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"Learn Mathematics in innovative ways and develop out of the box thinking with RMIT's student"

I always plan my lessons using practical examples and illustrations for my students.I believe that unless and until one can visualise mathematics, one cannot learn it or take interest in it.My teaching methods have been extremely helpful for the students find mathematics hard to understand. I readily get the problems of my students and intend to make the little concepts clear instantaneously.

Brisbane City
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Passionate UQ Engineering student gives Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and English lessons in Brisbane

Every student is unique. I base my lesson structures based on the individual needs of the student. I also implement a variety of visual aids, interesting questions, and problem-solving approaches to ensure that the student truly understands the fundamentals of a subject. I try to make my lessons as engaging and interactive as possible.

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Girls Grammar student offering maths tuition for primary and junior high school students in North Brisbane.

My teaching method involves a reward based system, with frequent quizzes to revise any learning. I teach my student so that they learn conceptually while having fun, rather than aimlessly memorise facts. I have found that this method results in better outcomes for students in the short and long term.

Kangaroo Point
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University of Queensland Mathematics Graduate eager to help Brisbane high school and uni students gain a deeper understanding of maths and statistics.

I put a strong emphasis on preparation to make the most of our time. Lesson Procedure: > Email the subject areas that need work or a specific assignment that you need help understanding. > I prepare material and resources for your lesson. > We work through the problems and I email practise material to prepare for our next session.

(1 review)
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I am highly experienced in Science Education (Basics to Advanced level), School to University level tips and tricks which are helpful in better understanding.

Lesson's are based on students way of learning, Learning environment is when student is comfortable to learn something new very quickly. Tips and tricks helps to learn easily without stress and practice makes life perfect. Listening and making notes makes life easier and help to understand quickly.

West End
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Canning Vale
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A former tutor graduated in Information Technology (Professional Computing) gives lessons to high school students in all branches of Physics and Maths.

My teaching method depends on individuals' needs. Generally, I prefer demonstration and reflective strategies where I firstly explain the importance of given task, show all the steps to perform the task and then let the students solve the similar problems where they can learn from their own mistakes with my guidance.

Goolwa South
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Retired teacher who believes that we all learn in different ways. My favourite motto ‘Believe and you will achieve’. We need to believe in ourselves to achieve our goals. I treat each student as an in

My teaching methodology: When teaching I believe that every teacher needs to identify their child/children’s individual and collective learning needs and plan, prepare and deliver instruction designed to capture students' interest and maximize individual learning.

Saint Lucia
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UQ Masters Student breaks down mathematics in St Lucia using foundational concepts

I am more focused about dealing with the fundamentals of a subject or a topic, because once my student(s) can understand and grasp the fundamental rudiments of a topic, it boosts their interest and also increases their confidence to approach more technical topics even on their own.

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Vishak, Electronics and Communication Engineer passionate in teaching Physics lessons in Adelaide

My Flow of teaching would be 1. To understand the concept and fundamentals first. 2. Provide practical examples or relevant use cases of the topics covered. 3. Visualize an image about the theory part covered and correlate with real life scenarios. Objective: To achieve good collaboration between teacher and student.

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University of Adelaide Engineering Master's Graduate gives maths lessons to high school and uni students in Adelaide.

I am an enthusiastic, reliable, responsible, friendly and hardworking person. I am also helpful, polite and have a good sense of humor. My lessons will be relaxing and interesting. I will start my lesson with a revision of what the student has learned, and then, I will help the student to solve problems.

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Theoretical computer science PhD with proven track research record tutors maths and computer science.

I base my classes on the intuitive and creative approach to problem solving. I believe that making students do actual problems is the key to understanding maths and computer science concepts. As with tennis, you actually have to play to learn and the more you practice, the better you get.

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With 20+ years of experience in applying mathematics in business I can help you understand its value.

I will assume you are already following a curriculum at school. You ask the question and then I will guide you to find the solution. I will put things into context with real world applications. But we work together in finding out what best helps you in learning.

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A data scientist gives maths tutoring classes in Kenmore area, Brisbane, to help school students.

During individual sessions I support students to see where they have thinking or doing weaknesses and teach them how to overcome these both psychologically and through practical tips and tricks. I guide students to find their individual favourite maths learning and practice method and monitor their progress.

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Fun and patient education student looking to help any students struggling with maths.

My teaching method includes a humanist approach where the students needs come first to me and I help them with any learning difficulties they face. Followed by also being strict when necessary to students who are being disruptive to the classroom.

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Australian National University Postgraduate Student looking to provide Math lessons to Secondary, High School and Undergrad students within Canberra.

I believe in making connections and having fun while solving math problems. Having taken a similar approach from my early days, Math is ideally a game that should be played to win. I guarantee to change the way you will conceptualize Math problems in the future, from boring to fun.

Annu rajashekar
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Swinburne Engineering student teaches Math for students till 8th grade in Clayton, Melbourne.

I base my classes on examples and explain the topics with different methods. I will choose the easy ways so that students can easily understand the lessons. I will make sure that student understands the topic and is ready to solve any problem of the same kind.

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Student at Deakin university, fun person, giving lessons to students in Melbourne and Geelong

A future mechanical engineer, i like to start from basics so that there is no confusion but can even go direct to the point if it is comfortable for the student. Have got more than 95 in all the math units in 1st year. Have helped a lot of friends in learning and solving questions.

1st lesson free !

Macquarie Actuarial student gives Maths lessons to primary and high school students in Sydney

My teaching methodology includes: - Focusing on the fundamentals and being empathetic towards the student - Detailing of the concept, - Speaking at a medium pace, - Interacting in between the sessions and asking questions, I also focus on making the basics strong, helping with something he didn't understand in the school, giving a lot of practice questions, teaching the way the student...

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University student with experience in maths education looking to tutor enthusiastic pupils

I'm a strong believer in the importance of a motivated and student based approach, and that "its not what you know, but how you teach it." While having the knowledge is a necessary prerequisite to teach, I have had teachers with PhDs in Mathematics but struggled to teach because its a different type of knowledge required.

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Monash Postgraduate Student teaching Maths who has got straight HD's in bachelors

Teaching is mostly based on Visualisation. A friendly approach is followed to guide the students through various steps of the problem. Maths and physics are subjects which should be understood before solving, so helping students to understand the question is the key part in solving a problem.

North Wollongong
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Wollongong Engineering Student give maths lessons to high school and primary students in Illawarra

I have graduated as an Electrical Engineer from the University of Wollongong. I would like to play the role of a close friend to help students to solve and overcome barriers. In my teaching philosophy, relating the theories to real-life examples can engage students to solve the problems more effectively.

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Registered nurse gives maths lesson to primary and high school students in Sydney

My teaching method involves a direct approach - explaining and demonstrating how to solve a problem and then providing examples of similar problems for the student to practice themselves. Students are encouraged to bring mathematics topics they require help with and they will also be provided with extra questions to complete.

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Aspiring Deakin student gives maths lessons to high school students in Geelong

Ideally, a student will know where they struggle, and that will help me help them - it's easier to help if you know what the problem is. Much of my teaching involves explaining complex concepts in a relatively simple manner.

Brisbane City
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Media Technology Bachelor of Engineering who loves kids wants to teach your children (Maths, Physics)

My philosophy is that learning and playing are synonyms of each other. Therefore I am always eager to create a light working atmorsphere and involve hobbies of my students into the lessons to make the subjects more interesting. If my student for example likes to play rugby, I am going to integrate examples with which the student can identify him- or herself.

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HSC Maths Extension 1 and 2 Band 6 Achiever is Teaching Primary and Secondary Maths Courses

I am a second-year university student in the University of New South Wales. My majors are finance, econometric and accounting. I can speak English and Mandarin. I am able to teach year 11 and 12 Extension 1, 2 Units and general maths. And year 1 to 10 maths.

North Melbourne
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Master of Engineering Student at University of Melbourne giving maths and science classes to high school and uni student in Melbourne.

I can teach maths and physics to high school student and Electrical Engineering Undergrad subject to Uni students. I have deep understanding and concepts of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus.

Fairview Park
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South Australia University Student Willing to Tutor in; Mathematics, Physics, Physical Education and Music

Lesson structure - whether online or face-to-face, will consist of an hour of learning geared towards understanding the concepts of the specified subject. The concept that is giving the student most difficulty will be highlighted and dissected, providing insight into why the student is having difficulties with it.

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Near burwood,NSW helps students in maths and related fields. Trigonometry, logic, programming.

My teaching method includes examples based one. I will incorporate real life examples and applications of mathematical problems so that students can understand why the theory and what solutions does it address. Also i help in assignments and homework in a healthy manner.

Guildford West
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Western Sydney University student provide Maths lessons to high school and Uni students

My teaching method is very basic...... I go over the basics first and then the lesson blends into harder topics ..... I tend to give more visual representation of the content and provide examples and after the content is covered a little test is given at the end to gain a proper understanding of whether the student understood the topic or not.

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Perfect! I don't know what happened in the end initially was going to meet Christiana on Wednesday, but unfortunately, she had to cancel, re-arranged for the Sunday, she didn't show and I have never been able to contact her since. Via phone, email etc

Neil, Student
3 months ago
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