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Combining Science and Fitness with Biggiesmalls Fitness- Fitness for all Big and Small

My Methodology is based around getting to know your anatomy, and physiology to provide the highest level of service possible. I hold a high standard for myself, my clients and my peers. I like to combine the health of the mind with physical health, being an advocate for mental health myself I find it paramount to be in touch with your clients needs.

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If you like or not practice sport, I am your coach,

My teaching metodology is based in the enjoy. I do exercise with a smile and I want the same for people. Obviusly I adapt my exercise at person without problem. In Spain I worked in a Gym or Outdoors. It is not necessary to bring equipment.

Saint Peters
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A Zumba Zin teacher gives Zumba lessons and Les Mills body jam lessons in Adelaide City.

I base on physical moving. No matter whether you've grasped it, the most important thing is to try to move your body and enjoy the music. If you want it more specific, I will be teaching step by step. If you have confidence in dance, we'll start with the music from the beginning.

Saint Kilda
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Physical education teacher, Bachelor of Physiology, Personal trainer, distance trainer, swimming coach, triathlon for over 15 years

The class consists of warm-up, main work and return to calm. The vision of work is global, it consists of training, nutrition and rest. High performance athlete in triathlon, representative of my country in said discipline, applying its discipline to any area or scenario.

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Competitive Powerlifter and Personal Trainer GUARANTEES YOU TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM BODY!

My teaching strategy is motivation and science. If you need motivation to get started, I am the right trainer to achieve your dream body. If you have regreted your past training attempts, you will not this time. Putting science behind strength is my sole method.

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Excuses can't be the reason for us to keep fit, muscle strengthen have fun as we dance zumba and body build

my teaching methods involve practical demonstration, observation and involvement of the party that is learning through assignments, online platforms, group discussions, internships, attachments and other various methods that are within our reach. active participation is also encouraged and for understanding, questions and answers and also to build ones self esteem.

Surry Hills
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YOGA INSTRUCTOR_PT to get your dream body_mind with motivation and fun practice

My main goal is to know as much as possible the person I coach, in order to allow him/her to achieve his/her goals. I adapt the practice and advices (diet, healthy lifestyle) regards of personality, needs, lifestyle, internal motivators, schedule.

South Coogee
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Have been doing gymnastics for 8+ years and can teach you skills, flexibility and strength!

I always begin training by stretching, followed by skills, then strength, then a warm down. I believe in balance and pushing your body while also having fun - I will do the strength exercise with you if you want me to (for moral support!) or just give demonstrations if you prefer me to focus on you and your technique.

Bondi Junction
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Combat teacher and soccer coach if you are looking for exciting classes here is your place

Hi, I'm Benjamin. I'm an enthusiastic teacher. I'm looking for motivated students because the workouts require commitment and determination. The workouts begin with stretching and strengthening of the body, especially the arms and abdomen. A lightweight race and then we go to the technical training where you will learn submission ore striking.

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Senior teacher, very experienced, ready to reach out to pupils of all ages in the area of Health and Well Being,

My main methods of teaching have been in the field of HPE and Humanities, however I have also taught Music, Computer / IT, Wood and Metal technology. I keep myself fit and indulge in weight lifting and I have a tremendous sense of humour, which is always included in my lessons. I keep my lesson structure current and in line with the events that occur in the local area.

Surry Hills
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Spanish girl teaches fun classes of fitness, zumba, exercices for pregnant... Cheer up!

I usually work in a group, but the number of people depends on the type of class. The most important thing is to know the situation of each person and adapt to it. Yo baso mis clases en la diversión y la mejora de la salud.

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Lisenced in SPORTS degree for PERSONAL TRAINING in Bondi and Randwick area

It is important to change always the class to not turn it into a routine. To begin the season, I like to do a funny warm-up game; then I prepare a circuit o different stations that combine aerobic exercises with strength exercises, and finally, a good stretching season.

Vila Gumercindo
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Physical Education Professional with specialization in Military Training. Total dedication to the student, without deceit and miracle promises!

I do not promise miracles, but 100% dedication and attention to you, my dear student. I believe that each student is different, and soon needs different care. The classes are designed for all those who want to improve their quality of life. No student begins classes before going through a functional physical assessment in order to correct deviations and maximize training.

Brooklin Paulista
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Personal trainer in Ibirapuera Park, individual or group classes, HIIT (high intensity) training.

Professional with 14 years of experience in the Fitness & Wellness market, teaches group and individual classes. He gained experience in Brazil's largest academy networks, including Runner Academy and BodyTech.

Paris 16e
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Stretching class, sculpt the body, or dance! individual or in groups, ages and levels are flexible( Paris et Suburbs)

Active Movement. Release energy and gain vitality through training. Harmonious and conscious exercises to relax, tone and make the body more flexible. Work on balance, postures, strength, muscle stretching and flexibility in the joints. A space to share and motivate us.

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Dynamic Fitness Professional seeks motivated clients interested in Real Results and lifestyle changes.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist who has worked with all ages and fitness levels. I love making fitness fun and use a lot of variety in my programs. I use direct and concise instructions and demonstrations. My degree is in Communications, so I am a big fan of questions and feedback.

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Want to get fit for summer, want to hit a obstacle race or have a individual goal??? Me as certified personal trainer I would love to help you with that ! Individual only for you

I am organizing your fitness schedule in a fun and easy way. I love to help you reaching your goals and find a individual way just for you. Outdoor, indoor, in a little group or just the two of us... Any person of any level is good in at least something and we will find out what will be the best for you.

San Diego
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Experienced Private Trainer offers Custom Coaching to Help You Reach Your Goals

In addition to being a certified personal trainer through multiple organizations, I also hold certifications in fitness nutrition, exercise rehab, biomechanics, bodybuilding, and yoga.

Asa Sul
Gabriel lucas
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Postgraduate professor in physical activity for special groups Acting in Brasilia and satellite cities Trilingue (Portuguese, English and Spanish)

I am currently a physical education teacher at an international school in Brasilia, serving all types of public, from children to the elderly. I have learned a lot from several Brazilian and foreign professionals, and I have added this knowledge to my methodology, where everyone can do everything respecting their limitations.

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Fitness instructor offering high profile fitness education to help you live and look healthy.

My teaching methology is student centered, which allows the student to have an equal say in the whole process. A student centered approach the teachers role is to coach and facilitate student learning and overall comprehension of material, and to measure student learning through both formal and informal forms of assessment, like group projects, student portfolios, and class participation.

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Experienced Certified Personal Trainer in Niagara, Ontario, determined to help you reach your goals!

-Minimal equipment required (i.e. bodyweight, resistance bands, etc.) -3-4 workouts per week -Challenging you to achieve your desired results, while also helping you enjoy the process of becoming more fit, knowledgeable and confident in your abilities -Helping you remain accountable to yourself and your goals.

Julio antonio
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Personal trainer . sports massages. advisor smart training technique aerobics cardio rehabilitation. stretching . exits outdoor motivation relaxation breathing . anxiety


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Enthusiastic Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor with over 10 years of knowledge and experience.

I do both HIIT and Personal Training sessions online. The levels of fitness range from beginner to experienced. I will offer demonstrations and oral explanations for all exercises and offer alternative exercises to for those anyone with mobility difficulty. I am adaptable, enthusiastic, motivating, open, respectful and flexible.

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Level 3 personal trainer offering bespoke training and nutrition plans for you!

Achieving that summer body, losing fat, getting fit and healthy, and countless other goals can’t just be achieved within the gym - it’s a lifestyle. I will help you create that lifestyle so you make progress when you’re at the gym, but also at work or home. I’m hardworking, energetic and honest with you being my priority.

Alto da Boa Vista
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Graduated in Physical Education from the Federal University of São Carlos - UFSCar, offers guidance in physical conditioning and quality of life. Aiming for body improvement.

Mauricio Mota, graduate student of the Licentiate degree in Physical Education, Federal University of São Carlos - UFSCar. Experiences in teaching didactics, teaching children, youth, adults and the elderly. Program of sports with ball, physical conditioning, recreation and attendance. Full body workout.

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Fitness, Healthy Living and Nutrition Coaching from a Certified Personal Trainer in Mumbai

As a Biomechanics Specialist, I base the training programs on subjects like Kinesiology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Psychology and Exercise Science as I take a more in-depth approach to training.

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Physical Education and Fitness teacher with over 6 years of teaching in Calgary

My teaching methods are through games and drills. I use the TGFU model (teaching games for understanding) and the Sport Education model which can be really fun ways to learn in the gym.

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Personal Trainer & National Swim Coach. 7 years Swim Coaching & Personal Training experience. City Of Cardiff National Swimming Coach Lets Get Fit Personal Trainer

My Methodology when conducting Personal Training or Coaching Swimming is set to the needs of the individual or group that I am taking. Regardless of age or ability you will find once you have had a session with me all your ambitions and goals suddenly become achievable.

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Retired professional basketball player with 20 plus years of fitness training and basketball training for parents as well as youth.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in America, with over 26 million Americans playing. A lot of young people want to get in the game as they watch professional players excel and with that desire their parents provide support every step of the way.

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A qualified personal trainer, fitness instructor & sports fanatic, loves to teach exercise/physical activity classes to groups and 1-2-1, also give advise on nutrition and healthy living.

Fitness sessions: usually, this will start with a warm up, and then we move unto HIIT (sometimes a mixture of cardio & resistant exercise or either one or the either);or either upper body or lower body exercise depending on what I have planned for the day.

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