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College student in ESL Early childhood education teaches can Help you improve with your spanish

Im a college student, studying ESL Early childhood education. Studying This career has made me realize how important it is to share my mother nature with others. If you live in the United states is a lot easier to get a Job when you are bilingual.

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Returned LDS missionary gives Spanish lessons to high school students in Cache county.

I am a second year college student studying Computer Engineering at Utah State University. I like to find out what type of learners my students are (visual, tactile, etc.) and adapt to their own unique learning style on an individual basis.

Walled Lake
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Aprende Español de Mexico y otros países con una persona seria mexicoamericana

I am a mexican american that masters both English and Spanish languages, I have lived in both countries and understands both cultures very well. I have more than 16 years experience in teaching English as a second language in many levels and ages and also with foreigners trying to learn Spanish.

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Sixth form student with A at As and A* predicted grade. Native speaker patient teavunf in south London around Wallington

I teach to GCSE and A level students. I could speak Spanish only if preferred and I definitely would help you to achieve the best possible grades enhance oral and written expression as well as improve listening skills by teaching useful techniques, and helping to learn vocabulary easily.

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Interesting and Fun Spanish lessons with an excellent Latin American Teacher living in the UK

I am a young modern languages teacher born in Mexico but currently living in the UK. I have a lot of experience in teaching Spanish and English as a second language at all levels. I'm a dynamic teacher who believes in the importance of making lessons enjoyable and fun since a good environment is the key to positive learning.

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Spanish Business graduate gives lessons of Spanish or economy to secondary students

Hi, I am Daniel and I can give Spanish, Economics and Mathematics suport to secondary students. I have 7 Equivalents of A levels (Mathematics, Physics, Spanish, Biology...) And a degree in Business. My methodology is learn by doing exercises and practicing. Now I am available in some afternoons and the weekends in Belfast city centre and around Ormeau Park.

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College student in business who gives tutoring and homework check in spanish.

Completed high school in El Salvador, in a bilingual American school. Currently study at Suffolk University in downtown Boston. I can help with translation from English to Spanish, check homework, etc. Many of my students where foreign students who moved to my country.

El Paso
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If you want to learn formal, casual or slang Spanish I am the perfect person for, either you need to learn for work or personal desires you will be sure that your speaking and writting skills will al

I have a master degree, which gave me the skills to teach different levels of complexity. I have a lot of patient to teach, i also like to adjust the teaching method according with the personality of student and do not force them to enjoy a way they will not be comfortable with.

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Teacher in Spanish for foreigners and preparation of exams in language and certifications.

With almost 10 years of experience as a teacher of English and Spanish I will help you to learn some of these languages ​​in a very dynamic and fast way where you will be practicing most of the time with the best techniques for memory retention and never forget what you are learning and prepare as soon as possible for your next goal.

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Harvard educated tutor with more than 15 years of experience, based in Boston

I favor an interactive approach to teaching Spanish, with the student being exposed to a variety of real materials from all over the Spanish-speaking world. I love teaching vocabulary and grammar through culture. I have developed personally most of the activities that I use in my classes.

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Want to learn Spanish? Learn it from someone who had to learn it themselves!

I like to inspire a passion for the language by giving real-life situations to my students, which makes them have to think and in turn utilize first-hand what they have learned in class. Reinforcement is also key, so I like to give some homework in order to practice and hone important skills.

Rancho Santa Margarita
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CA Credentialed Spanish teacher with 12 years classroom and tutoring experience, Rancho Santa Margarita,CA

Most recently, I have my certification in TPRS. I have implemented the Total Physical Response Storytelling Method (TPRS) to teaching and have had amazing results. This method is FUN and teaches the flow of the language like how a child learns their native tongue. All input is comprehensible (CI) for the student while the class is immersive in the target language.

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Spanish Tutor in Louisville. Top of college class with a degree in teaching English and Spanish. Six years of experience tutoring and teaching both Spanish and English. 2.5 years living in Spanish-spe

I develop my lessons based on the needs of the student. Traditionally, I have worked with students ranging from middle school to college. My role is not to serve as a human dictionary, but rather to help the students learn the structures, patterns, and grammar of language. I use a variety of teaching styles depending on the needs of the student.

Naucalpan de Juárez
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Screenwriter teaches Spanish and written / oral expression for foreigners or regularizations.

I like to teach with many exercises and didactic activities. A lot of practice but get them to be attentive to the class and do not get tedious.

El Paso
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Native Bilingual Spanish Tutor teaching in El Paso TX, BA in Spanish Literature with honors.

I base my approach and I plan my lectures based on the student and what their needs or goals are with learning the language. I am a firm believer that each individual has different learning styles, and I am willing to work closely with the student to see what approach fits best.

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Honors Spanish and Hispanic Studies graduate teaches and tutors the Spanish language in Philadelphia area, through fun & engaging activities.

I have experience teaching Spanish to Middle School, High School, and College students, and my classes can be a perfect fit for folks anywhere along the spectrum of Spanish language acquisition. I greatly enjoy working with beginners, learners in school, private students, and adults alike.

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Spanish tutor who lived in Spain for eight months and has translation experience

Since my college career (English major; Spanish and Religious Studies double minor), I have been pursuing a translation career in English and Spanish. For me, studying Spanish is more than just looking at linguistic aspects (although linguistics is my favorite subject)--I love Spanish in all forms (cultural diversity, phonetics, you name it).

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Experienced Spanish tutor ready to have you speaking and understanding Spanish. Certified to also teach Command Spanish.

My teaching method is personable and I work at getting past the student's fear of failing at learning a new language. I make learning fun. I have taught K-12 and Higher Ed students. I enjoy languages and read and write in five different languages.

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Native Mexico City Spanish conversationalist, with 10 years of experience tutoring and helping people

I approach my work in a need-to-need basis. I adapt my knowledge and curriculum to whatever the student wants to learn. My work is a creative process where you get the most out of my expertise by having conversations in Spanish.

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Latin american chemist with 28 years of experience offers to tutor in spanish (native obviously).

My teaching method is based around asking leading questions to students. It obviously depends on the subject, but I teach following the philosophy "the one who does the work, does the learning". I always encourage my students to think and be motivated with what they are learning. If you are feeling down about your capabilities, then I'm here for you.

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Spanish student for 7 years and currently teaching ESL at a bilingual Christian school in Honduras

Hi friend! My name is Claire and I am looking to help people of all ages meet their personal goals with the Spanish language. Whether that's to converse more fluidly, understand grammar to pass a test, or write story, I want to meet you where you are. The best way for me to help you is for you to communicate to me your needs to me upfront (i.e.

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Are you looking for a teacher or a native Spanish translator in Venice? It's possible that I can help you.

Professional experience. Any level of learning. Flexibility of time and price. Teacher, interpreter and translator. "What was that verb?" "How to pronounce?" "But ... that sound is Spanish"? If you want to learn all the conjugations and correctly to say all the words that contain a "j", I am here to help you.

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Certified Spanish teacher with 32 years of high school/middle school teaching experience

My classroom is run in a communicative manner. While I do teach grammar and vocabulary, it is done with the intention of allowing my students to communicate in the target language.

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Spanish Speaker tutor holding a BSc and Masters in Nutrition and an aspiring Actor (Berkeley Rep Theater)

I like to focus on client's accents and pronunciation to make sure I guide them towards speaking as natural as a native spanish speaker. I'm open to work with all age groups. I like to teach Spanish in a way that is fun, Im looking forward to working with you.

La Grange Park
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Master of Business Administration offering professional spanish lessons in Chicago with 7 years experience in Sales and Marketing.

My teaching method is centered in helping the student develop certain skills and abilities: hearing and reading comprehension, oral interaction and writing expression-based on commercial retail sales and negotiation terms. In each class students will be lead to practice Spanish in contextualized, practical and everyday commercial situations through activities with predefined business goals.

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Student of a Franco-Spanish diploma (SciencesPo Bordeaux) offers courses for all levels

I approach the learning of the Spanish language according to the person and the purpose of it. For example, one of my last students is someone willing to settle in Spain in a sustainable way and buy art at the same time, so I identified the areas where he has to work the most and thus learn the vocabulary and the precise use of it.

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Can not speak spanish yet? Let me give you a hand. We'll work on those skills and get you to speak like a real Spanish .. or Spanish. And olé!

I listen to my students. That's the secret That's how I can tell what it is that you need the most and what are your strongest skills. Are you a visual person? We'll train with lots of tables and graphics. Are you more of a listener? Then let's listen! To songs, podcasts, tv shows ... Or anything else you like.

Los Angeles
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Polyglot young teacher offering all levels (Beginner to Experts) and conversation classes!

I have already 5 years of experience in the area of ​​language teaching, the number of people I have helped is very large, from young people, teenagers, adults, professionals, doctors, lawyers, diplomats, etc. The results have always been favorable when the help is mutual, success comes when teacher and student work together.

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Native Spanish Speaker, Linguistics student offers Spanish as a Foreign Language Classes

My teaching method focuses on the student's objectives. I prepare the classes so that the contents are relevant and interesting and that they are structured according to the amount of study time that is available. Students have the last world regarding how they wish the classes to be.

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Excellent offer of Private English and Spanish lessons in Ciudad de Buenos Aires

In order to teach languages, I consider the following very important: To read something that one does not understand and to look for its meaning, either with dictionaries or by asking. A lot of music and talk, music helps learning a lot.

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