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Experienced trainer for tuition in all aspects of Beauty therapy available in Newcastle area.

I am able to engage with students of all ages and abilities. I have a good sense of humor . The most successful training links theoretical components to practical skills and I feel that I achieve this.

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Corporate leader turn SAHM to share experience in personal shopping (online or otherwise)

Always short 30-60mins depending on the student availability and interests. It could be for an event, occasion or for personal styling. Face-to-face or online (student must have an electronic device with internet access) both would work well. Simple introduction and could be working from top to bottom or could be simply Q&A mode.

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Redesign your lifestyle with Fashion Management and Design in planning lifestyle wardrobes.

Seamstress since age nine self taught designer I have made clothing for weddings and Proms and in general everyday outfits that I have had the pleasure of Designing and I have special designs that I will turn into outfits for you

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Male fashion model and personal stylist offering fashion and style understanding lessons.

There are some rules need to be understand, there are feelings need to be express, there is a body needs to be seen in right geometry and there is a mind that feels good in concrete colours and fabrics. And at last there is a concrete life needs to embody all that.

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Providing lessons to be your own stylist with least efforts ,and more impact

I provide personal guidance ( on making a perfect wardrobe which definitely make you the most stylish person in the room. I have appealing recommendations that will suit your body type, work/ occasion preferences and the budget of course!! I will be available for online as well as face to face guidance.

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Oral maxillofacial surgeon with 43 years of experience will share knowledge and experience

webinars , live zoom classes podcasts . training with video presentations of recorded videos on surgical procedures (minor) , dental implants etc.. these training lectures will be useful to practicing dental surgeons, and dental students studying in dental schools. teaching can be a live seminar or recorded aired as a webinar.

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Find your personal style, one step at a time - I'll give you all the knowledge to do that!

My style lessons are held online at a time that's convenient for you.

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Professional makeup artist, at home in CABA! Super complete makeup classes & more!

Self-makeup classes. Preparation of the skin, makeup day and night. Types of makeup. I work according to your style, your skin, your face and colors. Also, I help you to correctly use the products you already have and to know what you are missing. I also do profiling of eyebrows and makeup for events.

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Grow yourself without limit and be yourself with self stand and love yourself

Myself a student. I can teach to the beginner and level up student with 100% gurantee... it can be chat wise or you can call me anytime. And even face time we can have .

María gabriela
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Professional Makeup artist Personalized or Group Make-up Course. At home. Santiago de Chile

The purpose of the courses is to highlight your beauty through the use of makeup or start your own endeavor. Handling 3 levels for makeup courses: * Basic: where you will learn the basic techniques of makeup, product review, skin care, skin preparation, basic hightlight & contour, learn the correct use of brushes, makeup for events light-dark technique or flag, colors.

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Fitness enthusiast who combines instinct, nutrition and science for body toning. If you're looking to achieve a lean and aesthetic physique, am with you. Talents : all athlete with professional capabi

My teaching is initiated by providing a holistic view of the purpose and aim of this tutorship. Session 1: Session on awareness of self health and necessity for a balance between work, nutrition and exercise.

Greater London
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Make up, facial contouring fashion hair and beauty lessons/training online in London

I have a huge passion for Make-Up and know all the top, easiest tips for creating that perfect eye look and defined facial sculpture. Hair, make up and nails are my forte.

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Makeup lessons from beginner to advanced for those who want to improve their makeup skills

As a tutor I try to make sure that I personalize my lessons to what my students need, If they are visual learners I will upload videos as pictures if they are the best as trying until perfection I will show tricks on how to practice, and if they are oral learners I will post videos and step by step instructions or diagrams to help each student learn best.

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Insta worthy hair and makeup tutorials varying between glam and natural x

I am a 15 year old girl who loves to do both hair and makeup. I love to change things up and try all different fashions when it comes to hair and makeup. I can teach to whom ever is interested both female, male, adult, teenager or child. I can teach in which ever way you may find most effective and we can work out hours between us that are at your most conviniece.

New Delhi
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Fashion and home styling classes for interested. aesthetics to colours to mood

i am a stylist based in delhi. i am interested to provide fashion, home and product styling tips and tricks to the people wanting to get a brief know how of the complicated job profile. i will tell you about real scenarios and prepare your aesthetics, colour sensibility, project flow and mood for this profile.

New Delhi
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Gymrat! And fitness freak. I have been in this profession past 6 years. Either you want to lose weight or build muscles. All you need is an excellent trainer and a mentor as well to achieve your deair

My teaching method is simple. Well most of us think this way: If you go to gym or want to lose some weight or gain weight or build muscles, one has to compromise the food. Yes it’s true but every meal can be delicious and full of nutritional if prepaired with some magic and I will let you know the magic.

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Aesthetic Nurse and Business owner providing psychological support to clients who need help with self-confidence.

My teaching method is all verbal guidance and supporting clients who have self confidence issues through coaching. As a nurse, it is my duty to ensure you feel good about yourself, think positive and give the support you need when feeling under the weather.

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Dental surgeon helping in increasing your face value and smile for looking young forever

My practice and my recommendation to the patient either online or offline as well as via SMS email etc etc

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Beauty tricks and tips for beginners to advanced, bro I can help you out

I am here to help you as an individual or as a beuatians to improve your work and self, I will give you all the top tips and tricks for you to succeed, hunni you honest honesty will go farm I will not intimidate you in any way, I will have you to become confident in both yourself and your work!

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25 years of experience in the beauty and hair industry. Former college tutor for young adults on a cosmetology course. Personal care specialist and grooming expert. Need to know how to present yoursel

My teaching method is based on a thorough personal consultation to assess individual needs .Then a structured rebuiling of your self image.

New Delhi
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Everyone love fitness to become aesthetic ..you have to concentrate on exercise and your daily diet.

My teaching method is look well good and perfect in all shape of your body and I base my class on aesthetic. I approach to do exercise in your weekly 5-6 and diet is more important.

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Makeup and Fashion Styling Tutor in Birmingham Uk - over 10 years of experience!

I am a Professional Make up Artist and Fashion Stylist with good Photography experience, including Adobe PS picture editing. Teaching all levels of experience, from begginers to experienced Artists who wants to expand their knowledge and learn new techniques, including working closely with clients, photographers, designers. Lessons are open to ladies only, I also speak Polish.

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I am a dentist and I'll teach you how to maintain your healthy smile. Because smile gives best aesthetic

I'll teach you to prevent teeth and gums diseases with using simpler things and obviously I'll give you idea to prevent cavity too

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Student in Engineering, but a solid Fitness Freak and idealist. Provide Online coaching and mentoring for Aesthetics and fit lifestyle!

I approach different clients differently baaed on their goals and starting points. I personalize every aspect based on the dynamic requirements.

Ajay t
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Be fit with me...ask anything about fitness...lets built together...grow healthy and fit

I will train by calls viedio tutorials or coach by face chats etc...

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Student of mechanical b.tech in bengal and diploma in kinseology to help you to achieve your desired physique

i will teach you through videos from youtube as an example. i will tell you about food and supplements based on real reports by doctors and scientists. will help you to get your dream physique. all the best . .

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Personal Shopper & Personal Stylist for Image and Fashion Style at BAB

Fiorella Gonzalez, founder of the agency Perú Personal Shopper, shares with you her vision of the trade ... A personal stylist just for you is a personal shopper. A fashion professional who offers you real exclusives, an exchange of accomplice and silhouettes adapted to your personality and your budget.

Ciudad de México
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Cosmetologist expert in beauty, private classes in CDMX and EDO MEX via online any part of the world

I like to teach about the importance of personal care, health, nutrition and emotional well-being, always improving in knowledge, theory and practice. I am good at teaching beginners, or students, work with a curriculum adapted to each region, culture, student needs.

São Paulo
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Professional Social and Artistic Makeup Provides private tutoring or classes with up to 10 people in São Paulo

We start with a basics in theory to be able to the practice with better results.

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BA final year arts student, bodybuilding background family..title holder.. Aesthetics for life

My method of teaching is muscle gain l,weight loss and talking about diets..proper workout through proper knowledge on each segment..

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