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What is meditation, how to do it,what is benefit etc. to be describe by qualified , trained and experienced Yogacharya Atul Dwivedi, M.A.(Yoga), B.E.(Mechanical), PGDM

My teaching method to train people's in group to maintain their physical, emotional and mental health and to be well being.

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Graduated from Delhi University with majors in Psychology . Have interned in various NGOs and Rehabilitation Centres in Shillong. Very much interested in de-addiction and rehabilitation activities and

My teaching method will always have a friendly environment with the students that will boost their confidence which will help develop a quality relationship.

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Holistic approach to living with joy and vitality, solving the cause root of a matter

Are you tired of spending a lot of time within the self-help industry, or tired of the fluff that most books offer and you don't know what the next move is. You're looking for a way out from what seems a trap and want more peace or fulfilment in your life. I'm here to make you get RESULTS..

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Recovered addict, studied psychopharmacology for 12 years and a member of the church of Jesus Christ and latter day saints wanting to help others recover and gain control of their own lives again.

I try and teach through example and speaking, past experiences and giving you advice on ways to break addiction. And advice on ways to keep record of your recovery.

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IITian Engineer Entrepreneur Food Hobbyist Franchisor of QSRs wants to share experiences

“I strive to set direction, build intensity, and create vision. The stints with various organizations and a variety of businesses have developed my abilities in identifying potential, deal with complex situations, thus conceiving and implementing streamlined solutions to achieve increased revenues, profitability and overall success in any area of activity.

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Professional, Qualified and experienced advice for your well-being, fitness and healthy life.

I approach the patient with professional view. Learn about his daily routine, life style,addictions, mental stability and his lookout towards health and then provide him /her with different modifications and medicines if required. Everything is planned according to individuals and then delivered.

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'' Political Science student offering lessons in ''Meditation and how through that one can break addictions solve pertinent problems and unleash their full potential.

I am a simple guy with a goal to help teach and guide as many people on what i have captioned meditation. Here i will give them theoretical and practical lessons on how to meditate and what to meditate on; and solutions will crop up to their problems.

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Get addiction help with therapeutic talks, tips and tricks that can help you in getting sober

I try to understand the reason behind someone's addiction. While maintaining the privacy I like to help people set short term goals and objectives that actually help them in daily life.

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General Physician counselling in addiction recovery ,treatment , coping with withdrawal and maintenance of sobriety

Didactic approach. Counselling, behavioural therapy. Medical management of deaddiction, coping with withdrawal and maintenance of sobriety. Leading a happy life.

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Offering support for recovering addicts my heart is pure and big I don't judge and I feel we all deserve the chance to shine

I base my classes on calmness though process and each persons individual struggle and story and not as a hole topic

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Addiction???? Is it mental phenomenon or a physical sickness ...let's find out

Class is meant for the students as they can reap maximum benefit out of it. So it my teaching methodology depends on the students ..

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Hk deaddiction and rehabilitation centre in rajahmundry by naturopath through unique therapy

My teaching method is more practical less theory guide you towards better health any body who is enthusiastic are welcome

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Freedom from addiction and trauma, are you low, in despair, need help and support. I have a solution for you. I am a trained counselor BA (hons) therapist able to help release destructive patterns of

I work at a transpersonal soul level listening to your needs, suggesting coping mechanisms, promoting healing and change through therapeutic skills.

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I am here to give you my best to get you from your addictions and I will also teach you about health management

I always explain things in a simple manner so that everyone could understand easily .

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Anti Addiction means how to get rid of addictions such as Smoking , drugs

My teaching method is that I have to base my class and I should approach my students to concentrate on the topic which I'm teaching.

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A passionate and enthusiastic health and social care teacher of 16 years living in Birmingham

I am a vocational teacher and my teaching method is that I break each topic down into bite size chunks enabling access and inclusivity to both the more able and students with learning difficulties.Lessons consist of a starter, main body and end modifying as necessary.

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Ex addict with lots of experience teaching English, coaching disadvantaged adults in life skills

My method of teaching involves lots of common sense and giving my students the skills to approach problems with common sense.

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I am looking for science and health related students from 5th std to sybsc student.chemistry,botany,zoology and healthcare

practically and theoretically which suited you for future examination and help you to build your future and gain confidence in your subjects

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High school from Ingraham institute, Aligarh and final year engineering student in SHUATS, Allahabad

I am a final year student of engineering and I have completed my high school from ingraham institute, Aligarh and inter from the intermediate college of SHUATS.

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Addiction Counselling student available to advise and assist with your healing process

My method is observing, listening and assisting to give my best method of my own personal experiences and of others struggling with their own

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Recovered drug addict and surviving with depression. I have been sober for 3 years now, I am constantly working on myself and want nothing more than to have a community of people that are willing to c

I am an artist person, open minded and outgoing. I love allowing people to be themselves to feel like they are a part of skmething phenomenon. I love exploring different ways to communicate thingsx be it in poetry, music, a reference to a movie, or a book anytging that brings your point accross. Send emails, send texts, I just wnat to help.

Tarkhan Majra
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Professional Assistant professor of Medicine giving lectures on Medicine, Pathology, Therapy and Addiction

My teaching is based on practical examples related to everyday life and psychological teaching.

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I stopped smoking cigarettes since 3 years now. I can help you to do that too.

I will give you few tasks which you need to complete. This will keep you distracted from your addiction and eventually help you get rid of it.

New Delhi
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People who suffer from depression, health issues or overweight i can solve your problem from home.

my teaching method is very unique and convincing you can achieve any particular goal after you join my classes, i focus on core , i know very problem has a solution and i have the solution with me .

Port Elizabeth
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Psychology student with a passion to help those suffering from different addictions

The best technique is to listen first and ask questions later.

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1st lesson free !

Leave your addiction with us In no time any type of addiction may be dangerous.

Just by one to one talks and exchange of views, I can let you know all ways to leave addiction of any type and at any stage you are in. Also by just some in house exercises you may help yourself in a better way.

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Recovery doesn’t have to be done in solitude Let me help you

Understanding individual struggles and treating each person as an individual with lessons focused on specific needs.

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I’m a clinical physician and a researcher and I would like to offer classes for deaddiction.

My teaching method is basically through first creating awareness about the bad effects of what any kind of addiction lead to and later helping people to get out of it through various approaches

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