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Combining Science and Fitness with Biggiesmalls Fitness- Fitness for all Big and Small

My Methodology is based around getting to know your anatomy, and physiology to provide the highest level of service possible. I hold a high standard for myself, my clients and my peers. I like to combine the health of the mind with physical health, being an advocate for mental health myself I find it paramount to be in touch with your clients needs.

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If you like or not practice sport, I am your coach,

My teaching metodology is based in the enjoy. I do exercise with a smile and I want the same for people. Obviusly I adapt my exercise at person without problem. In Spain I worked in a Gym or Outdoors. It is not necessary to bring equipment.

Bondi Junction
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Combat teacher and soccer coach if you are looking for exciting classes here is your place

Hi, I'm Benjamin. I'm an enthusiastic teacher. I'm looking for motivated students because the workouts require commitment and determination. The workouts begin with stretching and strengthening of the body, especially the arms and abdomen. A lightweight race and then we go to the technical training where you will learn submission ore striking.

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Lisenced in SPORTS degree for PERSONAL TRAINING in Bondi and Randwick area

It is important to change always the class to not turn it into a routine. To begin the season, I like to do a funny warm-up game; then I prepare a circuit o different stations that combine aerobic exercises with strength exercises, and finally, a good stretching season.

South Coogee
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Have been doing gymnastics for 8+ years and can teach you skills, flexibility and strength!

I always begin training by stretching, followed by skills, then strength, then a warm down. I believe in balance and pushing your body while also having fun - I will do the strength exercise with you if you want me to (for moral support!) or just give demonstrations if you prefer me to focus on you and your technique.

Maria ines
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Spanish girl teaches fun classes of fitness, zumba, exercices for pregnant... Cheer up!

I usually work in a group, but the number of people depends on the type of class. The most important thing is to know the situation of each person and adapt to it. Yo baso mis clases en la diversión y la mejora de la salud.

Paris 16e
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Stretching class, sculpt the body, or dance! individual or in groups, ages and levels are flexible( Paris et Suburbs)

Active Movement. Release energy and gain vitality through training. Harmonious and conscious exercises to relax, tone and make the body more flexible. Work on balance, postures, strength, muscle stretching and flexibility in the joints. A space to share and motivate us.

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Qualified Personal Trainer for all levels in Ile de France, english speaking.

Loss of weight, gain muscle mass and regain self-confidence with framed sessions tailored to your goals; -Target the objective -Evaluation of your physical condition -Assignment of the training program -Nutrition advice -A follow-up + update after 4 weeks -A coaching session of 1h (1 to 4 times per week)

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Dynamic Fitness Professional seeks motivated clients interested in Real Results and lifestyle changes.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist who has worked with all ages and fitness levels. I love making fitness fun and use a lot of variety in my programs. I use direct and concise instructions and demonstrations. My degree is in Communications, so I am a big fan of questions and feedback.

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Athlete Bodybuilding instructor, fitness, functional and weight room, with many years experience, offers personal sessions.

I have a complete, systematic and logical approach, but flexible to the needs of the client and the difficulties encountered. My lessons include: weight training (suitable for the person) or free body exercises (if the weights are not available or training is suitable for the client's goals) and cardio. My lessons are applicable to everyone aged 18 and over. For any starting level.

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Experienced Certified Personal Trainer in Niagara, Ontario, determined to help you reach your goals!

-Minimal equipment required (i.e. bodyweight, resistance bands, etc.) -3-4 workouts per week -Challenging you to achieve your desired results, while also helping you enjoy the process of becoming more fit, knowledgeable and confident in your abilities -Helping you remain accountable to yourself and your goals.

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Fitness - M.S. Exercise Science & Health Promotion; NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer; Yoga Alliance CYT-200; Taught Collegiate and High School level health and fitnes

I believe in the 3 D's: "Discuss, Demonstrate, Do"; Through this methodology, students are able to grasp concepts, visually see how to correctly perform the prescribed activities, and finally, do and practice the activity. This method allows for a variety of learners to excel.

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Certified personal trainer gives fitness classes for new trainers & continuing education in Calgary

I believe in a "tell, show, do" method of teaching to appeal to all types of learning; auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. These classes are ideal for a wide range of people. If you are becoming a personal trainer, nutritionist, life coach or would like to learn more for your own health, these classes are for you.

Paris 17e
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Personnal Trainer - Fitness | Bodybuilding | Postural Correction | Athlete Preparation - at home or outdoor

Active and dynamic personnal trainer. Specialist in physical exercise . Mainly focused on bodybuilding, cardio training, cross-training, athlete preparation and the physical and mental well-being of the person. Extremely motivated to help others achieve their personal goals. Ability to create healthy lifestyle behaviors in clients.

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Teacher gives private lessons / fitness group for all ages in Milan: flexibility, stretching, toning, zumba. Home training to achieve your goals!

My lessons are suitable for all ages, I offer classes in gymnastics, fitness, totalbody, zumba and stretching. I will help you to train in a dynamic and fun way, even with little time available and not necessarily in the gym. I encourage people to give their best, challenging their limits to overcome them. I go preferably to the home.

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Entertaining woman with a diploma in Theatre, Certified Personal Trainer in Nanaimo

My classes are creative and entertaining which I find helps you retain the information better. Aside from speaking clearly and writing assignments I like to use visual aids and body language to help the learning process. I like to teach whatever you're interested in.

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Hi, I can help you all in fitness, gym weight-loss and weight gain

I will tell the exercises that you have to do daily and also the diet plan according to what you wants like for all weight gain and weight loss , six pack abs muscle gain.

Stela mihaela
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Graduate of Master in Marketing who offers aerobics, aeroboxing, muscle toning, gymnastics and fitness in Romania with a 3 years experience.

I offer lessons based on fun. I want to be a fun way to work our muscles and lose weight. I usually offer group lessons, but there are situations when I offer lessons individually. That depends on the needs of every person who turns to my services.

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Professional athlete certified in personal training and strength and conditioning provides fitness programming and education online

My teaching methods will depend on how the student is able to learn best in order to achieve successful results. My methods will continuously adapt until the student and teaching technique accomplish a match. My client-centred approach will integrate my personality with information appropriate to the student's desires.

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Personal trainer Certified with 8 years of experience offers group or individual lessons with personalized training for customers of all ages. I am specialized in the main disciplines d

My method of teaching is equivalent to my knowledge developed over the years, to my great motivational state that I feel I have, to the different training practices that adapt from subject to subject, from scientific evidence found. My single lesson lasts 1 hour and I also take lessons in packages.

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Sports Performance Specialist and coach with 12 years experience. A certified Performance Enhancement Specialist, Certified Speed Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer.

I train for balance, strength, power, and speed utilizing functional movement and proper technique. I train multiple age groups from youth aged athletes to professional athletes, from youth aged nonathletes to the regular gym goer.

Howard leenard
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ZenDiesel Movement, Fitness Training, Weight Losss, Nutrition Coaching. Train at home and reach your goals.

With over six years’ experience, Howard Leenard has evolved into a teacher whose guidance transforms clients into the greatest version of themselves. He absolutely loves sharing his passion for fitness with clients. His method is dynamic and wholistic.

Porto Alegre
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Black band in karate teaches you to have good physical conditioning and seek better well-being.

My method is to align the routine of each one with the best practices, joining martial arts fundamentals to seek better performance in various activities, guaranteeing an improvement of physical conditioning and well-being, working together the psychological of each one, since I have always gone deep in personal and neurolinguistic self-knowledge.

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Recently retired competitive swimmer currently doing triathlons and weight/powerlifting giving fitness programs

I understand that everyone is individual in their goals, abilities, and what works best for them. My method is to get to know what you want out of training (specific body aesthetic, strength, toning, agility, sport specific, etc.), how often you are willing to work out in a week, your preference and dislikes in exercises, and more. Once I have all the relevant information, I will construct a plan.

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Professional body builder.. Teaches almost 65 students daily on fitness training Interested ones only

My teaching method is always depend upon the diet that i prefer for માય students.. If u can follow the instructions basically hence you can easily get ripped personality.. So guys who got Interested may go with the good results..

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A Qualified Health and Fitness trainer offering various fitness activities in Burnley

My sessions are personalised to meet the clients needs, also to efficiently and effectively meet the desired targets. My current clients are very satisfied with how the sessions are going and results are being achieved quicker than they thought.

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Working Professional near Sriperumbudur ready to help you achieve your dream body.

I can do one on one online coaching or can do a personal coaching at your gym, if possible. I live near Sriperumbudur, Kanchipuram district, Tamil Nadu. I am also available for consultation and fitness advice on pre-information basis. Thank you folks.

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Physical trainer and personal trainer can help you get fit and in high sports performance

I am an Olympic paddle trainer, physical trainer, I love sport because I think it is a school and philosophy of life, I look for working with people who take it seriously and seek to learn and improve. My way of working is the following: We define real objectives, we plan and set deadlines we seek continuous improvement respecting the natural times of the body.

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Boxing training and fitness training and muscle strengthen workout which lives healthy life

I'm a national boxer and fitness trainer... Teaching and training quality is my profession ..making others be healthy is my passion..class timing is based up to yourself..flexible timing.. training through live videos..or in your place whatever and wherever which is comfortable for yourself...

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Reach your fitness goals with One of the Best fitness experts of the Gold’s Gym.

Customized diet ,workout plans and supplementation will be providef to the clients to achieve their fitness goals.

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