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Spanish native Speaker living and studying an MSc Entrepreneurship in the UK, Offering Spanish lesson for everybody who wants to learn my native language in any level.

My teaching method is base on the speaking conversation, in practical examples of how to use the Spanish for real life and Spanish grammar, trying to involve the native language in the new language and creating a sense of the Spanish language achieving the student can understand and use the language in any opportunities.

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Young people and adults living in Houston can learn Spanish using the communicative method with me.

I graduated in social communication and then I did a Master's Degree in Linguistics and Teaching of Spanish. I also did a doctorate in management science with an emphasis on cultural management. I always relate the language with the Hispanic culture and try to have the learning enjoyed and can be used soon. That's why I use the communicative method.

Delray Beach
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BS in Translation and Interpretation from Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Peru. Teaching Spanish is my passion.

Nowadays most of students taking Spanish courses in schools are not interested enough. Most of classes are 90% taught in English, and boring grammar structures are explained over and over like if it was a Math course. So students don't activate their Spanish knowledge acquired in class.

Maple Ridge
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100% Latin woman wants to patiently and joyfully teach you the beauty of this language!

My class is your class so you choose the topic or subject of your interest. The start point depends on your level, age and needs.

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Spanish course with communicative approach. Latin American teacher, with experience with students of various native languages.

My methodology is structured on the basis of written and especially oral communication. I adapt the course according to the needs of the students and their level of language. I approach grammar as a tool for learning the language and not as the basis of teaching.

(5 reviews)
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SPANISH: high quality personalized course. Madrid graduate UCL QUALITY - SERIOUS - PERSONALIZED - SUCCESS

Methodology completely adapted to each student to better target his objectives. Work on grammar to have good foundations, develop vocabulary and a way to express natural and correct. Development of the ability of oral and written comprehension. Revision of knowledge, solid learning.

Greater London
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English, Maths and Spanish Tutoring in Stanmore! Guaranteed Results, appeal to most learning styles and multi-media learning to make it fun!

English, Maths and Spanish Tutoring in Stanmore! Guaranteed Results, appeal to most learning styles and multi-media learning to make it fun! Structure according to different types of learning criteria for exam, and individual learning style. Lots of assessments built in to help you test yourself throughout and progress. I make learning very modern, interesting and fun.

(7 reviews)
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Enthusiastic teacher that is eager to teach you some principles to overcome any problem you come across.

A good teacher has to be the following 3 things: Interesting Since frequently students equate school and boredom. We need to be the antidote to this association. We need to keep it lively, keep it unpredictable, find ways to help students associate lessons with personal experiences. Draw real-world events and examples into the classroom regardless of subject matter.

José antonio
(10 reviews)
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Linguist, Educational Psychologist & Native Spanish Speaker Teacher. Best Classes and Method Ever.

I use the Idiomata methodology. Two colleagues and I developed this learning method based on all our experience teaching and learning languages. We are multilingual and we have a linguistics and psychology background. We are so proud and self confident of this method that we can offer you the first lesson totally free.

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Doctor of Engineering in Electronics gives Spanish classes nearby Fairview Mall, Toronto.

I teach Spanish (and the emotional content) studying the lyrics of Hispanic songs and making you sing them and memorize new words by repetition. I can adapt the teaching experience according to your particular background, or areas of interest also.

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Native spanish Robotics Student at Plymouth University gives spanish lessons to improve and learn Spanish in Plymouth

My teaching method is based on teaching my students the concepts of the subject in an easier way for them with daily life examples and when they understand it we do practic excercises to make sure they know how to do it and to solve all the doubts that they appear during the excercises.

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¡HOLA Manchester! I'm a fun and cheerful Mexican Tutor and I'm here to help you learn real-life Spanish.

As a theatre creator, I've always had a passion to communicate in a sensitive way with people. I love to be a part of a person's transformation to a better version of themselves. When I became a teacher, I could experience this in outstanding levels. Being able to witness the human flourishing of my students has been one of the most enriching experiences in my life.

(2 reviews)
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Robotics engineering student offering Spanish (native) , Maths and Physics lessons in Plymouth

Every person is different so, first of all, you need to make sure what the student need and which parts of the subject you must study more with them.

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Spanish, Italian and English student offering lessons up to GCSE level, London. A* in Spanish Italian and both English language and literature at GCSE. Doing A levels.

I can help with your accent for orals, I can help with vocabulary, grammar etc. I can help follow the syllabus and provide books that could be helpful. I can meet you or do over the computer lessons. am flexible with times. only 10 pounds an hour.

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Costa Rican, with passion for sharing knowledge, teaching conversational and written Spanish

I like to teach based on the needs of each individual. I believe that everyone learns different or may have different areas in which he/she needs improvement or assistance with. I can have an structure class as well as a flexible class.

Los Angeles
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I'm a Spanish graduate student at UCLA with 5+ years of experience teaching Spanish and Maths

I have developed my very own material to develop my classes according to the development of the four key language skills: speaking, writing, reading and listening. I like to tackle all four skills helping my students to learn formal and correct grammar, through usage rather than memorization through different activities such as multi-media tasks, discussions, etc.

Ciudad de México
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Speak more like a native! Do you need some help with your Spanish pronunciation? I can help you reduce your accent to make you sound more like a native Spanish Speaker

I have studied a lot of phonetics and how sounds are made, so I'm sure I can help you in reducing your accent to make you sound more like a truely native Spanish Speaker. I have studied the phonetics of several languages ​​like English, French, Italian, Russian and German, so I know what kinds of sounds are more difficult for a specific speaker.

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Polyglot based in Cheshire offering Spanish lessons, former language teacher in Argentina

I am a strong believer in having the confidence to make mistakes when it comes to learning a new language.

Conjunto Habitacional Padre Manoel da Nobrega
(12 reviews)
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Spanish for Brazilians - Private Lessons in São Paulo (conversation, grammar, media consumption)

I am an American teacher living in São Paulo. I obtained a degree in linguistics and philology (Spanish). My Spanish classes for Brazilians focus a lot on the consumption of media (music, television, movies, podcasts, etc.) and conversation.

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Spanish Expat Operations Manager offering Spanish or Business classes in Preston and London

I like to adapt to the needs of my students. I have had some who wanted to play and sing songs in order to learn while others enjoyed me evaluating their presentation skills. I also had some who preferred to agree on discuss some news that we would read in advance.

Ciudad Real
(6 reviews)
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Do you want to learn Spanish in a fun and dynamic way? Native girl offers Spanish classes

My teaching method is based on the student, that is, the classes try to encourage the student to be the one who learns through a dynamic and communicative methodology. The structure of the classes depends on the student's objectives, so the classes are personalized.

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Enjoy seeing people learn my beloved language in Richmond BC. Love to teach

I like to teach the basic method by talking, reading and writing. My typical 1 hr class would be 15. min. segment and 15 min. In the end, I would leave space to cover any questions on what we discuss during the class.

Rottenburg am Neckar
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You have problems at school, would like to improve your pronunciation or just refresh your Spanish? Offering Spanish tutoring with international experience for all grades and others.

Speaking from my own experience, the focus in foreign language lessons is often more on grammar and less on speech practice. Therefore, I would like to offer a lot of Spanish conversation in order to create a better feeling for the language, which will automatically increase your understanding of grammar.

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My name is Víctor, a journalist and Spanish Teacher, certificated by Instituto Cervantes, DELE preparation. Flexible and personalised classes. Vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and accent, reading, l

We will start with a level assessment and a qualifying lesson to see your competence: what you already know, what you can´t remember, where you find difficulties, and what your goals are, that will give us a clue to know where to start and the path to follow. I am flexible and my classes are personalised, according to your needs.

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Fun and engaging online lessons with South-American Spanish tutor with 6 years experience

I like to follow a varied lesson plan which covers all aspects of the language (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and I will encourage you to speak from the very beginning.

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High quality Spanish lessons by a native speaker. Practical exercises and fun activities.

Hi everyone, I'm Jonathan, native Spanish speaker who has taught Spanish to other languages speakers in different levels. You can ask me any question and you'll find an open person that believes that persistence is the most powerful tool to succees. My lessons are personalized for every student because all of us are different. Then we can discuss various methods for getting your goals.

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Certified teacher from Spain will make you improve your spanish and love it, in Ottawa.

I am a very active teacher, and my classes are meant for everyone, no matter age or language level.

(4 reviews)
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Master in English and Spanish wants to share her passion for languages ​​- Delft region

My lessons are for everyone, for all levels and ages. First I analyze the level of the pupil in the language, pick up the difficulties he / she experiences with the language and from there I try to raise the level.

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7 years of teaching experience especially to Japanese and Chinese to speak fluently.

Imagination and creativity as a teacher! The teaching methodology is the most commonly used verbs and learn their conjugations, and the adjectives most used. Imagine everyday situations and create our own sentences. Make flexible our ears. The most useful verbs in spanish.

Greater London
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Spanish lessons tailored to your needs with an experienced, native tutor. First lesson FREE

Whether you are a beginner who is just trying to cope with Spanish grammar or a conversational speaker who wants to refine his/her diction and achieve a new level of comprehension, my lessons will always try to accommodate to your needs; I have taught Spanish in numerous occasions to foreign speakers from various levels who wanted to better their grammar, comprehension, and conversational skills.

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Perfect! Exactly what I wanted. One-on-one Spanish conversation with a native speaker who also speaks good English.

Damon, Student
6 months ago
(3 reviews)

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