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Full member of the Association of Translators and Applied Linguists gives lessons in Arabic Grammar, vocabulary, written expression, oral expression and Accent Reduction to high school and university

I base my classes and sessions on globally recognized teaching and training methods that mainly include task-based approach and communicative approach (and communicative events basis) in regards to grammar, vocabulary and speaking, in addition to the principles of Phonetics and Phonology concerning oral expression and accent reduction. Approaches that fit learner's traits I apply.

Saint Albans
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Overseas university lecturer of 16 years experience of teaching and assessing, passionate of this job

To use all of the input methods in teaching : visual, auditory , verbal and practicing all together. I believe in holistic educational method which is centered on the student through ensuring his contribution within the learning process.

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Expert in Arabic with 15 years of experience in writing, proofreading, editing texts and speaking from the simplest levels to specialised literary studies. I offer lessons according to the request of

My teaching method depends on what is required by the student, his level and where he want to reach? I approach topics by various examples which can be a text, song, illustration or any other assistance factors needed by a student level.

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Native Arabic speaker can teach you the standard Arabic and different accents.

I tailor my class to each person goals and needs.I always make sure that you make a progress after each lesson.I will divide my plan into steps to make sure you will be a confident Arabic speaker after a short time.

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Bilingual Australian willing to provide anyone who seeks to learn the Arabic language, both formal and informal Arabic will be provided.

Engage with a native Arabic speaker in a fun and vibrant way like you never expected. Learning Arabic can truly be an easy ordeal when its entertaining and pitched as close to English as possible. Call or text today for further information.

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An experienced and qualified Arabic native teacher online only via zoom or skype.

My experience has brought me into contact with many different types of people. I am experienced in being able to help you by setting your goals and then to help you achieve them. My Experience is 4 years. I have worked as a teacher face to face & online.

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Arabic teacher give Arabic lesson for Adults & children - Sydney - diploma - one to one or group

I always encourage students to construct their own learning in an environment that stimulates and helps students to realise their full potential, attributes that are essential as Teacher.

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University student with Arab background giving Arabic classes for all ages in Brisbane

I like to base my teaching methods on existing Arabic books and customize the pace of teaching depending on the student's level and speed. The end of every class will have practice exercises to see level of comprehension, and before starting the next lesson we will go through a bit of revision. I prefer to give my students homework to keep them on track.

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Native Arabic Speaker, I can teach you proper Arabic or any favorable dialect

Each day is based on a different life scenario (students can pick that) and we will learn by living a real situation scenarios based on there suggestions. this methodology has proven itself (as i was student myself) and have seen or experienced myself from a student perspective the difference and advantage of this strategy against the traditional way.

South Perth
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Native Arabic speaker of Omani nationality giving Arabic lessons in Perth to anyone

As this will be my first time giving Arabic lessons, my proposed teaching method is flexible and is based on the learner's level. I am a very patient and willing to go as slow as possible according the learner's need. My philosophy is that everything is possible as long as you have the interest and willpower to make the effort, and my job is to be as helpful as I can be.

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Do you want to sail with sendbad?! You want to fly with Alaa Eddeen?! Or maybe you want to say that magical words, OPEN SESAME, to enter the cave with Ali Baba!! Do you want to talk with them?!!

Arabic language is a nice kind of music you can sing it, not just talk it, It moves like a light breeze, if you felt it you will fly like a colorful kite and you will discover a magical world.

Regents Park
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New language is new opportunity and you will get lots of fun and you will learn new skills

lots of practice in the main language skills Reading, writing, Listening and speaking, in many Arabic accents and formal Arabic , you will get All the support you need and we can go through why you like to learn the language so we can focus on relevant resources

Bonnyrigg Heights
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Australian/Lebanese petrochemical engineer fluent in both Arabic and English gives lessons in Arabic language

I combine fun with learning while incorporating games, videos and songs and using the Quran as a reference. I focus on the pronunciation and the writing and I recommend several interesting books and novels for reading. I have a different methodology for each age and level.

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Arabic Native Speaker interested in teaching Arabic for everyone as well as culture

My teaching method based in different learning styles such as kinesthetic learning , visual learning and manipulate items. i believe that all these three different learning style should be available to meet all different student traits. Making a flowchart for each lesson.

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PhD Candidate at the ANU and native Arabic speaker give Arabic lessons to all levels

I have helped students from all levels, ages, and backgrounds. I prefer unstructured lessons that flow naturally to satisfy the curiosity of learners. In case of advanced levels, I focus on writing skills and pronunciation. If the student is a beginner, I shift the focus towards the basics.

Chester Hill
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Bachelor of Commerce student, experienced tutor, I speak two languages , Arabic and English.

Growing up, my private tutors have always been not that fun to be around, it’s something that I got used to, then I thought to myself why not make the tutoring experience for anyone beneficial and fun at the same time, so there would be a lot of games involved during any session of my teachings.

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Issam Sports Coach and Scientific Researcher and preparing to study ElectroMechanic Engineering

my technic of teaching is to make the students living in a learning enviornment for the subject i teach including daily quick exams encouraging the students to give high attention to the subject to gaing score higher and also to make them beeing active, positive and working together with the team.

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Mustafa can teach you all skills for the Arabic Language. All students (post graduate- undergraduate)can join me, I have masters degree in Arabic Linguistics, with a diploma and bachelor degree in tea

I always seek the highest quality of educational outcomes. That is why I am using the standards of The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) as a proficiency guideline for teaching language. I read about the experience of leading teachers and specialists with the hope to advance my career path.

Chester Hill
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Bachelor of Education student offering arabic lessons in the Chester Hill area

I am a very nurturing individual with excellent leadership and management skills. I have had extensive knowledge, skills training and experience working with children from diverse backgrounds and abilities. I am fluent in Arabic written and verbal. I have completed parts of my studies whilst living overseas in Lebanon.

Wagga Wagga
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I can teach Arabic language , oral and writing , it is my language

I can teach the most needed sentences in order to be able to communicate in Arabic with others. Sentences that you need if you go to Arabic countries as tourist, what to ask for to reach any place, how to deal with people in Arabic to do any merchandises, how to communicate with people in the store. All what a person need to be able to communicate in Arabic languages.

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To build a career with leading Institute of hi-tech environment with committed and dedicated people, which will help me to explore myself fully and realize my potential to serve my organization in the

I ask all students to stand behind their desks and join in simple choreographed physical movement. Because most kids find it invigorating and it's easy to monitor full participation, it is one of my favorite ways to get kids focused. For example, I teach hand-clapping patterns to accompany a chanted verse. I also add foot stomping to create variety.

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Native Arabic speaker. Passionate to share my 15 years teaching experience & TESOL oversees teaching experience. Interpreting and Translating English/Arabic. Current Graduate teaching Primary/Swinburn

Love to teach from your heart. Every teacher has her or his own style of teaching. Successful teachers those who create great and passionate learners to learn. And as traditional teaching styles evolve with the advent of differentiated instruction. Good teachers are adjusting their approach depending on their students’ learning needs and interest.

Darling Heights
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Arabic teacher with 10 years of experience gives private Arabic lessons at home or in groups". Toowoomba, QLD 4350

My teaching method is easy, interactive and uncomplicated. Adopted in teaching on formal arabic curricula and developed some things to suit the teaching of arabic to non- native speakers.

Homebush West
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Hey everyone, I do a casual type of tutoring where I try to make the learning process easy, productive and fun as much as possible.

I like to be more conversational in teaching to create a comfortable atmosphere where the student can be more interactive and responsive.

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Native Arabic Teacher offering Arabic tutoring classes for high school students and for Uni students.

I demonstrate my understanding of how students learn using effective classroom teaching strategies that lead to quality learning with the capacity to work with colleagues to continually improve teaching and learning.

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Asmaa arabic language school know Arabic language for non_native speakers in order to be a good teacher must be a good listener to your students

Names asmaa of Arabic language teacher studying to any one whatsoever for my team the most important thing I have is the delivery to you with love

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Tima is a teacher, she does teach languages in Sydney in Australia.

My teaching method is: the first thing is pronunciation words correctly, doing sentences without fault and making conversations as well.

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University of sharjah, electrical engineer who gives arabic lessons to high school students

My teaching methods are using illustration, exersises, presentations, quizes and I personaly stick the information in his mind

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Hi guys Am her to help you with your Arabic classics language

Start thinking and talking in the same language not only translate from your first language to understand the meaning.

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Perfect! Adla is a spectacular teacher. I have had three lessons with her thus far and look forward to many more. The methods of teaching she employs makes the learning material cement very quickly, much faster than what I personally experienced with other...

Ayse, Student
1 month ago

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