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Two Rocks
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Qualified Accounting Teacher with Masters Degree gives accounting lessons to high school and uni students

My lessons are based on gaining an understanding and insight into the individual student at the start. By doing this I can understand any problems they are having with the subject and deal with these promptly before they become a barrier to further learning.

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Bachelor of Business and Economics in Monash University ; Master in Management and Master in Professional Accounting

I do not like when the teacher just give the questions without providing the answer or takes so many hours to answer it. in my opinion, I prefer to teach my class with questions and answers at the end. I will give them some time to try to answer the questions and I will give the full answer when the class is over. so the students will have time to evaluate the questions with the answer.

Rose Park
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Experienced professional lecturer for Management tutoring in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs (home visiting)

I am using Attractive and student friendly teaching methods for the success of knowledge transformation process and I have over 15 years of experience in lecturing. Always I have been a famous lecturer among the students because of the successful results of achieved.

Box Hill
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Super friendly, worldly, 37 year experienced and qualified educator in business management

Before I begin work with you, I always try to gain a complete understanding of YOUR * course aims, learning outcomes and expectations, * style of learning, and * current level of understanding and skills. My explanations are clear and i put things in different ways to ensure your understanding. I use different tools to get ideas across like diagrams, videos, PPTs.

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ANU Master of Finance student who is preparing for CFA Level 3

My teaching method for Children is studying with them and try to make them feel that study is interesting and make them proud of their progress. However, for adult who stressed by test/examination, I will show them my understanding and the easiest way to help them understand. I will help them anytime if they need my help.

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Curtin University Engineering and Commerce student giving economics lessons to high school students.

I approach the topic by giving you a basic understanding and letting you apply this to more advanced questions. My teaching methods are focused more on making you more flexible with questions that are out of the Ordinary. I want my students to never get trumped a question in a test/exam. I don't give the answer easily, I make students work for their marks.

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Administration and business things in my mind Simple to tell Investopedia and me are synonymous to each other

Providing Slides Making notes Reailistic examples Practical issues Go or work out with syllabus Easy memorising tips and hand notes is provided to students

(11 reviews)
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Member of CA, ACCA and CPA who currently reads for Master of Professional Accounting gives teaching lessons in commerce/accounting/management streams for high school/university students and profession

My teaching method is focused on introducing and explaining theory that is relevant to each subject and practice through questions. I will do assessments at the end of each lesson so that I get to know what areas need further clarifications. I will correct the answer scripts written by the students and give marks according to the tests. Classes will always be interactive and feed-back based.

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Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours) student available to tutor Business Studies in Brisbane or Gold Coast

I am a university student studying a Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours) at The University of Queensland. I graduated from a selective school, Queensland Academy for Health Sciences (QAHS) completing the International Baccalaureate Diploma during which I achieved a maximum grade 7 out of 7 for Mandarin, Business and management, Biology, English and Chemistry.

(1 review)
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Triple Master's degree holder M.Com, MPA, MBA lecturer provides excellent tutoring in the field of Accounting, Management and Finance subjects for students. Teaching clear and understandable basics.

My teaching methodology is student centered where the student has to engage actively in the classes which in turn helps in formal and informal assessments, therefore helping the student to progress further in their respective fields 1 hour = $20 5 hour lesson = $100 Offer first 60 min lesson free.

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PhD student in Management with MBA gives management lessons to University and School Students at Perth

My teaching philosophy is guidance and hands-on. I strongly believe that everyone has the potential to learn and just need the guidance to point at the right directions. I use case-studies, journal papers, discussions and debates to drive home the point that I want to Share.

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US Graduate Business Manager interested in teaching high school or undergraduate students

I use Real life examples from my industry experiences when I teach. I also use online material and Utube in class rooms. Use small quizzes and questioning techniques to gather information from students.

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Highly qualified tutor for Economics and Finance (previously lecturer at a national university) in Sydney region

My methodology is to ask several thought-provoking questions to help students find the answers themselves. The questions can be leading (hinting the answers) or situational (giving examples / situation where appropriate), and open-ended. Most importantly, I have the passion and perseverance to help students understand and find their interest in the subjects themselves.

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Swinburne PhD student offering business, management, educational consultancy, English for IELTS lessons in Sydney and online

I believe teaching should be student-centred. I tailor my teaching to suit students' needs, background, learning style, etc. I have experience tutoring students from diverse backgrounds, for example adult migrants and very young learners. In each case, my teaching style has been different, tailored to suit the needs of the students.

Saima nusrat
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I am a business student currently doing my Masters at University of Western Australia. I live in Subiaco and looking for tutoring undergraduate or bachelors level students with a specific focus in Bus

I am a postgraduate business student and also have two years and eight months of work experience in business sector. My lesson structure is to give as much practical examples on each study topic as possible, so that students will be able to relate the study topics with their own life and surroundings.

Ocean Shores
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Tough but fair award winning teacher who is passionate about teaching management

My focus is on meeting the marking criteria for assessment. Students are busy. As they say p's = degrees. I focus on whether assignments are up to scratch or need more work. I also like to help students who want to excel.

South Brisbane
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QUT Finance student in Brisbane with high GPA gives Finance Unit help!

I would summarize notes altogether and also look through learning objectives required by the course structure. Afterwards, I will jump to the questions after the concepts are grasped by the student. I think that going to practice question as early as possible would help student understand more.

Paris 17e
(7 reviews)

Contest Preparation (Nature / The world of passions). Associate professor of philosophy. Selection Board member. Paris

PHILOSOPHY PROFESSOR (since 1998) Input Selection Board Member of the Grandes Ecoles (since 2013) Research in philosophy of art. (Excellent knowledge in art history and philosophy of art) Gives private lessons of Philosophy. Exam preparation Baccalaureate, the General Knowledge tests (Business schools, Sciences Po, Ena ...) and contests (Normale Sup, Capes, Aggregation).

Paris 17e
(4 reviews)
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Doctor and Teacher (Sciences Po Paris, Sorbonne University, Graduate Institute of International Studies) Courses - Preparation to exams

Level : High School-Licence-Master-Prep contest. Economics courses, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, History, Culture General, English, French, Geopolitics, International Relations, Philosophy, Geography. Prep SciencesPo, HEC and business schools.

(3 reviews)
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Student in business school at the EMLyon, after two years of preparatory classes, gives courses in management sciences and business management in Lyon

I am currently a pre-master student in business school at Emlyon after having completed two years of preparatory classes at the grandes écoles in ECT.

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We provide consultancy service for Foundation, BA, MA and Ph.D. applications to the UK and US universities.

We are expert in the field. We are approaching our students with quite friendly and professionalyl. We introduce all universities and courses to our students in the UK and US.

(4 reviews)
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Experienced Standardized Test Tutor (LSAT, GRE, GMAT, ACT, SAT) with over ten years of experience in the Toronto area.

My teaching methodology is simple: I treat every student as an individual with entirely unique needs. Hence, all of my sessions are student-driven. In order to best accomplish this, I conduct a thorough phone assessment prior to the first session to create an individualized study plan that will best meet the present desires and needs of my clients.

Dr jan
(1 review)
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I have been conducting research in Political Science and International Relations, Sociology, Law, Reserach Method, Anthropology and Business Studies for many years.

I provide teaching either in person or outline. I have been using various techniques depends on students needs. I introduce new techniques in terms of disciplines and also student's level and level of understanding at all senses.

(5 reviews)

Giovanna - very experienced full-time tutor - economics, finance, accounting N1 and online

I am a mature, professional tutor who will quickly understand your weaknesses and your preferred learning style to make the most of your lessons. My lessons are always individualised and well prepared in advance, with plenty of interaction and fun. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I specialise in economics, finance and accounting, as well as writing training.

(1 review)
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Student has HEC teaching math level prepa and high school in the Paris region (obtained 20 in the bac and the competitions)

Being now a student at HEC, passionate about mathematics, and doing a math license at Orsay, I offer high quality mathematics courses. Depending on the needs of the student, the course can be re-explained and the knowledge of the course, without which nothing is possible, will be verified.

Paris 1er
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Former student at Daniélou / ESSEC helps you get prepared for business school entry interviews

I offer interview construction sessions (reflection on what to say according to the school, advice on the content and preparation of specific questions), then mock interview sessions. We also work on your posture, gestures, etc.

(2 reviews)
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Certified Accountant and Consultant in a Big Four gives accounting, taxation / DCG - DSCG / DEC

Senior Consultant in a Big Four, I offer courses of accounting and taxation addressed to students (from the first to DSCG / CCA / business schools) as well as active adults. I also give courses to business creators in the fields of accounting, tax, administrative and management.

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Trainer with 10 years of experience provides ongoing management / finance / management on Nantes and its surroundings

Aged 35, I came to training after nearly 10 years in business in the field of management. My courses are aimed at tertiary students and people already working who want to improve their management skills / accounting / finance. Currently, I am speaking as well with a general public who need basic management, qu'auprès students engaged in more specialized studies in finance (DMAS, business school).

(22 reviews)

Course in databases (+ algorithmic and languages, Data Science, Data engineering) by Engineer Mines Telecom (Data scientist) in Ile de France

I am engineer Mines Telecom (Data Scientist) following the preparatory classes at the grandes écoles Maths SUP / maths SPE. I offer tutoring in algorithms, programming languages ​​(Java, C, C-shel, Python, Scala) in Artificial Intelligence and many other IT topics.

Paris 11e
(11 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Economics course per ESCP Europe student for ECE prep and ES high school students

I am a business school student at ESCP Europe as a result of an economic and commercial preparation. My courses are for high school students and ECE students in first and second year.

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