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Quality tutoring from early reading skills to tackling high school homework assignments with sophistication

My tutoring methods revolve around dynamic assessment (assess skill/knowledge -> coach -> reassess); principles of adult learning (motivation is strongest and learning is deepest when personally relevant and will lead to own desired outcomes). Structured synthetic phonics methods for learning to read.

Banksia Grove
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Accredited Primary school teacher with a Masters of Teaching (Primary) Located in Perth northern suburbs Looking to tutor

I prefer to tailor my lessons to an individual student's interests however I am also capable of teaching large groups of students a variety of subjects across all KLA's. I prefer to teach students using their interests. i.e. teaching a student mathematics through discussing and applying the student's interest in cars/motorsport, coding and video gaming etc.

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Qualified Primary School Teacher with Australian and International Teaching and Tutoring Experience (2-14 year olds)

As a teacher I focus on developing intrinsic motivation in students by providing positive feedback and setting appropriate challenges. I focus on a combination of direct instruction and discovery based learning to help students learn new concepts and apply them correctly in a range of situations.

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Primary and High School level English taught by a Perth Law Student with a Politics background

My lessons are approached based on your immediate situation and level of knowledge at the time. My aim with each lesson is to root out weak points, however small, and to not only improve your English as required on the curriculum, but to improve reading, writing and language skills via learning new vocabulary, improving spelling, and speech presentation.

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Experienced tutor in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Human Biology. Quality lessons up to year 12 advanced levels.

Introduce topic or subject of this lesson; relating it to the previous one. Explain in detail the concept of the material and or how to come to a solution. Provide examples worked through as a class. Set further work to be done in class.

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I am a student pursuing Masters in professional accounting and before that back in India I used to provide home tutions to children and was also working with big MNCs. So I have experience in teaching

My teaching methods basically depends upon the student's understanding.. I will make sure that my students do understand the topics covered by me.

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Qualified and experienced primary school teacher offering tutoring services for all primary school students

I provide hands-on learning experiences. I use engaging tools and resources during my lessons. I encourage students to think and explore. My lessons are very engaging and allows students to have some fun while learning. I aim for all my students to achieve success on their own merit. I will meet with your children and plan lessons according to their individual ability.

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Good experience in management and training of 3 years and currently doing MIT from murdoch university

Good communication skills and good technique to learn quickly . Good excel and virtual assistant experience .

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99.25 atar student provides wace tutoring for maths, Physics and Chemistry.

I firmly believe in building on theory knowledge to link all topics together in a subject to allow the student to apply information to many different situations and allowing the student to not only know what occurs but why it occurs.

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Murdoch psychology graduate with over 4 years of school tutoring located in Perth.

My teaching methodology uses the student's current curriculum to gauge their progress and make note of difficulties. This results in tailor-made sessions which address specific concerns and allows the student to learn their coursework and progress at an accelerated rate.

Osborne Park
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Man from the land of happiness ready to coach students right here.

I used different methodologies; peer learning which is most effective of all and not to deny; individual support and group teaching too.

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Academic tutor-teach any subject to school students. Near to langford. casual timings.

My teaching methadology is basically practical based. I do not believe in just cramming and throughing the things on a paper in exams. Children should understand the basic concepts of the topics.

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Masters of Education Student teaching secondary studies and univeristy commerce units Perth

My teaching method is to listen first and collaborate a solution that showcases your strengths and works on your weaknesses

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Murdoch University Education and Japanese student offering academic assistance in English and Mathematics

My teaching method is inclusive, based in solid pedagogical practice and supportive with a real focus in student understanding of all topic content.

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Qualified Primary Teacher with 10 years experience tutoring in English and maths

One to one, I work to build foundation facts and fluency to develop student confidence by giving them established structure.

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With passion for teaching and very patient with students struggling to learn

My teaching method is that of a student-centered approach, where student is given focus to learn through coaching and use of facilitative tools.

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Year 11 ATAR Human Biology, Maths Applications (geometry, trigonometry, Finance, percentage, pythagoras theorem) I have also teach maths, English, and reading for kids from years 1-5

My teaching method is mostly one on one, I can use both technology, and verbal communication. I have no issues in teaching the way you prefer, I like to explore new ideas and we can compromise.

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Post graduate student giving lessons in Mathematics and Physics to school kids.

My teaching method is to inspire students in resolving problems and participative learning. Building confidence in students to prepare for real world challenges.

Queens Park
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Pre service teacher who working with students of all ages, abilities and learning styles.

I’m a 24year old female pre service teacher trying to help students of all ages and abilities reach their full potential

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Year 12 ATAR Student Offering English & Academic Tutoring in Perth, WA.

My goal as a tutor would be to help you find your individual learning style and method that work for you so that you can excel in your subjects.

Queens Park
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Recent Graduate Teacher with academic postgraduate qualification in Primary School education from Edith Cowan University.

I have a proactive and positive approach to teaching and learning. I believe children will need to feel inspired and interested while learning. I can achieve this through delivering the learning materials in a creative manner. I believe I have achieved this during my professional teaching practicum, with examples such as organising integrated learning and project-based learning experiences.

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UWA graduate available to give biochemistry, human biology, chemistry, maths, etc. tutoring to highschool and university students in Perth.

Personalised and collaborative learning environment using techniques that are best for high school and early university level students. Lesson structure would include revision of course material, exam style practise questions, and help with understanding difficult topics.

Canning Vale
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Expat South African Surveying lecturer offering tutoring with primary and junior secondary school subjects

My approach to tutoring is to gauge where the student is at and work from there - this is why one-on-one or small group tutoring is best

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Murdoch healthcare Student gives biology and science lessons to highschool and college students. Explaining breif overview of subjects to students and helping them to perform well in their exam with p

Visualization is best approach for understanding the theory of subject and step by step process of tutorials are beneficial to students.

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University Student Offering Tutoring for High School Students in Music, Maths, English, AIT & Biology Fields

My teaching method is focused on equipping students with a strong understanding of core concepts, enabling them to approach questions that they will be asked under test conditions. Therefore, my lessons are individually tailored around areas of difficulty & preparing students for assessment tasks.

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Notre Dame Nursing student, tutors high school students in maths and science

I base my classes on first on gaining insight into the students understanding of a topic, so that I know which areas to focus on when explaining a concept or theory. Then with the student I would work through the content with them to ensure they fully understand.

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UWA post-grad research student providing tutoring for laboratory haematology and introductory biostatistics

One on one tutoring is my preferred method of tutoring. I will go higher, but no more than three students at a time - I prefer a more personalised approach to tutoring. This allows me to understand where the student is having difficulty and encourages the student(s) to ask questions as they go along.

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After School care helping children with sports, academics and everything in between!

I believe every child is different and therefore requires a different approach. I am very open minded and flexible with my teaching methods with the foundation being I build a strong repour with the child and focus on ways in which I can get the best out of them in all areas of life.

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Commitment to Excellence Recipient giving ATAR Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Human Biology tutoring for Y11/12.

I am a supportive, encouraging and patient young man. My ideal students would either be attending Y11/12 or in AEP (Academical Extension) in Y10 looking to get ahead in the years that count. My teaching structure would be to cover the theory of relevant content, provide examples for my student and then ask them to apply the same methodology to complete set questions.

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Year 12 ATAR student providing tutoring for primary school students Specialising in: - maths - English - humanities - assisting with homework

My main focus is for my students to learn the concept through tutoring to be able to utilise their learnt knowledge to excel in class and with their homework. By providing interactive lessons, I create an environment that is fun for students and encourages them to thrive within their acemidics.

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