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A 9-year-English-teaching experience at universities and two Master's degrees from the UK and Australia with compassionate, inspirational and supportive attitudes will definitely work out to reach you

My teaching method is asking and understanding your students. They will be the major factor to discover themselves about what their needs, their lacks and which suit them best. My class will be divided into varied-structures depending activities that I plan in the lessons, such as pair work, discussion groups and so on. My approach will be "student-centred" and be their supporter.

Munno Para
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University of South Australia bachelor degree graduate here to assist with English subjects and essay writing

I like to individualise my sessions based on the student and their own learning needs. I have the ability to adapt my teaching method based on the student's learning style (ie. visual, audio, "learn one, do one, teach one" method, etc). I know that some people take longer for certain concepts or themes to click and understand that there is more than one way of teaching a specific topic.

Mount Annan
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Qualified experienced primary school teacher available to enhance students skills and love of learning

i base my individual lessons on the needs of the students after i have gotten to know them. We develop together small learning to achieve an overall learning school goal that has been identified by the student, family and school.

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Data Science Masters student residing in Melbourne gives lessons in Maths or Computer Science

I try to understand the student and what they are struggling with. Each individual thinks uniquely so an effective tutor will understand how each person processes information and adapt their teaching methodology accordingly. I will endeavour to understand the situation that is specific to you.

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10 years of teaching experience in Science and Chemistry for YOU !

Since I have been a professional teacher, I can vary my teaching/coaching methods based on the concepts to be taught and the learning ability of a child. I am also very adaptive to different needs of the child in learning and emerging teaching techniques.

Parafield Gardens
(1 review)
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Experienced and patient tutor of Maths preferably for students upto grade VII

I am Master in Chemistry and Bachelor of Education. My teaching methodology starts with understanding the behavior of the student and his present level of understanding of the topics. I handhold the week students to step up interest in the subject gradually and challenge the good students with exploring newer levels.

North Beach
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Graduated Zoology student gives biology lessons to any aged student in Perth

My teaching method changes based on each individual. I like to do a lot of discussing problems and getting feedback from each other. I try to accommodate each persons learning style since we are all different! Visual, independent work and group work.

Mount Claremont
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UWA 99.25 ATAR Chemistry, Math and Human Biology High School Tutor

I have had two years of experience helping students with mastering high school concepts and know both the structure examiners require in responses and the tricks they can throw at you. I am able to teach a summary of what is being taught at school, help my students with their assessments, and provide work for them to do.

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Modern Greek teacher, Brisbane! You will love my culture and the Greek language!

Experiential learning is my cup of tea! Grammar, syntax, vocabulary, all four macroskills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening are all developed through many activities and much more! My main goal is to satisfy my Ss' needs.

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Retired Structural Engineer gives lessons in Maths and Physics to high school students.

My approach to tutoring is identify weakness or gaps in understanding the subject matter. Lessons are then conducted in a participatory manner where the student does the work under guidance. These begin with very simple examples and progress to greater complexity. Students are also shown how to self check their work.

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Native Chinese gives Mandarin lessons to students at any age in Perth

My teaching method is a gradual process. For most students, I will teach in a simple to complex form. Students will learn from the most basic phonetic symbols, then to simple phrases, then sentences. Of course, this depends on the student's ability to learn and the level of Mandarin, as well as the different needs of the students. I will use different teaching methods for different students.

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Spanish tutor with 2 years of experience giving private and group classes in the Gold Coast

I will create lesson plans and teaching materials, providing instruction, assigning homework, grading tests, making suggestions to students, maintaining classroom records, and motivate students. For the grammar we will follow the book Easy Spanish step by step and Develop listening, reading, speaking and writing skills by plenty of Spanish activities.

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Would you like to perfect your English? Sign up for lessons with highly experienced ESL teacher

My classes are based on a communicative, task-based methodology. It is important for my students to know what we are learning and how this will be useful in their lives. I include a lot of pair and group work and conversational exercises.

Redland Bay
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Griffith Masters Student giving International Relations lessons to University Students in Brisbane

I approach my topics by first breaking down to its basic components and definitions, delving into the background behind it. This better informs the individual of not just what but why, which will enable a greater understanding of the topic as it is explained in greater detail. Through understanding the basics the more advanced aspects can be more easily comprehended.

Surfers Paradise
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Professional teacher of Spanish, native of Spain is offered to give classes of Spanish for all type of levels and students.

As a counselor and expert in education I can adapt the learning contents to the learning characteristics of the students to obtain the maximum performance. I use dynamic and entertaining methods or more intense and formal depending on the interests of the student.

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French traveller discovering Australia giving French lessons near Fitzroy and CBD !

I take it slowly if I'm with a beginner, just starting with the basics because I know French is a difficult language. I like to share, so as I teach french, I can learn more english as well. I start with basics and then level up slowly until the person can hold a conversation.

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University graduate experienced patient mature teacher will help you improve your marks.

My teaching method is to calmly focus on the goal and break down those skills required to get you there into easily achievable steps that are tailored to the individual needs of the student and the timeline to completion. All I ask for is a student who can focus and wants to achieve something.

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Canberra English language tutor with masters degree. Experience in conversational & written practice.

I focus on a student-centred approach within all my lessons. This means the needs and interests of each student is carefully considered when planning my lessons. I will track your progress carefully to ensure you are meeting your learning goals whilst making every lesson an enjoyable interaction.

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Fully qualified teacher who teaches math to primary and high school students.

I have implemented a diverse range of quality teaching practices which includes the use of visual cues and project-based learning. Using visual cues including hand-on activities where students can observe mathematical concepts unfolding in front of them. As a specific example, understanding scale factors can be demonstrated using hands-on activities.

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University of Western Australia 3rd Year Student Offering Tutoring in School English

My teaching method depends on the student's needs. I work closely with what the student needs to learn/ know for their studies, and I try to find creative ways to expand their learning through discussion and application. I also value feedback from students and parents if they would like to see a change in my teaching style.

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2018 99.85 ATAR graduate with experience offering tutoring in physics,maths(all levels) and chemistry

I am an 18 year old Year 12 graduate from Hale School and my tutoring lessons are suited to any level of learning from Year 12 ATAR and below. My lessons will differ depending on the needs and knowledge of the student. I can teach pure content to help the student catch up or get ahead of their class.

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ANU 2nd Year Engineering/ISS Student - Private English Tutoring Sessions Canberra, Years 1 - 10

Throughout my extensive experience in tutoring, I have realised that every student has the capability to reach their full academic potential when they are taught concepts in a manner that they can understand.

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ANU 2nd Year Engineering/ISS Student - Private Physics Tutoring Sessions Canberra, Years 7 - 12

Throughout my extensive experience in tutoring, I have realised that every student has the capability to reach their full academic potential when they are taught concepts in a manner that they can understand.

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NAATI registered professional translator & Interpreter with 20 years teaching experience gives Chinese lessons in Melbourne

I give Chinese lessons to student based on individual interests and their requirements. For beginner, I teach Chinese vocabulary and sentences with examples, using cards and telling stories. For students with higher Chinese levels, I teach them Chinese writing skills, poetry and Chinese history or even Chinese culture including Chinese calligraphy, Chinese Opera and Chinese tea ceremony.


Native French Girl from Paris looking for student to share and teach french language and secrets

I've been working a lot in Paris as a tutor for any kind of subject and I don't have one particular methodology since I consider that every student is different. So I always try to adapt myself to the student personality and issues with studying.

(2 reviews)
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Sunshine University student, studying maths major and chemistry. Helping high school students.

My teaching methods vary depending on the students needs and requirements to achieve the best possible outcome. Whether it be hands on learning or deconstructing a question to find different ways of solving I will ensure that lessons are not rushed and that the student understands every part before continuing.

Coffs Harbour
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Semi retired academic will teach most aspects of the biological sciences including cell, molecular and biology, gross and micro anatomy, physiology and cell physiology, biochem, zoology, ethics and pr

Learning is a step in understanding reality and thus enables a different perception of the world. I have an open approach to learning, and believe students should be empowered in their learning environment by being able to decide on the direction that their studies may take.

North Melbourne
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I've got my PhD in Chemistry from Melbourne University and have experience in teaching at Melbourne University, Monash University, Charles Sturt University and high school level. I give Chemistry less

As a Tutor, I strive to ensure that my lessons are engaging and interesting for all students, i.e., regardless of their background levels and learning styles. Indeed, it is vital to provide a tailored learning experience so that students can see how things relate to themselves.

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Recently received Permanent Resident visa, and I am willing to teach/tutor maths to high school students. I can teach the subject with great confidence and passion. The students will learn more and en

My teaching method is simple. Every student need to clearly understand the concept first, followed by basic examples to reinforce the understanding. Once the foundational concept is acquired, then top-up with more challenging questions/examples. I consider practical lessons more important that the theoretical leanings.

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Bachelor Degree in Science and Education in 1984.Mathematics Teacher up to year 10 all levels.

I support my students with visual and realty examples from life to approach the lesson idea. I usually give may of examples with variates ideas to covet the task.

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Perfect! Mishka is helping our 9 yeas old with math, we find Mishka punctual and reliable. Her flexible methods connect well and showing good results.

Lana, Student
3 days ago

Perfect! Yes, I admit, I am a bit of a tiger mum! I have a 6 year old son in Year 1 and felt that he needed some help gaining a better grasp of the basics of maths. I found Priyanka through this site and from day one, was impressed with her lovely manner...

Jung , Student
5 days ago
(25 reviews)

Perfect! Daniele is a great teacher, very good at explaining Spanish concepts and sentence structure.

Trevor, Student
1 week ago

Perfect! We have been using Larita for Term 1, 2019 for my twin b/g 12 year olds. They are at different schools so whilst the curriculum is similar, it isn’t the same. Larita is great with both my son and daughter. They value their weekly tutoring with...

Kirrily , Student
1 week ago

Perfect! I'm not a very confident learner (and only a beginner), so I was afraid to make mistakes at first, but Hanna is extremely comforting and supporting and helped me tremendoulsy whenever I made a mistake. She was very clear with her explanations and...

Peter, Student
1 week ago

Perfect! I can highly recommend Raquel for her excellent teaching. She is very patient and her positive and friendly approach all contribute to a comfortable learning environment. I’m very pleased with the progress I am making as a result of Raquel’s...

Margaret, Student
1 week ago

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