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Sally Spencer give Screen Acting for film, and Theatre Acting classes in Perth

I teach through emotional release, confidence building and techniques for camera and theatre Acting. I base my philosophy on my own on set experience as an Actress and as a director. I make the classes full of fun and contact with others.They are an uplifting experience.

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Acting and Dialect Coach with over fifteen years experience as a performer.

I am straight to the point as a coach. I don't like to mess around. I have a major focus on voice and connection to text. I work with Linklater and Cicely Berry exercises. I prefer students to come to class prepared with their work ready to go and to not be afraid to be pushed beyond what they think they can achieve. Acting is about discipline.

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Graduate of New York's Lee Strasberg Institute and The American Academy of Dramatic Arts gives private training and group lessons in Acting

I specialize in teaching the American tradition of Lee Strasberg's sensory exercises, Uta Hagan, Meisner and the Russian tradition of Stanislavski

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NIDA acting diploma graduate delivers HIGHEST QUALITY acting/voice training lessons in Brisbane

Acting Teaching Methodology Christina teaches method acting skills (based on Stanislavasky and Meisner acting techniques). Helping students to bypass their own mental mind blocks and becoming more “present” and “in the moment” – in other words, learning to trust in their native feeling state, rather than the rigidity of the mind.

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Actress available for teaching small groups age 4 - 30, script read throughs and a whole host of preparation exercises and training.

I base my methodology on a combination of warming up and practical work, however, above all I encourage a safe working environment to create and explore above any technical coaching ideals. Depending on age. Ages 7 - 12 -Tension release, preparing the voice with aeroplane/ motorbike warm ups.

Holland Park West
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Industry experienced Contemporary and Applied Theatre graduate looking to share knowledge with those seeking it. Located in Brisbane.

My method of teaching is tailored for each student depending on what they are needing to achieve or are working towards. After discussing with the student their goals, lesson plans will be made including exercises, practices, feed back and things to continue working on. I believe that everyone should have a goal of some sorts and I pride myself on assisting my students to reach it.

North Perth
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Top Drama Student gives Practical and Theoretical WACE Drama Tutoring to Perth Students

As an outgoing, energetic and bubbly person I try my absolute best to get my students excited and engaged with the content I am teaching. I think that it is important that students actually WANT to better their learning in order to do so successfully.

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Private Acting Lessons on the Gold Coast for School or University Students

I will bassing my classes for University or school students. these private lessons will be to help the student prepare for any auditions coming up or go over any assesments. i can help with written script for assessments and can help prefect any performances the students needs help with.

Mount Saint Thomas
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UOW Creative Arts student giving improvisational and script acting lessons with constructive value.

My methodology when it comes to acting is being self centered and teaching my students how to achieve that. I am also very specific and constructive when it come to performance criticism. I give my students room to understand where they see themselves in the character they are playing and ways in which they can realistically bring that character and emotion to life.

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Acting and Singing Lessons now in Hobart!!! By Very experienced Singer and Actress

Practical Aesthetics Developed by actor William H. Macy and playwright David Mamet, this analytical approach emphasizes the simple pursuit of an action above all else. Actors’ attention goes to text-analysis, script work, and a literal understanding of a scene’s driving events.

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Performer with decades of experience in theatre gives lessons in voice, movement and characterization

I base my teaching on you, who you are, what you are trying to do and how to get there with a feeling of mastery, pride and self worth. With discussions, reflections, questionnaires, artistic responses and full emotional engagement you will be focusing on transforming yourself into roles required for your success.

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Experienced Screen Actor sets you up for success in the art of auditioning.

The lesson is always progressive, starting about the general requirements for auditions, focusing further down on the character development and the script breakdown. In general, one would pick a scene to perform and the scene will be analysed and recommendations will be made upon the improvement of the performance.

Glen Forrest
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Melbourne Actor With a Diploma of Acting & Theatre, along with over 10 years if experience, Teaches the Art of Performing to Young aspiring Actors.

I have been told by my students how much I have inspired them over years and been a great role model, which to me is something I'm very grateful for & will always cherish.

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Former UOW Bachelor of Performance (Performance Making) to provide tutorials in Geelong

My teaching method is catered to individual students, and/or groups of students who wish to explore their own ability to make and create works. My philosophy involves research and development, with a thorough exploration as to how they intersect, and how one can influence the other.

Palm Beach
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Award-winning actress & Trinity College London accredited private Speech & Drama tutor in Queensland, Australia teaches drama skills, acting techniques, performance confidence and public speaking.

I am a very passionate and hands-on teacher. My philosophy is learn by watching then doing, so I always encourage my students to try first and tweak later. Being an actress myself, I will always demonstrate my methods/teachings so that you can get a clear and visual understanding of the work.

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I'm here to help you with all of your improvisational needs... fake it till you make it!

My teaching methodology is to make my students as comfortable as they can be through guiding them into a world of their own. using drama students are able to express themselves in an environment which is most comfortable for them.

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Life is dramatic. Improvise with me. Learn partner skills that are unforgettable.

My teaching method is making sure children have fun while simultaneously gaining some insight into what they are being taught. Children's mind are malleable so giving the teaching practices some variety ensures to fully grab their attention and keep it for an extended length of time.

Saint Kilda East
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VCA Graduate and Head of Acting at Screen Actors Australia (Melbourne East)

I employ a mixed methodology, curated from my VCA training and my wide experience. Given my unique background in academics, I am analytical about my approach, and keep it grounded in practical techniques that I firmly believe are the most effective.

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Stand by everyone, it's almost time. Beginners on stage please and....Curtain call!

I love getting to know people and then bringing out the best in them. Very often people would love to be on stage but feel like they are not confident enough. This is my best challenge - finding the key to confidence and bringing that out. I have so many wonderful experiences and methods to use to help you grow as an actor, performer and musical artist.

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FILM & THEATRE Individual Workshops: Audition prep, Self tapes, Public speaking, HSC drama

My teaching method is mainly based on the 'Eric Morris technique' (the method I trained in for three years). I also touch on Meisner, Mamet, Stanislavski and Brecht, however, as a creative person I believe it is vital to explore contrasting approaches and in doing so, discover our own unique process that works for us. Together, we'll take a scene and explore it from all angles.

Canning Vale
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I am a recent university theatre graduate giving Drama tutoring in perth

I aim to create a safe, fun and trusting learning space for all students to explore and feel comfortable in. I will focus on being able to perform solo and as an ensemble, using movement, space and voice as well as working on writing where needed.

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Exciting Drama in Karama with award-winning Theatre Teacher with 30 years experience

I encourage my students to discover themselves, to find their voices, and become the best communicators possible. It is fully hands-on, and participatory though no student is ever made to do anything they are unwilling to try. Many are shy and through drama games, voice techniques, dress-ups and improv they develop self-confidence, creativity and imagination.

Ingle Farm
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Speech & Drama teacher with 20 years of experience in theatre, TV and film. Individual or group classes. Adelaide SA.

Through the use of speech and drama techniques, my aim is to give students the ability to communicate effectively, develop public speaking skills, and overall confidence. Students my want to enter for AMEB or Trinity exams, or may just require help preparing for other drama based exams or auditions.

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High School graduate with a diploma in Speech and Drama offering individual or group acting lessons

I base my lessons on the students goals and dreams. Each lesson includes a warm up and focus activity followed by acting methodology utilising techniques such as the Stanislavsky method, as well as movement and improvisation methods. Each lessons enables the student to build confidence and work towards a monologue/duologue.

Rose Bay
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A professional stage and screen actor tutoring for high school and uni students & professionals in Sydney

My method of teaching is to treat the student with the same respect I would a fellow acting in the professional world. I help bring out their truth and guide them to make the most interesting choices.

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LACY coaching gives guidance, support and instruction to up an coming actors from an industry insider looking to pass on a few things to students.

I approach the idea of teaching a little bit differently to most. I am far more interested in building on, extending and developing the individual talents of young actors rather than being a mere teacher. I work one on one to achieve the absolute best out of each of my artists.

Elizabeth Downs
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Drama/Performing Arts teacher allows students to draw from their own talents, by supporting and allowing students to be creative, adaptive and confident when they are performing.. Each student is uniq

My teaching methodology is very much hands on with my students especially Drama, I always work by a code of conduct within my lessons, by quickly getting a rapport with my students, then breaking the ice by demonstrating a few games or activities where the students get involved and it becomes fun not boring..I allow for a lot of student participation and small group activities...

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Passionate Drama Student gives acting lessons to all comers in Launceston & Tasmania area

First and most importantly is the style of actor you want to be, once we go from there we can build on that idea. I have been in a great variety of productions and have had to practice many different acting styles from children's theater to Shakespeare, knowing when to be comedic and how much comedy is needed at the given moment and when to be dramatic.

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Armidale Teaching Graduate (specialising in English theatre and Sociology) available for tutoring or teaching jobs

My style of teaching changes depending on the age, groups size and individual(s). Different things work for different students and different students will require different outcomes. My formalised experience is primarily with High School students but I have worked with younger students on a volunteer basis.

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