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South Brisbane
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I give online DELF-DALF preparation lessons. I have a master's degree in FLE (french as a foreign language). The four language skills are used during my lessons.

My method of teaching is to encourage you to talk a lot. I'll correct your mistakes orally and I'll write at the same time for a better visualization and memorization. I offer tailor-made intensive courses, preparation for the DELF, DALF, TCF examinations of which I am a qualified examiner. Progressively, we will focus on the essential to avoid to waste the precious time.

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Bonjoure. Can't find the mistake ? Then you need french classes with me :)

First of all, I try to determine your knowledge in French in order to highlight areas of improvement. Then my teaching methodology depends on the area: oral comprehension, vocabulary... I also try to adapt my class to your way of learning (visual, auditory ...

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Jean Castet, 21 years old, from france. I actually study Hospitaly Management in Vatel Bordeaux. I can teach you french, and seriously I can give you wine lessons on the french wines, and on the news

My teaching method it's theory, once the course is grasped we'll move to practice. For example, I can give a course on Burgundy wines, or Bordeaux wines, then we'll move on to tasting.

Surry Hills
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Learn french with a lot of fun with a native and passionate teacher

As I am passionate and really committed with my students, I will do all my best to allow you to catch quickly lots of french language's notions, principles and about our amazing culture. Creative, I always try to bring the notions in a playful and fun way, with many different tools and experiences.

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Native French would be glad to give you tips on how to master or just start learning the French language! Original teaching methods in Townsville (always in a good atmosphere)

I like to base my method on what motivates the student. The point is to captivate one's atention and use it as a tool to learn more of the language. Any support can be used, such as song lyrics, movies, books, TV shows. Their translation helps understanding their context and meaning.

Box Hill
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I'm a french circus trainer, travelling Australia until the end of March 2019. I would like to share my knowledge by giving french lessons near Box Hill.

We will speak as much as possible in french. The focus of my method is to enable the learner to communicate effectively and appropriately in the various situations she would be likely to find herself in. With children, I will rely on games, riddles and small exercices for learning vocabulary.

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Business Administration graduate of French nationality on Working Holiday Visa in Perth gives French lessons

I am qualified and capable of teaching French language from basic to high level of proficiency. I can help in oral comprehension, oral expression as well as written comprehension and written expression. I don't have a specific lesson structure, I prefer to adapt the lessons to the person in front of me and what he or she needs.

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French native gives French lessons for kids or adults in (or around) Perth, 9 years of experience.

Hello, My name is Fanny. As a Belgian girl, I'm perfectly fluent in French. I think that learning a language is easier when the student has fun. That's why I always try to use the student's hobbies in the lessons. In each lesson, you will learn about French grammar and vocabulary and we will use those new knowledges in parctical exercices. Obviously, I can adapt the lessons according to your need.

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I hold a teaching diploma and I have been teaching French for 22 years.

Visualisation, bring academic concepts to life(visual and practical learning).Students will be able to understand how their language capabilities apply in the real-world. Also, I use cooperative learning through inquiry-based instruction and differentiation technique,managing students behaviour and improving their professional development succefully.

Nidarshana nidhi
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University of Adelaide Medical Student from Mauritius can help Adelaide students with their French!

My teaching method will include you bringing any problems to me and I'll do my best to make sure you understand it all while having fun with it. Basically working with the resources that you already have and building up from there.

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Teaching french speak currently in brisbane available all the week to all age

Im from france speak currently french made all my 12 years school in france Love to teach children and was teacher in a school for two years available every day and every houra located in brisbane contact me in this number (concealed information)

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Experienced French tutor for private online or on site lessons available now

I teach the practical way for my students to know how to manage conversations in daily life situations and contexts such as in a coffee shop, in a tourist attraction, in a job interview setting, in a friends zone environment....

Noosa Heads
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French lessons with a native speaker in Noosa area and Maroochydore area.

My teaching method is being very flexible and adapt the work pace and the lessons depending on your own objectives. The lessons would be different if you want to work on your prononciation, your writing, or reading. We can also have only conversations and I could teach you useful short sentences.

1st lesson free !

French Primary School Teacher gives private or collective French lessons at home in Perth

The most important for me on my class is patience and kindness. The student must progress at its own pace. He must understand that make some mistakes doesn't matter. The most important is that student that pleasure when he is learning.

1st lesson free !

College student motivated to share my native language and culture (French/Swiss) around Hobart !

I'll base the class on what the student has to do at school at the moment or on what he wants to learn. I like to use a lot of examples and study case. I can also help the student with the exercises he doesn't understand and practise anything he's struggling with such as grammar, accent and so on...

Spring Hill
(1 review)
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Gives french lessons to high school and uni students in Brisbane Area

My teaching methodology always has been learning through play. Little games-situations are the most efficient way to understand theoretical. If you are learning french in class, I can help you getting through the materials-exercises and prepare you for the upcoming tests.

1st lesson free !

Friendly French expat willing to help you improve your spoken and/or written French

I usually am very focused on comprehension and the ability to express yourself well enough to be understood at first. As a student, I know I found the more fun and entertaining the lessons were, the more focused I was too. I think it's important to introduce students to the culture, were it through books, movies, series or generally just discussing cliches we may have about France especially.

Sunnybank Hills
1st lesson free !

I love sports, I love travel, I love partying. But I also love to stay at home with a book. My eagerness to meet new people, learn new way of thinking and my willingness to share my mother tongue and

I will stay focused on your own target. If you just want to learn more about the french culture, based on TV series, books, ... I could explain step by step every aspects. If you want to practice your expression, we would stay focused on dialogue : what do you like, daily typical conversations, poetry, ... Your goal will be mine, and I will keep find a way to suit to your aim.

Coopers Plains
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Master's student gives french lessons in Brisbane and pays great attention to oral practice

I base my classes on a big oral practice (80%) because I think it is the best way to master a language. The remaining time (20%) is spent on learning grammar rules, vocabulary, conjugation and improving writing skills. The more you practice the better you get.

1st lesson free !

Deakin Commerce student offering French tuitions to high school and university students in Melbourne. French native speaker who always scored high grades in French and French Literature.

My teaching method is all about teaching according to the student's learning pace and capabilities. Understanding the student's needs is my priority in constructing my tuitions; what they already know, what they want to know and what they expect from the lessons. Then, proper exercises will be given to help improve areas such as vocabulary and grammar.

1st lesson free !

Native french giving personal lessons of french at any level, Sydney !

Repetition is the mother of learning. That's why I make a quick overview of every main things I taught previously at each beginning of lesson. The structure of a lesson will vary depending on what does the student wants to improve, his/her writing skills, oral skills, accent reduction and so on.

Bondi Beach
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Improve, learn or practice your French with a French native speaker in Sydney

I used to be proactive and I can undertake responsibilities to help and adapt myself to every child, person in respect of their difficulties and needs. I only speak French and if there is a real difficulty I speak English for a better understanding. The point is to improve and everyone has his own rhythm.

1st lesson free !

Belgian (French native) law student at ANU gives French lessons to high school and uni students in Canberra

I adapt my teaching method to the strengths and weaknesses of each individual, as well as their preexisting knowledge of the language. Hence, a different method will be used for younger teenagers than for university student who may have another motivation to learn the language.

Point Vernon
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Private Tutoring in French for Hervey-Bay or online, need extra help for homework, pronunciation, travelling let me help you.

The Teaching method I used was AIM Language learning and Voila Programme(Year 5 & 6, Year 7 to 9 and Year 11) and helping adults to day to day conversation with Teach Yourself French. I also can easily adjust to any programme of preference.

1st lesson free !

French law student gives French lessons to individual or group in Perth Area

I would adapt my lessons to any level or need (everyday or professionnal language) you could ask for. For a beginner, I would more insist on oral expression/comprehension about french culture (or any topic you're interested in). I can also recommand music, books or movies. For a legal professionnal, I can also teach you about french judicial system.

1st lesson free !

Get your French on track! Conversational lessons in Melbourne, regular practising is key!

I am mainly looking for people having a basic French knowledge, and that would like to improve their conversational skills. The principle would be having a conversation over a topic we would have set together before the lesson, then we would discuss it together around a coffee, so I could help out with the pronunciation, the vocabulary, the grammar.

1st lesson free !

Native French teacher in Perth (Master degree, 2 years working experience, interactive method, previous experience with international students)

My teaching method is very interactive, I encourage dialogue on various topics to point out weaknesses. I am also happy to work on topics of your choices. I require some readings and essays to check on your ability to understand a subject and express yourself.

1st lesson free !

French lesson in Sydney with French foreign language "Vocabulary, Oral Expressions and conversations"

My teaching method is to start a conversation to express yourself easily in French Talking about how it's happen in France when you want to travel Discribe yourself about your life Many topics from the news to different possible situation in France

Massiva fatma
1st lesson free !

RMIT Advanced Diploma in Translation Student gives French Classes (Oral / Written)

The first leasson consists in a test that allows me to understand what level the student has and what are his needs (Exam preparation / Accent / Grammar). Then every leasson will have an oral and a written part with exercises and a homework time if needed.

1st lesson free !

I give French lessons for all level in Gold Coast (at home or online)

Depending on the level of French you have and your difficulties my methodology is not the same. For someone who starts face-to-face classes will be more beneficial and it will be mostly oral expression. Each course adapts according to the person and what she is looking for.

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Perfect! Emilie is a really knowledgeable, patient and kind tutor. In only two lessons, I already have a much greater understanding of fFrench grammar because of the really helpful activities, explanations and resources she provides during our lessons. I...

Phoebe , Student
9 months ago

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