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Pacific Pines
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Griffith Environmental Science student gives agricultural science lessons to high school students in Gold Coast

I base my classes on student-centered teaching methods where students are encouraged to explore the lessons with the proper guidance of the teacher. I strongly believe explaining theoretical points with real-life examples helps students to grasp the concepts easily and clearly.

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UTAS graduate gives agricultural science including animal science lessons to high school students and primary students

Maduka wehella graduated from University of Tasmania with a master of agricultural science degree and studied bachelor in animal science degree.

Bracken Ridge
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Post graduate student having extensive knowledge in designing assignments and giving lessons

I like to teach students at the level they want me to teach. I can provide one on one hand o experience in solving their problems. I can also help in writing assignments. I help them manage time and study plan.

Morphett Vale
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Experienced Southern Adelaide Agricultural Science Teacher/Farmer is excited about immersing students in Agricultural knowledge.

I encourage open communication with families and outside agencies so that the students’ well-being are wholly catered for, academically, physically, socially and emotionally. I strive for each student to achieve to the best of their ability. I have utilised various teaching methodologies and adapted and changed plans where student needs are indicated.

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Hello, I am international student, I have done my graduation in Agriculture.

I will mainly focus on basics of subject then detail view of lesson. I will provide notes and easy ways to learn concept of topics.

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UNE Rural Science Student gives Agriculture and Sciences Tutor to study anywhere anytime

I gear my lessons towards those who have time constraints, live regionally and are happy to study online. I will basis the structure of my lesson of what you may be having trouble with, as well as strengthening concepts that you are already comfortable with.

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Graduate student of Carleton University gives private tuition in Science and Agriculture

I base my classes on practical problems and how to prepare for the assessments. However much you know about a given subject is useless, if you do not know how to write correct answers to the assessments. Classes are for high school students and other students.

Ciudad de México
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Make your own urban garden! On the terrace, pot, crate, vertical, or hydroponic

You will learn to have an ecological garden in the space that you have available in your home, office, etc. In a practical and simple way, identify periods of sowing, flowering, pruning and harvesting; identification and treatment of pests; associations between crops; natural fertilizers and antiplates; Seed selection ... No matter the size of your space, only your desire to take advantage of it.

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Student in master engineering gives spectacular tuition in civil engineering and english

My teaching is based on the lecture comes a discussion method. I would give a good demonstration over the topic in detail. develop reciprocity and cooperation among students. respect diverse talents and give brainstorming learning method. emphasize time on task.

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A masters student in animal science gives agricultural science lessons to students in Saskatoon

My teaching methods are interactive and practical. This makes me get a better understanding of how the students view whatever is being talked about and also makes it easier to remember and appreciate. I like to teach lower to high-grade classes as they are interesting.

New Delhi
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Master in Agriculture gives tuitions in Agronomy & Soil Science from High School to college.

I teach as an expert approach with examples and references. And I also approach to inquiry-based learning for students to think themselves and become more independent learners. Encouraging students to ask questions and investigate their own ideas helps improve their problem-solving and logical skills as well as gain a deeper understanding of academic concepts.

La Florida
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Student of Agricultural Engineering, he teaches all subjects to prepare the PSU

My methodology is flexible and adapts to the different types of student learning, so that they can better develop the required knowledge.

College Station
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Graduate animal science student offering science and analytical tutoring in College Station

I believe in helping students succeed by helping them find the right answer. My goal is to teach students how to learn, so that they can find answers themselves. I am not the answer key, I don't know everything, but I know how to find it.

Haringhata Farm
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PhD in Agricultural Extension interested in offering classes on agriculture sciences for competitive exams.

My teaching method is based on creating a basic conceptual understanding of the subject matter, followed by explaining the various keywords. The subject matter is selected based on its relevance and the current thrust areas for agriculture in India and around the world.

Jd José Alves Carneiro
(17 reviews)
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Agricultural Engineer gives classes of school reinforcement, technical disciplines at home and online

I conduct my classes in a focused and structured way in the needs of each student, so that each specific question can be solved by giving clarity to the related subject as a whole.

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Agronomist, Ph.D. candidate with 6 years of agricultural research and teaching experience.

My teaching method for undergraduate and graduate levels is based on real scenarios as a starting point to understand the agricultural systems from basics theory to field applications.

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Student in agronomy collage give tuition in agronomy from inter mediate to college in Chitrakoot

My teaching method is very easy and simple language I base my class on easy language.

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Agriculture classes from Doctorate degree holder. All subjects related to agriculture. A

My methodology for teaching is by discussing in detail with the students. I discuss each topic in detail with students.

Rajendra kumar
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Being a lover of agronomy, can make u too fall in deep love with it.

I can give u the best examples of real life of what is happening around u to correlate with the topic so that you understand better and then retain the same in your memory for longer period.

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Students preparing for JRF, SRF, UPCATET etc are welcome to join me

My teaching technique is to provide basic knowledge of the subject first, than move to the main topic afterwards provide the notes of the specific subject

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Ph.D., certified teacher with 20 years experience in various fields of science offering tutoring on line.

Ph.D., I think I would be best teaching undergrad to graduate level. Teaching by example has been the best way to teach for me. I have a varied background and I lived and worked in 5 countries so I am more than qualified.

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Good at teaching in subjects - science, social studies & mathematics till class 12th


1st lesson free !

Just for fun using this. U can learn if u intrested thanks.

Learn and practice to your home a n d o t h e r p l a c e w h e r e y o u c a n m a na ge s i m p l y.

Bheru lal
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Agronomy at a glance mode of action of herbicide Irrigation management Dry land agriculture Soil fertility

I have 5 year experience of teaching to undergraduate classes two year research experience Able to both the medium english as well as hindi

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Agronomy is a art and science. It is cultivation of crops.

My teaching method is easy method . I use easy English words in simple way that students can understand easily.

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Nation's soul AGRICULTURE. Agriculture soul AGRONOMY. Learn now and be the solution.

My methodology is build the concept and memorise facts. Revise and retain knowledge. Learning based on practical knowledge and experiences.

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Students from Agricultural colleges will get standard subject knowledge and career opportunities in Agriculture

My teaching method is contains e-content lectures are given in powerpoint and pdfs

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Learn important questions of agriculture for enterance test in agriculture universities and NET exam.

I teach the subject topics along with the general knowledge questions related to that particular topic which are important to know for the enterance tests or net examination purpose.

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Graduated my masters degree in Agronomy can teach basic biology, agriculture and english

Depending on what you want to learn and your age I would approach on how to teach you. I want to teach in an interactive and friendly way.

(3 reviews)
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Preparation contest Agro-Véto - By a student Engineer taken on competition in Montpellier SupAgro - MONTPELLIER

I am a student in the second year of a graduate school of agronomy at Montpellier SupAgro. Coming from preparatory class I have strong knowledge in geology. I observe above all what has been seen in class, if this has been assimilated I usually do exercises and give them for the next time and follow their evolution by mail.

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