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Passionate Photographer & Retoucher offering creative & artistically inspired photography lessons from Bondi, Sydney

Hi Everyone, Thanks for stopping by, I LOVE teaching! Photography, editing & everything that goes with it. Please take a look below for the subjects I offer & don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions! Hope to see you soon! Tom ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PHOTOGRAPHY & RETOUCHING/EDITING LESSONS 1.

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Professional Photographer with over 8 years of experience giving lessons in Sydney

I base my classes on fundamentals or photography, usage of DSLR camera and equipments. I then focus on the type of photography students would like to learn by offering a basic idea about each type. Some of the classes will be theoretical and others will be practical with planned trips.

Athol Park
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Freelance/student photographer teaches basic and developing photography and camera skills to primary/highschool students

I can teach any skills including (but not limited to); - basic camera skills (with a particular focus on using manual, aperture priority, and other modes) - basic drone photography skills (how to use a drone to take the best photos) - how to use Adobe programs to edit your photos - creating a photography portfolio - different camera techniques such as long exposure, freeze motion,...

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Professional artistic photographer is offering personalized lessons in photography and / or editing

My teaching is personalized, which means it will depend in the needs or preferred methods of the student, this aims to make the learning process enjoyable and dynamic. My teaching is problem solved based so it is not only about receiving information but learning how to use it in different situations.

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Far North Queensland, Want to learn how those extraordinary images were made, processed or taken?

My teaching method single or small group in learning the camera first so you can be comfortable in taking the basic pictures, then progressing to techniques and changing the camera dial to manual override. I will also teach post processing via PC, iphone photography is also available.

Cambridge Park
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Highly reputable photographer teaching the secrets of how to turn your creative craft into a business

We start with the fundamentals. Firstly you must understand what a camera is with a quick history lesson on it's technological advancement from film to today, then we put the theory into practice. Once you become adapted to the knowledge behind how cameras work we can now move forward and practice how to achieve the right lighting.

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Get the most out of any camera with beginner to advanced professional tuition. Covers Photography and/or Videography.

When it comes to creating pictures and when it comes to developing them with the computer, I take a hands-on approach to teaching. With photography tuition, we go out on location and we discuss the basics whilst trying stuff out so that the concepts can be cemented in with hands-on experience. You get a laminated cheat-sheet to take home once you understand the concepts.

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Senior Sydney based advertising photographer Alex Weltlinger teaches you how to become a working photographer at the highest level.

My approach is first to work out how you think, then to apply the basics of being a photographer to that thinking. Sounds a little weird, right? So I can teach you the skill sets - exposures, framing, connection, light, conceptual development, people and talent management and so on - but what really counts as a photographer is the thought process.

Upper Coomera
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Digital and Film Photographer with experience in the darkroom and digital editing.

As a trainer of students, I try to make sure: They comprehend why something is critical to know or do. They have the opportunity to learn in their own particular manner. Learning is experiential and not just rote learning. Ant time is ideal for them to learn something new. The process of photography is enriching and empowering.

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Commercial photographer in Sydney- I'll teach you photography techniques they don't teach you at school!

I will show you how to achieve professional looking images plus ways you can make them stand out even more. I'll explain every step of the way and answer any questions you may have, so that you can understand and utilise the procedures. From lighting techniques to retouching, you'll learn very very VERY handy skills.

Glenelg East
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Award winning photographer in Adelaide with over 30 years experience willing to teach and pass on the knowledge to become a working photographer

Hands on approach with equipment, showing how to create different effects with a camera and lighting. Looking at composition, lensing, lighting using flash as well as natural light. Portraiture looking at posing to the camera as well as different lighting that can be used to create a mood and effect.

Novar Gardens
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Photography tutor with over 30 years experience specialising in Landscape, Nature and Portraits

I have several structured classes available which can be one on one or for small groups. The classes I offer include; 1/ Basic Camera operation 2/ Landscape Techniques 3/ Basic Portraiture 4/ Macro and Nature Photography. 5/ Advanced Camera operations and photographic management. These courses include written/study material and some involve practical sessions as well.

Glenelg North
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How to make your photo better, with any camera you already have

Grab your camera Use the natural scene Take a walk on the street Or Have some coffee in the shop Spent some time in conversation Practice some tricks on using the camera Learning of photography is just that nice and easy Trust me, you would learn how to take the photo you like

Mount Clear
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Photographer with sound skills in all styles. Specialising in street, portraiture and action photography.

My lessons are based off what my student wants to achieve in our time together. Whether that is a lesson on the basics of DSLR photography, photography techniques or perhaps a more specialised, focused topic. Your only restriction is your imagination.

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Film, Photography and TV Motion Graphics Designer Relief Media Arts Teacher Perth

I have a lifelong appreciation for the arts as an arts history major, I believe in explaining and making real life connections for students in exploring arts media by scaffolding content and engaging students with a balance of inquiry, modelling, reflection and practice.

Spring Hill
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Experienced International Photographer / Videographer Sharing what it means to Create Content Globally.

My teaching method is based simply on connecting your forever growing personality with the lens. You can be picking up your first camera or already years into your practice, I'm sure we can sit down and find out what's creatively blocking you, what camera suits you or the rules of creative composition.

1st lesson free !

Contemporary/Photo Journalistic style in photography. Teaches you an easy casual learning process, easily grasped.

My Philosophy has always been to keep it simple and to go as slow as the students need me to go. I was a slow starter years ago and have kept this idea always, so no student gets left behind.

Surfers Paradise
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Experienced Creative gives lessons on the core basics of photography to students in Australia

I base my teachings on understanding the basics of photography in order to have a good foundation to develop your photography knowledge and skills from. This covers knowledge of different cameras and lens, when and where they should be used as well as learning camera settings such as ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Colour Balance which are all essential in creating a great photograph.

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Learn Professional Photography and Cinematography lessons from Anmol Gujral with 5 years of experience.

The lesson will teach you all about photography and cinematography from basics. It will be covering all aspects of photography and cinematography.

Byron Bay
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Professional people and location photographer with 25 years shooting in global regions for major clients. Valuable knowledge of techniques to help you find your creative edge!

My approach to teaching is first learning what students are really interested in achieving, and to help them find their own point of view. I can help by giving a wide understanding of many major photographers' knowledge and how that has influenced contemporary understanding, along with ways of using lighting in unique ways.

(1 review)
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Film Graduate who provides lessons to people interested in learning more about film and photography in Nairobi Kenya

My teaching method is to produce video recorded lectures, units, modules and courses for Tutors in Schools, Colleges and Universities. This project seeks to transform valuable knowledge and information provided in a lecture format into digital video format which can then be stored, enhanced and transmitted for multiple broadcasts to a variety of classes and in different locations.

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Digital Photography/Real Estate Photography/35mm Photography over 16 years experience in total !

I like to teach people with a hands on approach, I believe you can learn more with a camera in your hands rather than behind a desk, I like to explain it in plain english as I know when I started out it was hard enough to learn without all the fancy words.

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Digital photographer giving online photography lessons and in person lessons in the Albury region

My teaching method is to work on what the students want to work on and help them to achieve their goals whether this be academically or for fun! I approach each area by allowing students to grasp the theory before the practical to help them get the best shots they can!

Beverly Hills
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Photography basics 101 - Sydney - 4+ years experience - visual and practical learning style

My teaching method is very hands on visual kind of learning. As I myself learn best when I'm shown visually, I have to see it done and them attempt it to learn. I believe it's a great methodology for learning especially when it comes to photography with cameras as it's all hands on.

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Talented photographer looking to share tips and tricks with budding photographers .

When it comes to photography I like to work one on one as it is such a personal art to specialise in. Teaching the colour composition, rule of thirds, editing and angles to use is different for everyone.

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ANU masters student, with photography experience of over 6 years +, holds a degree in photography, with a wonderful portfolio and passion to share knowledge. classes available in the whole of Canberra

My teaching methodology is that, it should'nt feel like a classroom environment. In order to get out the creative part of my students, I tend to focus on developing their practical knowledge with the required amount of their classes as well. Photography assignments, submissions, practical outdoor sessions, live sessions with my clients etc will be held during the period.

Moffat Beach
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Commercial and Editorial Photographer with extensive experience in Australia & Asia now based on the Sunshine Coast.

My teaching method is checking in to see where your interest and ability is currently, then focussing on ways to improve your skill level and broaden your abilities in the direction that you would like your photography to take you.

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Professional Portrait Photography- Learn both the creative aspects and the business side.

I believe the best teaching method is a good combination of practical experience, as well as theory to develop the business side. You will learn how to establish a network and how doing both TFP and Contracted work is beneficial.

Varsity Lakes
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Photography and Videography guidance for success in the industry ask me today!

I use a lot of life experiences in my lessons. I have worked in a range of different companies and industries so I want to help my students be prepared for any situation and be confident that they will excel.

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Highly awarded photographer willing to pass on his experience and knowledge on photography

Reality and based on my awards:- 1987-2000 1987-2000 Mid ‘80’s 1990 1995 1997 1999 2000-2003 2004 2008 2009 2009 2009 2009 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2012 2013 2014 2016 2017 Various D&AD awards London Various Campaign Press awards London Euro Best for Nike campaign Clio award Cannes Lion Art Directors Club New York Judges choice

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