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Guitarist with 12 years of experience offers online guitar and music theory classes

My method adapts depending on the student. The contents of the classes must not be the same for someone who wants to learn a couple of chords and play at parties and for someone who wants to get to be a professional. Both options are valid, and the teacher must adapt.

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Diploma holder and a trainer for spoken english and IELTS gives classes online

I follow esol methodology to teach my students. Also i conduct lot of activities and games and make it interesting for the students to learn in a better manner.

Bhaskar jyoti
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An experienced Gynecologist teaches preparation before you deliver your child and stress management after delivery .

My teaching method is didactic discussions along with audiovisual aids , simultaneously involving the audience to encourage them asking their queries .

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College student and health coach seeking to help others manage stress and well being.

I base my teaching on what others need most. My approach to health coaching is nonjudgmental and 100% client centered. I want the people I help to feel comfortable and confident with me so that we can discuss and overcome challenges as a team.

Rio Rancho
(1 review)
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Writing tutor, Master in Teaching and Learning with Technology, Rio Rancho, NM

My method of teaching is listening and communicating with the student, reviewing the written information, and providing immediate constructive feedback. I am patient and enjoy one-on-one correspondence with students. I have attached a video of a previous introduction to an class taught before I retired to give you a little insight to my teaching style.

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Graduate in Applied Foreign Languages ​​(EN-FR) gives English classes (A1 - C1)

Thanks to the fact that I studied English since kindergarten, I can offer several learning styles by emphasizing the interactive aspect. I use structured resources, especially for grammar, but also more interesting ones such as subtitled videos. I adapt my courses to the preferences and needs of the student.

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Graphic Designer over 5+ years of experience. Learn Illustrator, Corel Draw & Photoshop. And become a creative pro ;)

Every student is unique and has different style of learning pattern. My methodology is mainly start with the core and basics of the session and then gradually move on to the harder part of the class. In between the class I asks students to give quick brief of what they have learnt in the class.

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PhD teacher in the area of ​​biological and health (chemistry, cosmetology, biochemistry, others)

First a diagnosis is done of the points to invest more time to help in the studies. I do simulated to reinforce knowledge. I like to teach by active learning methodology (applied model in the USA), in which the student contributes as an agent of knowledge.

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Highly qualified Spanish teacher with over 5 years of experience for private or group lessons.

Throughout my Masters degree and previous schools that I have taught at, I learned to integrate pedagogical theories and practices in my classroom instruction with my own experience as a language learner.

Jardim Esmeralda
(3 reviews)
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Musician, Producer and Teacher with more than 8 years of experience gives home lessons for all ages

It teaches from the student's taste. From the rock to the funkeiro, to the desire to acquire a new repertoire. It gives classes for children under 6 in children's schools, which became a specialty. They have experience with special students, seniors, and all other ages.

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Master's student with over 10 years of Spanish education offering lessons in Philadelphia

My goal is to make learning Spanish relaxing and fun. There are some interesting differences in grammar between English and Spanish that are not always easily understood right away that I hope to be able to pass along to my students. Learning languages also does not just have to be about memorizing vocabulary lists.

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Software Professional in Computer Science and Engineering Master's Degree from Manipal University

I believe that my academic training and presentation skills prepare me to be an effective instructor in your institution. My post graduate final year project was carried out in Oracle Retail Global Business Unit(RGBU) as an internship program from June 2014 to May 2015.

New Town
(2 reviews)
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Working professional in field of SAP giving tuition for computer science with expertise in database, Operating system and programming languages. ASSURANCE OF SUCCESS, BELIEF IN KNOWLEDGE

I create my own environment of sharing knowledge and making interaction with students with giving immense exposure of current industry.

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¡Hola chicas y chicos! I graduated in Foreign Languages and Cultures , I love traveling and currently I am studying International Communications in Milan.

I do not have a specific method, because firstly I like to talk with people in order to understand which are their specific needs and for what they will use the language in the future. If it is for work, travel or pleasure, the lessons will certainly be different from those for a student who is attending high school, for sure.

La Roche-sur-Yon
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Student gives language courses (French, English, Portuguese, Spanish) in Sarthe and Vendée

I am a Franco-Brazilian student which offers courses according to the student, so there is the opportunity to follow a book or school media if there is any, to apply particularly in writing, orally skills or both for language courses.

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Nutrition and Dietetics graduate with 2 years experience in nutrition and behavioral counseling

My name is Haley and I am currently a nutritionist for a Bariatric Surgeon. I give lessons to students who need help with nutrition and biochemistry. I use blended lesson structures that include demonstrations as well as homework help. My passion is for both nutrition and biochemistry/genetics.

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Italian Native Speaker with CLTA Qualification offering Italian lessons in South East and Central London

My lessons are fully based on the student's needs and level, motivation is also taken in consideration. I want the learning process to be active, the student will actively partecipate in my lessons. I usually prefer to have a chat (even via phone) with the student at the beginning to ask for details and have a bit of information to start with.

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Certified ESL Teacher with 6 years teaching experience while traveling and living abroad, currently in Mexico!

Business English - I use a business based curriculum based on the 6 levels of the CEFR that focuses on technical terms used for business. High School to University - I have a curriculum that the follows the 6 levels of the CEFR that is focused on general studies and day to day life. Kids - I use toys, props, acting, singing and dancing to engage young children.

Bontang Selatan
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An English Tutor from Graduate Program provides English courses with Innovative Methods

I adapt the learning that has been introduced by the leading expert of constructivism, Lev Vygotzky, Scaffolding, a technique for providing structured learning support, which is carried out at an early stage to encourage students to learn independently. The basic concept of this technique is I + 1 where the students experience an increase of one level, no less no more.

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CFA Level 1 & Level 2 coaching can be provided. Working with one of the biggest coaching providers in India

The idea would be to prepare students for the exam along with giving practical scenarios and examples for better understanding of the content. This helps students to grasp difficult concepts very easily. Also I am a professional investment banker working in the industry for more than 5 years.

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Student in Information Science and Engineering who give tuition in programming in Mysuru.

My teaching method is simple and understandable.I believe in "Learning by Doing!" that's how programming comes to you. I am not constrained to one class of people anybody who is interested in coding can join the class. Moreover,it's student friendly class.

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Music graduate offering Flute, Piano, and Theory tuition in South London (MA Distinction)

I have taught from ages 7 to 57! I tailor each lesson to the student's age and level. For younger children, I tend to make lessons more fun with lots of games and praise. For older students who have more goals and maybe wish to take exams, we can work in a structured way on the musical and technical work they need to undertake in order to achieve their aims.

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Development of faith in optimism and building of confidence in achieving successful professional carrier.

Presentation of failures experiences and winning it to fall forward. Prepare your disruptive market approach and sustainance. Discuss progressively activities and day-to-day guidance. Learn from live experiences. Online presentation and discussions. Available for any clarification and quarries as and when required.

North Shields
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English As A Foreign Language Teacher: Linguistics and Literature Trainer Ages 6+

I base my classes on being warm and approachable, as students must feel comfortable and confident in order to progress. I believe every student has specific individual needs, and all of these are slightly different. This means a Teacher must be adaptable and creative.

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"What do I do now?" Plan and life strategy focused on personality, preferences and development skills.

Through conversation and observation, personalized activities and exercises will be generated to generate a life plan and strategy focused on personality, preferences and client development skills, as well as follow-up and adjustment of executions depending on the progress and level of commitment that their mental state allow it, to advance successfully at a reasonable pace.

New Delhi
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Learn English Today For A Better Tomorrow From a certified British Council Student.

Teaching is genetic for me as from my great-grandfather to my elder brother, they are teachers. I was teaching to students of 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th stander students before started my professional carrier. I always have a unique style of teaching that students love a lot.

Keji marell
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BA journalism student offering educational, life coaching and stress management advice in London

My teaching method is listen annd then set structure. I base my classes online. I approach each topic by assessinng each individuals needs accordingly. No two days are the same. I offer sessions to students or aspiring students including those whom are on a break or usure of which path to take.

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Python is the most important programming language and the 80% of jobs in future will be based on python lets learn it!

My teaching method is simple and easy with real-time examples First, I would like to teach in a simple way once subject got introduced am going to take several practise sessions by this every student get awareness of what actually happens and how it works.

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Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 200HR (who loves empowering people through study of yoga)

My teaching is based on experiential learning. I teach to all learning modes - visual, oratory and experiential. For example, together, we learn about yoga, yoga styles, yoga practices and techniques. Students are then guided through physical practices of yoga. Different sequencing is introduced theoretically and experientially.

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M.A. HINDI, M. C. A., M. Phil computer Science teaching hindi and computer science

My approach is based on LSRW methodology. My session will be highly interactive. Each session will be interactive. I will teach the semantics of hindi language simultaneously along with the vocabulary development. The student needs to practice for atleast one to one and a half hour a day. After every 3 sessions an assessment will be conducted.

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Perfect! Kai is very warm and kind, but also a very excellent teacher. She ensures that the lesson includes everything that i have requested (pronunciation, vocabulary, character writing, grammar, conversation). I really appreciate her approach to...

Sandra, Student
1 week ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Very happy with Delores. My 10 year old daughter has had 4 lessons with her and loves it!! Delores is full of energy and brings that to each lesson, she listens to what my daughter wants and adds any moves she requests into the dance lesson. My...

Cassie, Student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I have had 6 hours of lessons now with Channing and found her to be very helpful and thorough in her teaching methods. I have practised what I have learnt on my Chinese friends and they can understand me which is very encouraging and pleasing I...

Peter, Student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Priyanka, is a valuable and noteworthy tutor. Her knowledge and skill set for python is thorough, as I am tackling any type of coding for the very first time. Her patience and understanding is beyond amazing and something to be admired. A quality...

John , Student
1 month ago
(21 reviews)

Perfect! Lennard is a great teacher and to date I have had 3 sessions. As an adult in his 50s he has analysed my swimming and been able to give me positive feedback on my freestyle. In turn he has been able to suggest various drills to improve my swimming...

Darren, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Lisa is such as lovely teacher and is nice to me and my son! She is very helpful and considerate. I'm glad I had her as a teacher!

Tori, Student
1 month ago
(2 reviews)

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