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Professional artist, airbrushing ,tattooing, grafitti for over 20yrs gives amazing lessons NOW!s

I have taught soo many people to draw and create in the last 30 years, I break it down into easy steps, from idea, sketching design to full finished masterpiece! YOU will be amazed at the results YOU will achieve

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Illustrator, cartoonist and printmaker, in Biggenden to Maryborough Qld. tafe cert 3

Any classic text books that I find, I can base the lessons around them. Some exercises may require a detailed breakdown of strokes. I have downloaded a lot of youtube howto's, and I can make them available to students. I would have to include tips on how to moneyterise the field, as there is not a large industrial support base. eg Disney or Manga. nearby.

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Artist can make anything into some unique and attractive thing to display(Sydney).

My teaching method is showing the easiest path to my students and helping them generate their own ideas. The lesson structure will be based on each student's interest. Art is based on our imagination which needs perfect guidance to bring it to real.

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How To Create Cities Of The Imagination - Design A City And Unleash Your Creativity -

What On Earth Is This Workshop? It will help you to design a city from your imagination and unleash your creativity. Depending on the tools at hand, you will be able to visualise your city using drawing, model making, 3d graphics, 3d printing, Lasercutting and even VR world building.

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A guider and helper for you Gonna teach you paintings ???? Join me ????

My teaching methods will be live casting With all originality Experimenting with colours and interacting together for better results And sharing all new ideas I have a separate room for my painting teaching class With all necessary items needed. With all heart and soul I teach.

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South Surrey/White Rock B.C.,artist, gives lessons, in my home. group or individual.

My classes are for those who want to learn arts or crafts other than just painting on canvas. Beginners, or just curious about the medium, tools or products, try before you buy. Groups with a special event or just to gather for a meet up.

Greater Noida
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Teacher which lets you learn instant and start from basic come on lets start painting today

n Earned high marks for the quality and creativity of classroom teaching, lesson plans and instructional materials used in teaching diverse subjects (e.g., language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and history).

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Graphic Design Graduate offering Illustrator, Photoshop and Design Lessons in Newcastle Upon Tyne

I am pretty flexible with teaching and will accommodate my lessons to the student. Adobe products are not simple to use but I will break down the basics of the main three programmes (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator) and allow the student to approach a focus on an area.

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Art graduated offering any creativity 2D/3D lessons (digital and traditional) On line

We're not in a usual class, we will learn throught experience, feedback and own discovery.That would help you a lot better to understand what you're learning.

Guadalajara de Buga
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Student of Plastic Arts teaches classes at Univalle Cali on the subject, specialty in performance.

I use different audiovisual support and of course I love generating debates on the subject, encouraging direct student participation is essential for an optimal learning. The use of the body to express what we feel and think makes of my goals.

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Professional airbrush artist with decades experience offers airbrush and painting lessons Italy and Skype

I am a classical painter, specialized in the United States in airbrush painting. I have been teaching since 2006 basic and advanced techniques both individual and group. I use a practical and effective method that aims at the learning of airbrush in all its facets.

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I will teach from Hoshiarpur. And i will teach Hindi. Thx.om Sai

I will try to teach my students best. First i will understand my students that what they want to know.

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Graffiti course given by experienced multi-style graffiti artist in the Brussels-Capital Region

Of course, the course adapts according to the student. In my opinion, if the student is a novice, it is essential to go through a history of graffiti (origin & evolution) before getting to the heart of the subject. I teach the structure of the letter, the notions of 3D, shadows and lights, the game of contrast and colors.

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Hi friends; I am Alex, based in Bengaluru and I can teach you all about digital art, photoshop painting and editing, tablet drawing, iPad drawing, illustration, caricature, product design, jewellery d

I am a NIFT alumni and Experienced Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the Design industry. Skilled in Hand Sketching, Digital Art, 3D design.

Vikash kumar pandey
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Vikash kumar pandey father name-kashi nath pandey motger namr-lal muni davi Vill- sahuar pa-po - karaghar rohats sasaram pin821107

Describe various types of transfer of lerning. Describe the main points of learning theory present by bruner.

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Bristol Multimedia & Fine Art lessons. Learn to create and mix digital & Fine Art

I have undergone a tremendous creative journey from my early beginnings at art school to my degree in Digital Art & Technology. As a result fine art is truly at the core of what is my passion for all things digital. Having a fine art foundation has proven to be an asset, affording a wide perspective when confronting creative decisions.

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Textile design masters student at the Royal College of Art, offering art and design tutoring in London.

Hello! I am currently studying for my masters in Mixed Media textiles at the Royal College of Art and last year I graduated from Edinburgh University, where I graduated with a first class Hons.

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"Digital Painting" learn Now~Instead of drawing your own picture ,Students try to showcase the landscape art nature

I am passionate about art, design, innovation new media, and also interest in organized social work. (Talent Show, Art Contest). Leading Arts & Cultural Events: • Supervised organization of arts/cultural events, including visiting museums and artists’ shows. Identifying Talent: • Searched for new talent or individual skills in students through creative techniques.

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Learn acrylic painting using different techniques and experience what you are and transform your feeling and expressions in to painting.

Learn while doing is the motto I follow. Will make use of ICT tools. Giving a live demo so that the learner will understand the content easily and effectively. Providing space to think and react to the design problem and make them understand what is really required in production.

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Illustration student offers digital drawing lessons up to degree level in Winchester

I feel the easiest way to pick up good drawing skills is through practice. By being given the core skills and being able to practice them your drawing abilities will soon refine. Nothing is worth learning if its not fun, I aim to make learning interesting and help you find a passion within the subject.

Greater London
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Expierenced acrylic artist fabric painting and art skills detail working and fabric color

i have businessof my own where i work with fabric canvans painting mainly on shoes and tshirts, fabrics designs and patterns and every style, i am expierenced with fabric painting now i can nearly paint anything with using acrylic paint, potraits, landscapes, designs etc

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The basics of painting for all students ( basic, school, college, undergraduate, graduate )

I send economics, arts, crafts lessons to students on this website. Students are guided and coached in a friendly way. I encourage students to cram up these lessons after having understood the concepts and fundamentals. They may send me questions and I will give an exhaustive explanation for their queries.

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