! I insist that students prepare thoroughly and must be prepared to ASK questions of me and each other. I am committed to assisting those who wish to help themselves.

Fitzroy North
1st lesson free !

French girl native speaker gives French courses only for you in Melbourne!

The most important is to feel comfortable to speak. Express yourself in a language with what you have been learning makes you more confident and hungry to learn more.

1st lesson free !

ESL Lessons with a Melbourne University Masters of Writing and Editing Student

I believe that learning is different for everyone and so like to get a good gage of each student before approaching our lessons. I am patient, understanding and empathetic and like to make sure students feel comfortable discussing things with me and expressing any academic concerns they might have.

1st lesson free !

UNSW Medicine Student gives math lessons to high school students in Sydney

I tend to teach what is needed for the student to know but I also like to give extra information that is outside of the syllabus so as to capture the student's attention and allow them to see how what they are learning is applicable to the real world.

1st lesson free !

UNSW Medicine Student gives biology lessons to high school students in Sydney

I tend to teach what is needed for the student to know but I also like to give extra information that is outside of the syllabus so as to capture the student's attention and allow them to see how what they are learning is applicable to the real world.

1st lesson free !

UNSW Medicine Student gives academic tutoring to high school students in Sydney

My teaching methods are that I tend to teach what the student needs to know for the exams but I like to give extra information to capture the attention of students especially by linking their concepts with real world applications.

West End
1st lesson free !

University graduate in Mathematics and Physics with over 8 years of experience in tutoring

The courses I teach are based on the philosophy that after a decent explanation of a subject, students quite often have the knowledge to answer a question, but don't fully have the confidence and skills yet. Therefore, I mostly ask questions, which makes the students think about the problem in a new perspective, instead of explaining stuff over and over again.

1st lesson free !

Japanese Tutor available for private or group lessons, in the Cities of Gosnells / Canning

I have had teaching and teaching assistant experience in Japan and in Australia for more than 10 years. I want to help the students to reach their goals. Also I would like to share Japanese culture, nature, people, weather, food, current topics and so on through Japanese language lesson.

1st lesson free !

Published writer with a PhD in Creative Writing and five years experience teaching undergraduates at The University of Melbourne offers assistance with creative, essay and thesis writing.

It is my aim to help students and non-students to express themselves effectively through writing. Whether it be how to structure an essay, blog post, short story or thesis, I help them get clear on what they want to say and how to organise it on the page. I work from 9 Power Street, Southbank, Melbourne or online.

1st lesson free !

Engineer gives maths and physics lessons to high school and uni students in Sydney.

As Tutors I have a full university education with Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Teaching and in School Curriculum. With many years of experience in Tutoring in Mathematics, Physics and Portuguese. You will do a lot of exercises, solve and training again.

Box Hill
1st lesson free !

A final year Accounting student willing to help uni students in Melbourne.

I teach in a simpler way that is easier to anyone to understand. Since I have achieved excellent results in the subjects that I have done (especially Economics) throughout my degree, I would like to share some of the tips and tricks that I have used to achieve higher results.

1st lesson free !

University of Newcastle student (97 ATAR) tutoring English years 7-12 in Newcastle area.

I teach students who are struggling to keep up with the demands of the syllabus, as well as students who just require a second eye to look over their work and point out the areas they can adjust their writing or their study methods to achieve the best results possible. My teaching method is tailored to how each student prefers to learn.

1st lesson free !

Graduate Engineer gives Maths lessons and papers discussions to high school students in Melbourne

I am following very simple and perfect teaching method. Anyone can understand it without any failing. Always I try to discuss large amount of questions during the class. Papers and Marking schemes will be provided after completion of each lesson.

Rose Park
1st lesson free !

Experienced professional lecturer for Management tutoring in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs (home visiting)

I am using Attractive and student friendly teaching methods for the success of knowledge transformation process and I have over 15 years of experience in lecturing. Always I have been a famous lecturer among the students because of the successful results of achieved.

1st lesson free !

Engineering Management Student from UQ gives English lessons to school and uni students in Brisbane

My teaching method is mostly simple and illustrative. I encourage verbal communication to ensure a quicker progress in learning. I will include simple tests and games to help you judge yourself and have a clear idea about the progress you're making.

Kelvin Grove
1st lesson free !

QUT Business Student to help with High School or Primary School math across Brisbane

I am a thorough individual. I would expect my student to be willing to ask as many questions as they can in order to fully understand the lesson. A lesson would begin with fundamentals, then ideally branching into logic that utilise these fundamentals in the real world or in strange ways. Making sure that the student understands all parts is the most important thing in this process.

(1 review)
1st lesson free !

Newcastle University Speech Pathology student with two years experience that gives private lessons at home around the Newcastle district.

My teaching method is simple and straightforward. I will cover basic writing and research skills that will achieve the most marks and then advance onto other techniques such as understanding concepts and how to apply these skills to different types of questions. I take the time to get to know students and learn their strengths and weaknesses.

1st lesson free !

Mandarin & Maths tutoring in Brisbane! - Native Chinese, fluent English, quick results!

I base my teaching method and classes on my students. Seeing what they need is the most important. I approach topics step by step. I believe oral, listening and writing skills can be improved in a conversational way. I can identify your strengths and weaknesses for further improvement.

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Perfect! Sai is a great tutor, he helps make concepts very easy to understand by explaining them in multiply ways. He's very patient, professional and experienced. I would highly recommend him if you are looking to take lessons in any type of programming he...

Reema, Student
2 weeks ago
Sai rama rao
(1 review)

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