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Hasleen singh
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Experienced mechanical engineer teaching mechanical engineering subjects to university students in Melbourne

The different teaching methodologies used by me are: The Flipped Classroom Model basically involves encouraging students to prepare for the lesson before class. Design Thinking (Case Method) Self-learning Gamification Social Media Free Online Learning Tools Other duties are: • Developing course material. • Developing assessments.

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Monash Aerospace Engineering Student - passionated in teaching Uni and high school student in relevant area

Teaching will be first based on strengthening theories and concepts, followed by practising related questions. I can also help with checking the academic assignments from uni and high school. I believe practice makes perfect, with the clear concept and problem-solving skills developed throughout my teaching, getting a good grade won't be far.

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Elangovan, an aeronautical Engineering graduate gives physics and aerospace lessons for high school students.

My teaching method would be giving simple everyday examples to explain the complex concepts of physical sciences and aerospace technology.

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Cultural Astronomy PhD Researcher with a background in Physics, Astronomy, Biology & Engineering to give private tutoring to primary and high school students.

I believe in a hands-on, eyes open approach to teaching, and try to make the lesson relevant to the real world. A biology lesson would be walking through a forest or park and observing the different plant forms and structures. An astronomy lesson would be looking through a telescope or watching the night sky.

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Professional Engineer Tutoring for Maths and Engineering subjects in Melbourne CBD area for University and High school students.

My tutoring sessions are tailored around each student and are outcome focused. Ideally a student will provide me with course material and problems they wish to focus on two days before our session so I can prepare the lesson. The lesson itself will typically involve 5 minutes of reviewing the topic to establish an understanding of the students' knowledge.

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PhD student, my area of speciality is Fluid mechanics and Hydraulic Machines ^_^

Simply, if I don't understand it I wont teach it. Simply, if I don't understand it I wont teach it. Simply, if I don't understand it I wont teach it. Simply, if I don't understand it I wont teach it.

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International student at Griffith, with 6 years experience in technical education, metalwork technology and a research savvy individual. also experienced in basketball coaching.

I am a very attentive and organised individual with the requisite academic and adaptive skills. Lessons will be student centered and highly interactive. I pay attention to details and employ the use of a variety of teaching techniques in order to ensure that learning is reinforced.

Clovelly Park
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Ph.D. student at Flinders uni giving high quality lessons in mechanical engineering

I base my class on board or paper-based with interaction with my students. I give them in a structured way. you wont definitly regret joining my class sessions. I help motivate students and build self confidence. Tutoring is my life.

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Successfully taught Aircraft design to beginner students at the Collegaite Aerodesign Club and has a strong hold on aviation

My teaching method is flexible involving both traditional methods of using a paper and pen or digital i.e involving Computers. The lessons are structured according to the difficulty level and will start with the basic concept of aircraft design and will go further.

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Passionate Aerospace Engineer with good Theoretical and practical knowledge in Aerodynamics, Aircraft Structures & Propulsion.

My way is simple, As definition of physics says "Science is nothing but study of nature". So I always extract the concept from nature. Make students to understand the subject rather than just learning. I will make you to love the subject before understanding the topic.

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Aerospace systems expert offers deep experience in design, development, test and operations.

I tailor my courses to the needs of the customer, from students seeking to enter the field to mid-career professionals trying to solve difficult problems. Emphasis is placed on understanding the goals and needs of the system and how it will be operated. Examples are offered from other systems and directed discussion applies the example to systems of interest.

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I'm passionate at teaching. My focus is always to start from basics and build up to the advanced level. I motivate students. Students always feel comfortable around me.

Teaching style: I like to build up from fundamentals right upto to the level of GATE exam or course levels that is being taught at IITs. I have motivated and inspired wide spectrum of students. I work around their individual potential. Students generally feel very comfortable learning and being around me. I'm sure you will definitely learn something good if you give me an opportunity to tutor you.

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Private professor of airline transport theory (ATPL) in Madrid, help in preparation of exams

Explanation of basic concepts, lowering the difficulty level until the operating principle is understood. Review of the question bank until good grades are obtained in the exam simulations.

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Learn Mechanical Engineering from a student of IIT-Guwahati. Let us celebrate engineering and Mathematics!

My teaching strategy would be purely based on concepts and practical examples. I also believe mathematics is an integral part of mechanical engineering and I base most of my claims with mathematical proofs. I prefer discussion over one-sided teaching methods.

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Open to teach students physics , maths and mechanical engg from 10th class to engineering college students

My methodology is simple first throughly overview of topic then making every topic clear to students with the help of day to day life examples and builiding their concepts and then after clearing doubts proceed with numerical problems.

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Tuitions for mechanical engineering students from across the nation is conducted here

My teaching methodology is simple that is start from the basics and read from a standard text book for a particular subject. Theoretical concepts have to be clear before we start for an problematic topics.

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Maths & Physics Teacher for class 8 to 12th in Hebbal & Yelahanka

I teach Mathematics and Physics for class 8 to 12th of ICSE, CBSE and IB syllabus, besides which I also teach engineering subjects like Fluid Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Strength of Materials. I conduct Tests and Home Works specifically crafted for the student to ensure his/her progress.

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Study what you love and grow your potential in subject with me

I always prefer to teach in story format and make the topic as character so we can relate in our day to day life, Because if you cannot relate what you are learning it become difficult to picturize the concept.

Lyon 8e
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Advanced training for student pilots, general aviation pilots from all horizons and all ages for safer skies.

Passionate about aviation at all scales, I like to share my knowledge: from your first step in your initial training to the ATPL license, including the technical aeronautical English. There are no stupid questions, we all start at the same level. I adapt easily.

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39 years experience in Aeronautical field and can teach Preliminary Engines,Piston engines, Jet engines,Air Field Procedures, POL,

I am a Qualified Technical Instructor done the course of QTIC/TSC (Qualified Technical Instructors course /Technical supervisor, I am fully convergent of OPTRA,MURAC,TALPPA and many more methods. OPTRA:- Object of Teaching,Preparation of the subject,Teaching/transmission to the students ,Reception by the student Assimilation of the taught lessons.

Las Condes
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Commercial Pilot does classes and preparation of theoretical exams before the DGAC.

My teaching method is, firstly, to make an analysis of the bank of questions, to open a space for debate, in order to cover and refresh the generality of the concepts and clarify doubts or questions, and of course any requirement of the applicant, according to be the case.

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Airport Planning Subjects, Theorey of Flight, Aircraft Systems, Airport Operations, Regulatory Codes.

Introduction  Preparation  Objectives  Content  Introduction  Group inertia  Attention getter  Outline  Simple list  Classification  “ruleg”  “egrule”  Problem centred  Relevance  Ground rules  Body  Logical order  “Must know”  Interactive  Conclusion  Not just the end  Summary  The main message  Delivery  Well beg

Anantha krishnan
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Aerospace Engineering graduate gives tuitions in Physics, Mathematics for High School to College students in Bangalore

My method of teaching is interactive and Flexible in Syllabus also productive. Instead of Covering subjects as per syllabus I take classes of a topic from scratch to proficient level. Conducting regular test on each topic, which gives the students much confident while giving their Final paper. I do take classes by that way.

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With my vast almost 35 years of experience in aeronautics I give practical oriented tuition for the college aeronautical students.

My primary teaching methodology is chalk and board, which gives follow up methods to the students effectively. I use ICT for the advanced teaching to technology fused learning. I am specialist in practical oriented learning. Technology enhanced teaching is used for quick pick-up by the students.

Singia Hiban
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Gives tuitions for engineering college students special for maths and electronics field related.

“To work in a healthy, innovative and challenging environment extracting the best out of me, which is conducive to learn and grow at professional as well as personal level thereby directing my future endeavors as an asset to the organization”.

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Mechanical engineering along with the analysis relevant to mechanics from bengaluru, karanataka

My techniques will be either chalk and talk or through ppts for the aligned subjects. I will go through topic by topic for the subjects assigned to me. I usual takes the structural subjects. I take class for UG students and have guided more than 8 projects related to aeronautical and mechanical.

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I am an Aircraft design engineer with a passion for teaching and helping others to learn more on it.

My way of approach towards my class is more of interacting and less of a one sided and more of interaction kind. Our class will be like a discussion. Whatever you have doubts would be sorted through our class. We would try to resolve the issue and would help you for interview.

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Im graduted as aerospace engineer.I can handle strenght of materials, orbital mechanics, mechanics ,im from mysore

my teaching method is like starting from basics to complete concept,i will make sure all topics taught by me will get by my students and ill make them completely understand all aspects of subject.

Mira Bhayandar
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AME and Bachelor in Aeronautics from Mumbai giving classes in Aeronautics, let's fly together.

The teaching method of any teacher should be the one that best suits the students, this is what I firmly believe in. There's a charm in learning about mighty flying machines, and this charm would be kept alive while teaching.

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Want Sound Knowledge of theories? Learn it with Practical Applications and Real Life understanding of all equations and concepts. I am Chirag, M.tech in Aerodynamics from IIST, Dept. of Space.

I like to teach students in very practical manner rather than just imposing bookish knowledge, I believe students can perform better if they know the whole synopsis of what they are learning and where it would be useful from their career point of view. Professionally, I preferred to teach student in the manner they would like me to teach them, but should always being Disciplined in class.

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