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Jean Castet, 21 years old, from france. I actually study Hospitaly Management in Vatel Bordeaux. I can teach you french, and seriously I can give you wine lessons on the french wines, and on the news

My teaching method it's theory, once the course is grasped we'll move to practice. For example, I can give a course on Burgundy wines, or Bordeaux wines, then we'll move on to tasting.

Bonnyrigg Heights
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Petrochemical engineer studied 14 years of school at a french school located in Lebanon "Soeurs Maronites de la Sainte Famille" and holding my delf B2 french certificate.

I combine fun with learning while incorporating games, videos and songs. I focus on the pronunciation and the accent and the writing and I recommend several interesting books and novels for reading. I have a different methodology for each age and level.

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Native french giving personal lessons of french at any level, Sydney !

Repetition is the mother of learning. That's why I make a quick overview of every main things I taught previously at each beginning of lesson. The structure of a lesson will vary depending on what does the student wants to improve, his/her writing skills, oral skills, accent reduction and so on.

Bondi Beach
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Improve, learn or practice your French with a French native speaker in Sydney

I used to be proactive and I can undertake responsibilities to help and adapt myself to every child, person in respect of their difficulties and needs. I only speak French and if there is a real difficulty I speak English for a better understanding. The point is to improve and everyone has his own rhythm.

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French and Spanish Teacher in Sydney 8 years of experience (all levels) for private classes

My method is conversationnal and little by little we will see the grammatical part, the most important is to make the student enough confident to speak french and don't be shy about it, after that is just practice ( pronunciation, French gramatical rules,..

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Native French speaker ready to improve your french skills all around Sydney (High school-Uni students-Adults)

I want to focus on what you are having the most difficulties with and want to make our lessons as interactive as possible. If your goal is to improve your conversational skills, I will bring you the extra vocabulary you need to express yourself about any particular topics and will make sure to correct any common mistakes you may do while speaking.

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French lesson in Sydney with French foreign language "Vocabulary, Oral Expressions and conversations"

My teaching method is to start a conversation to express yourself easily in French Talking about how it's happen in France when you want to travel Discribe yourself about your life Many topics from the news to different possible situation in France

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Friendly & Energetic Frenchman give French lessons for you to improve ! (Pyrmont & Sydney)

I try to have a personnal approach of the problem. I'll always make sure to listen to my student needs in order to focus on what he wants to improve.

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Energetic and friendly French and Spanish teacher can help you to learn a new language in Sydney.

I am energetic, friendly, highly adaptable, I have good classroom management skills and energy to cultivate my students' creativity. Working as a French and a Spanish teacher since a few years, I have gain experience with teaching in different environments. I have learned to adapt every documents depending of the student capacities. In my teaching practice I use the differentiated instruction.

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A lifetime experienced French teacher of students of all levels and ages

The methodology is based on an interactive approach focussing on Conversations and Listening Comprehension as well as Sentence Structure: - Conversations of every day situations, the kind of situations people visiting France might meet. - Sentence structures necessary for accurate speaking, with structured exercises - Using audio and audio-visual recording.

(1 review)
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Native French speaker with teaching experience on secondary and higher education levels

My goals for you as a student are concrete: I want you to be able to get around in a French-speaking country. I make my classes as fun and pleasant as possible. As a language learner myself, I analyzed my experiences and apply successful methods into my teaching. Although there can be lessons of the classical type (grammar, pronunciation, conjugation, etc.

North Parramatta
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1st lesson free !

I Am Monica I did French since I was in year 1 until now so I am keen to give to the kids tutoring

to enable student learning. These strategies are determined partly on subject matter to be taught and partly by the nature of the learner.

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Native french speaker teaching her language in Sydney (master of laws student)

I used to approach French with kids in a fun way like songs, games movies and conversations. I went to Madagascar for volunteering when I was 20 and we taught French by fun and easy activities, like crafting, dance...

Potts Point
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French native speaker give french lessons grammar and french civilization at Sydney

My teaching method is a student-centered approach. I like to focus first on the oral part and after try the written part. I like to teach by practicing game, or watching part of the movie to interest the student.

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Bonjour et bienvenue à toutes et à tous ! I am a French native mum and I live close to Maroubra. I would like to share and help any motivated people to learn this amazing language!

I have a great attachment to a good command of standard French. How to use the everyday language with the right grammatical structures and the correct pronunciation. I adapt all my lessons to each people (adults or kids) to suit with any level and help the improvement. I was teaching for months with Beginner an Advance kids from 6-12 years old in an Australian public school.

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French Student in IT Engineering gives French lessons to high school and uni students in Sydney

I adapt every lesson to the student's needs : the first lesson usually consists in talking about what the student wants to achieve, what his current level in French is and what are the teaching methods they like the most.

St Leonards
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UNSW Arts/Education student giving French lessons to high school and university students

My name is Ellessy and I am a UNSW Arts/Education student and student teacher. I come from New Caledonia so I am a native French speaker. --> Want to learn French? I can prepare and give you one on one French lessons. --> Need help with your homework? I could reply to any of your questions and enhance French your skills.

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French lessons by a native speaker, give french lessons in the Gold coast with a bachelor degree in Art

I can help you to learn french at any level. You will choose the subject that you like and that interests you. I can also help students with their school homework etc. I approach the learning of this language with a particular pedagogy, based on little talks and the setting in context of this language in elements of the real life. I am patient and friendly.

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3rd in State for HSC French Continuers - personalised tutoring in Sydney

As someone who's fluent in two languages (English and Mandarin) and have been studying another two for six years (Latin and French), I adore languages. At the same time, I have struggled through HSC French and Latin. Having survived them, I can safely say I've gained some solid study tips and exam techniques, which are often more important than simply memorizing vocabulary for HSC.

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Bilingual Canadian here to help you perfect your French comprehension and expression!

I like to gauge where someone is already at, asses areas needing improvement as well as desired outcomes, and build a feasible language-learning plan! I like to keep things fun and relevant, and especially encourage verbal expression and conversation.

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Perfect! Emilie is a really knowledgeable, patient and kind tutor. In only two lessons, I already have a much greater understanding of fFrench grammar because of the really helpful activities, explanations and resources she provides during our lessons. I...

Phoebe , Student
7 months ago

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