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Primary & Secondary Special Needs Teacher offering support in English for students in the Perth area

An energetic and proactive special education teacher who caters for each individual student and their needs. I am enthusiastically committed to changing the lives of everyone I come across by providing opportunities and encouragement to ensure they reach their full potential. I will always establish high standards for the students I deal with and provide the relevant support to achieve this.

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Qualified and experienced primary school teacher offering tutoring services for all primary school students

I provide hands-on learning experiences. I use engaging tools and resources during my lessons. I encourage students to think and explore. My lessons are very engaging and allows students to have some fun while learning. I aim for all my students to achieve success on their own merit. I will meet with your children and plan lessons according to their individual ability.

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Madeley based qualified and experienced Primary Teacher happy to help with primary school subject tuition.

I pride myself on the connection I make with each of the students I teach, planning lessons that are engaging to them through their interests. I try to make learning fun and relevant. I challenge children to be the best they can be in a supportive manner where they feel safe to make mistakes and understand they can learn from them.

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Head-start December Holiday Tutoring for Avid Future Year 10s, 11s and 12s!

Teaching methodology for new course contents (For Year 10s, 11s, and 12s): -Analogies to broaden the student's perspective on a fresh new idea. -Related videos played to establish a solid understanding of upcoming concepts -Teaching will be thorough and steady-paced to ensure that student has a firm grasp on new concepts, and to instill confidence in the student.

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Senior academic tutoring and editing consultant with wide-range of experience and expertise

I focus on academic structure, organization and clarity. I believe it is important to have consice and clear purpose with writing and will work toward assisting my clients in that capacity. I assist my clients by working through their essays and creating well-structured and comprehensive reports.

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I am a qualified and practising primary school teacher offering 1-1 tuition to Primary school students Years PP- 6, across all subject areas. Based in the Booragoon area, I am willing to travel up to

I am a friendly and passionate teacher who truly cares about making a difference to my students' education. It is important for me to develop a clear line of communication with the parent and student, and (where possible) to include input from the classroom teacher in order to make the most from our tutoring sessions, ensuring we are all working toward to the same goal.

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University of Western Australia Law/ Music Student with experience in Childcare services

During tutoring sessions, I aim to work off what your child needs and where their weaknesses may be. Generally, I will set up a rough guide as to what will be covered in the session, and work according to what will most benefit your child. I believe that tutoring should not be a chore for any individual, and aim to make each session interesting and engaging as much as possible.

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Medical student tutoring all academic subjects for all ages in Bridgetown / Greenbushes

I am reliable and resourceful, patient and supportive. I am able to communicate effectively with and adapt to each unique student. I will not only teach students course content, with which I am intimately familiar, but I will also teach proactive study habits. I want to pass on my knowledge and work ethic to help students understand and succeed.

Maida Vale
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Early Childhood trained teacher available for primary school tutoring in Eastern Suburbs, Perth

I am available to help with any school subject for primary school aged children. I believe that children learn in different ways and like to work with the child to find engaging and hands-on approaches to helping them learn.

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University Student Offering Tutoring for High School Students in Music, Maths, English, AIT & Biology Fields

My teaching method is focused on equipping students with a strong understanding of core concepts, enabling them to approach questions that they will be asked under test conditions. Therefore, my lessons are individually tailored around areas of difficulty & preparing students for assessment tasks.

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Murdoch University PhD Candidate offering academic support to students of all ages

Having previously worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and a bilingual kindergarten teacher in Japan, my lessons are catered towards learners of various subjects of all ages.

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MBA Graduate gives lessons to high school and uni students in Joondalup

I'm graduate of MBA and has over 05 years managerial experience in financial sector. Looking forward to help in Marketing & Business Management subjects for high school students & undergraduates. My teaching will mainly focus with real world case studies and discussions which will enable the student to practically understand the theories lernt.

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UWA trained teacher, tutoring ATAR Geography students or HASS, worth every cent

Straightforward, practical lessons that are centered on providing skills and techniques to make you as efficient as possible with your study time so you get the best results in the easiest ways. I have a very broad range of experience and knowledge to tap into your interests and engage you with the content you need to know.

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Qualified Teacher (experienced teaching kindy to year 12) Developmental Behaviour Therapist.

Having taught in school programs for students with learning difficulties I use a variety of teaching methods depending on the individual learning style.

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PhD in Physics Professional providing physics and maths lessons to high school and uni students

I enjoy teaching physics to people of all ages and pride myself on inspiring students to learn to love physics. I can explain difficult concepts in simple ways using familiar analogies. I focus my lessons on problem based learning once the main concepts have been understood.

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Primary teacher with a Master of Education (with TESOL) providing tutoring for students in Perth. Mainly for primary-aged students however possibly high school as well for the English subject area.

As an English tutor, I would begin with the student discussing what their homework/task is about and the areas in which they are weak at, particular to the task. I would then discuss my knowledge and ideas upon the task, and if available, allude to the student’s rubric for the best mark for the particular student.

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Curtin's current nursing student provides aid to primary and secondary school students in their after-school homeworks and tutoring in maths and biology if needed.

My teaching method is a bit friendly one along with providing knowledge. I base my classes on examples, lots of examples from things we see in our daily activities. It is a better way to approach topics as well and this way, students and everyone has a visual memory, which in return helps to store it very quickly and remember it for a longer time.

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Perth PhD providing tutoring for academic/school support in science, biology, English, writing, agriculture, etc

My teaching method is to work one-on-one with students to customize lessons to each student's needs and learning style. Flexible schedule, can tutor in groups or independently.

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Electrical Engineering Graduate gives maths, chemistry, and biology lessons to high school students

I approach the topics by breaking down into points, making comparisons through illustrations or drawings, discussion, and questioning. The lessons are structured as point notes and drawings where the student finds it easy to grasp. Homeworks are assigned for practice.

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18 years teaching experience in Perth, WA with over 5 years of tutoring pre-primary to year 10.

My method of teaching has always been to provide real life examples in relation to the curriculum work. Using students' current activities has also helped them connect with the content. Having students use paper work and a mixture of hands-on activities has connected the work and shown that each student has their own areas at which they excel.

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University student with A grade high school grades gives Human Biology and Physical Education Studies lessons at home

Due to my limited tutoring experience, I have yet to discover the most effective method of teaching. however, during my gap year, I had the privilege of working in a special needs summer camp in America. Not only did it allow me to work in a multicultural society, it also gave me the tools to become adaptive to different personalities, learning styles and above all, patience.

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UWA Student with Professional Experience offers English, Human Biology and Maths Tutoring

I am a Psychology Student at the University of Western Australia with an assured pathway in Psychology Honours. I teach preschool, primary school and high school students. I was trained by a leading tutoring centre called 'Innovative Teaching Academy' and worked there as a Human Biology, Mathematics and English tutor.

East Fremantle
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Murdoch University Counter-Terrorism graduate offers assistance in the humanities and social sciences

I am able to teach academic analysis techniques and critical thinking. I can teach essay writing, and academic argument formation. The lesson would be tailored to your understanding and perception. The lesson has to be custom built to the individual.

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I am a senior high school student, able to help your child with basic primary school to grade 8 work

Hi i'm Anne-Marie White but most call me Annie, I'm currently attending Penrhos College as a grade 10 student and the age of which i can tutor and support is from grade 1-8. Organisation is a huge part of me, this is a great quality to have as a tutor as every session will be well thought out and planned.

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UWA PhD student gives private tutoring in Perth Metro Area. Suitable for High School students (English, H. Biology, Science) and Undergrad (Biology, Pathology, Science, Neuroscience, Psychology).

I base my teaching method on the individual student. Everyone has a different way of learning, and I try accommodate the individual student's needs. My tutoring is best suited for struggling High School Students or Undergrad University Students. I have a friendly, caring and patient approach to teaching, and aim to boost the student's confidence in themselves.

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Quality tutoring from early reading skills to tackling high school homework assignments with sophistication

My tutoring methods revolve around dynamic assessment (assess skill/knowledge -> coach -> reassess); principles of adult learning (motivation is strongest and learning is deepest when personally relevant and will lead to own desired outcomes). Structured synthetic phonics methods for learning to read.

Victoria Park
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Marla Bishop: Academic support for secondary and university students in Perth, Western Australia

With my students, I like to start with defining the problem/concept/task and breaking it into smaller parts. Through this method, the student begins to understand how to approach academic tasks they are presented with and improve upon their current skill set.

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High-Distinction average Curtin University Third Year student specialising in Education, Teaching, Art, English, Psychology, Outdoor Recreation, Academia, Media, and Sport. Creative, Fun, Understandin

I base my teachings around smart study, not hard study. The short cuts, tips and tricks and straight to the point information to really stimualte personal grwoth in a judgement free zone. The way I work adapts to WHO you are and what kind of vibe you're chasing. The content is always quality but first and foremost, easy to understand.

Banksia Grove
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Accredited Primary school teacher with a Masters of Teaching (Primary) Located in Perth northern suburbs Looking to tutor

I prefer to tailor my lessons to an individual student's interests however I am also capable of teaching large groups of students a variety of subjects across all KLA's. I prefer to teach students using their interests. i.e. teaching a student mathematics through discussing and applying the student's interest in cars/motorsport, coding and video gaming etc.

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After School care helping children with sports, academics and everything in between!

I believe every child is different and therefore requires a different approach. I am very open minded and flexible with my teaching methods with the foundation being I build a strong repour with the child and focus on ways in which I can get the best out of them in all areas of life.

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