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Doulingo can only take you that far. Let me introduce you to your Spanish-self.

I usually teach people who have a pretty good control of the language already and want to develop more plasticity in their speech, getting to know the quirks and expressions that will make you sound like a native, as well as working on their speaking and vocabulary. I think having fun is essential, and I use a lot of media resources such as movies, tv shows, music, books...

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Learn Spanish language and culture in Aberdeen from a native with teaching experience!

Hi! I am a Spanish product designer living in Aberdeen since 2013. I also lived for a while in the Netherlands. I studied Computer Engineering in uni and ater that I have worked as a software developer and as a user experience designer, which is my current full time job. I love passing my knowledge to others as I feel it's very rewarding.

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Profesional de educación enseña ESPAÑOL /SPANISH (speaking and writting). Edinburgh (particular or on line)

If you want speak spanish, apply me, practical classes, based on experience, totally practical and entertaining. Young person with experience as a teacher More than four years of experience doing classes.

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Learn Spanish with a Mexican tutor, in an easy and fun way, clarifying doubts and giving motivation

I consider myself a pretty happy person, smiling, very patient. I love teaching, I've been doing this for a short time and it's something that I really love. It is never too late to learn another language. I do it myself learning more of English.

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Learn Spanish from a native! From the comfort of your own home!

I will give lessons to anyone who needs it from primary level to AS level. I will be a good teacher as I am able to understand the struggles when learning a new language. I am a native Spanish speaker which means that there's a very small chance of you getting taught something incorrect.

Greater London
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Linguist in the making, mastering four languages fluently and two more at a conversational level. Contact me for English, Romanian, Greek and/or Spanish tutoring.

I am an undergraduate studying Linguistics and Hispanic Studies. I tutor in Linguistics and I can teach Greek, Romanian and Spanish at a beginner or intermediate level, as well as English at primary level, GCSE or as a foreign language.

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Boston Spanish Tutor All Levels Fun And Hard Work At Your Pace

I am a Spanish Tutor with a focus on conversational Spanish, in addition to other subjects in Spanish, and all levels of Spanish. I work mainly with adults with basic and advanced fluency in Spanish, and will also work with children and college students.

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Hola! Soy Maria! I'm passionate about drama, learning foreign languages, and teaching Spanish! Aprende español ya!

My approach to teaching and foreign languages is a slightly unconventional. I firmly believe in the power of storytelling, drama, and music as tools to support learners foreign language development. Languages shouldn't be taught in isolation. There's a strong link between language and identity, language and interaction, language and collaborative dialogue, language and authentic input.

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College student polygot gives lessons in speaking and listening comprehension in Spanish and English

I recently graduated Simon Kenton High School and I have started my Spanish Education degree at Thomas More College in Crestview Hills, Ky. I can speak and comprehend fluently in Spanish. I would love to help you in your aspirations to be able to speak Spanish. I love to speak and write so be ready for that.

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American grad & former Fulbright scholar in Spain offers Spanish lessons to all levels in Durham

Lessons to be structured according to student needs (eg. written exercises to strengthen grammar, videos or recordings to improve pronunciation, roleplay to develop confidence in speaking) but always with a pragmatic focus on communication. Thorough, rigorous instruction in an atmosphere of exploration and play.

Mary claire
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Pepperdine graduate with degree in Spanish offers language tutoring to middle and high school students

I have had plenty of experience in offering private and public tutoring services during my college experience. As a native English speaker, I learned most of my Spanish through communication practice and vocabulary memorization. I would offer these same study tools to students, helping them gain confidence in their speaking and writing capabilities.

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Experienced Spanish Teacher with Masters Excited to Tutor All Levels in Lincoln, Nebraska. Can Teach Early Childhood to College. Creative Methods and Engaging Lessons.

I am an experienced Spanish teacher with my Masters currently teaching 6-8th graders but with experience with grade school and high school. I can do individual or small group sessions. I am very flexible and focus on the goals of each student and/or parent. I cater lessons to individuals and use methods that match your learning style. I am known for my games, songs, and actions.

Greater London
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An Enthusiastic young man offering Spanish tutoring for all ages and levels

I am a Danish young man, born in Ireland and raised in Spain. My main objective is to find the perfect balance between learning and enjoying it, as it will make every single lesson better! I am very hard-working and persistent and will do anything to reach the objective, which is to learn.

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College student in ESL Early childhood education teaches can Help you improve with your spanish

Im a college student, studying ESL Early childhood education. Studying This career has made me realize how important it is to share my mother nature with others. If you live in the United states is a lot easier to get a Job when you are bilingual.

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Returned LDS missionary gives Spanish lessons to high school students in Cache county.

I am a second year college student studying Computer Engineering at Utah State University. I like to find out what type of learners my students are (visual, tactile, etc.) and adapt to their own unique learning style on an individual basis.

Walled Lake
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Aprende Español de Mexico y otros países con una persona seria mexicoamericana

I am a mexican american that masters both English and Spanish languages, I have lived in both countries and understands both cultures very well. I have more than 16 years experience in teaching English as a second language in many levels and ages and also with foreigners trying to learn Spanish.

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Interesting and Fun Spanish lessons with an excellent Latin American Teacher living in the UK

I am a young modern languages teacher born in Mexico but currently living in the UK. I have a lot of experience in teaching Spanish and English as a second language at all levels. I'm a dynamic teacher who believes in the importance of making lessons enjoyable and fun since a good environment is the key to positive learning.

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College student in business who gives tutoring and homework check in spanish.

Completed high school in El Salvador, in a bilingual American school. Currently study at Suffolk University in downtown Boston. I can help with translation from English to Spanish, check homework, etc. Many of my students where foreign students who moved to my country.

El Paso
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If you want to learn formal, casual or slang Spanish I am the perfect person for, either you need to learn for work or personal desires you will be sure that your speaking and writting skills will al

I have a master degree, which gave me the skills to teach different levels of complexity. I have a lot of patient to teach, i also like to adjust the teaching method according with the personality of student and do not force them to enjoy a way they will not be comfortable with.

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Native teacher of Spanish. Student in Philosophy and Letters gives classes in Spanish and other literary subjects in Toulouse and surroundings.

I offer dynamic classes that focus on conversation, writing, grammar and pronouncement. I adapt my classes to the level and age of my students to make the most entertaining sessions possible.

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Enthusiastic Spanish Tutor (native speaker with 5 years tutoring and teaching experience)

I wan to help my students confidently express themselves in Spanish. I often find people know more than they think they do. I try to tailor different reading, writing or speaking exercises around each student's interests to help motivate them.

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¡Hola! Can’t wait to help you improve your speaking and written spanish in a professional and fun way.

I base my classes in real life experiences, I’ll teach you how people talk in real life but also professionally, there are always boring parts of learning a new language but I try to keep it as fun as I can

Jefferson City
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Offering Spanish Classes, Nationwide capacity via discord/skype , more than 20 years of experience on the subject

First we will make an assessment to see exactly where you are in your speaking/understanding capacities of the language, based on that we will begin either working on the enunciation the vocabulary, or how to express yourself properly so your Spanish can get really good really fast

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Fearless Spanish in London! My name is Carla I'm 23 years old and I've been working as a private spanish teacher for 5 years. I studied linguistics in Universidad Complutense of Madrid

I prepare the materials every week and I adapt the contents to each student (writing, listening, vocabulary and conversation). I'm very friendly, responsible and hard-working. I can travel to your home or if you prefer you can come to mine. The price is 30 pounds x hour but if you have a friend or someone who wants to learn spanish you can share the whole amount and it can be 15 pounds each.

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Mom of Spanish/English bilingual kids and 4 years experience offering Spanish lessons online and in San Jose!

There are four facets to learning a language and each one is important to success. They are reading, speaking, writing, and listening. In my teaching I strive to utilize and help my students practice each one. The goal is to read, listen, speak, or write in Spanish during class as much as possible.

Fort Saint John
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Cultured latina in Fort St John. Offering spanish for your global adventures!

I am a latina women who is fun, patient and practical. All the lessons are customized for every student, depending on their learning purpose (formal or informal, travel or general interest). I support the use of songs, movies, books, culture and history in the lessons.

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Student in international negotiation, I provide Spanish classes to high school students in Vigneux-Sur-Seine / Montgeron.

First, my teaching methods must be the most distinguished and attractive, and must always correspond and meet the needs of the student. Because each one is different from the other ... They rely more particularly on a theatrical defense in order to allow the pupil an oral fluency and an eloquent posture in foreign language.

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Mentoring for a better life Discover the rules to obtain success in human relations. Latam way of life. How bussines grow? Find a better job.

My approach to work begins in international cooperation, supported by the Think Tank Development model, to develop concepts, and strategies to support working groups, social organizations, companies, and educational models. He works in partnership to meet specialized needs. The purpose is to make the strategic resources of large companies access to all public.

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Native bilingual Spanish Tutor, Appleton, WI, B.A. in Spanish and M.A. in International Studies

I base my classes based on what and how the students want to learn. I can teach Spanish from basics to college level reading and writing classes. Mostly, I have been teaching students young and adults with at the basic Spanish level.

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Native Spanish speaker offering private and group tuition and proofreads online or insight in Edinburgh.

I like my classes to be as personal as possible so I base my methodology on what the student/s need. I find it particularly useful to work with movies, music or current news so as to allow the student to acquire the language in a rather organic way.

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Perfect! Exactly what I wanted. One-on-one Spanish conversation with a native speaker who also speaks good English.

Damon, Student
6 months ago
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