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HD/4.0 GPA Student provides advice, editing, and feedback for study and assignments.

My tutoring will be best suited to students wishing to improve their academic writing. Sessions will involve a personalised approach to identify strengths and areas for improvement, which will be developed through mutually determined goals, responsive coaching, and thorough feedback.

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Community services specialist offers support to students of all levels. Highly qualified.

I have a very flexible teaching method, in my experience students learn in different ways therefore I like to have a range of methods I can draw from.

Saint Kilda
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Masters Degree in Criminology from Melbourne University available for tutoring undergraduate students

Completed a Masters Degree in Criminology at Melbourne University. Tutored at Deakin University in Undergraduate Criminology. Completed undergraduate at Monash University. Experience working with individuals as a tutor online as an academic tutor at Deakin University.

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Monash Engineering student having 4 years of experience in teaching gives all subjects academic tutoring in Melbourne region

My teaching method is discussing the concepts and making sure the students develop genuine interest in subjects and conduct regular tests to build up the confidence in them.

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Former university professor taught mechanical engineering in several countries, welcomes international students

I prefer a student-focused learning method where the student asks questions and we discuss the issue with examples and problems to solve. Teaching is subject-oriented for a deeper understanding of the subject including use of English in context.

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Best you can be Experienced Primary teacher has vacancies for tutoring English and Mathematics .

Ive recently retired and have a pasdion for teaching I have some students but would like to have more Currently my students range in age from 7-70 !

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La Trobe University Student can support you in your home works and prepare for Exams

My teaching method is purely based on exam oriented and help in preparing for the exam and mostly classroom teaching method. I mostly follow the peer or group study method because that is the best methodology that will help students learn better in the most efficient manner in their own comfort zone.

Saint Kilda
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American primary school teacher provides engaging, hands on lessons in all subject areas across all grades. Specializing in english and writing.

My teaching method is to cater to the individual needs of each student. I tend to lean towards hands on approaches. During my first lesson, I will focus on asking my student about their personal interests and areas of strength/ need. We will use this information to set growth goals. Ex: In the next 4 weeks I will be able to add within 120 by playing math board games twice a week for 1 hour.

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Deakin University student pursuing master degree and who loves sharing knowledge. I always loved teaching right from grade 8. My friends loved my teaching way.

I teach very basic and ground concepts of every topic so that anyone can grasp easily and can perform excellently well in their exams. Trust me you will fall in love with maths.

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Experienced Melbourne ESL teacher helps you communicate effectively and successfully. No sweat No tears.

I am a motivator and facilitator. I use a hands on approach and also deliver lessons using the communicative and task based lesson approach. Students are tested periodically and provided useful feedback which then helps me to decide suitable teaching strategies to attain the objectives.

Saint Kilda East
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Experienced and enthusiast primary school teacher available for tutoring in all primary level subjects.

Hi! I’m Amy. I love working with children and helping them to reach their full potential. I have experience teaching children from 4 years old to 18 years old. I teach maths, English, the arts, history, geography, science, physical education and religion. I also love playing sports and exercising.

Clyde North
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University of melbourne 'Master of Electrical Engineering student' gives all sort of lessons (Maths, english, science) to primary, secondary and senior secondary students.

I do not go by a strict schedule. I try to understand the needs of the student and then make a study plan which best suits the student.

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I am an Experienced Trainer and Assessor I have qualifications in many areas within the Vet System (Tafe) Business, Marketing, Management, Security, Risk management, Hospitality, Commercial Cookery, G

Learning is a process in life that we all choose in one way or another, let's take that process and learning experience and make it into something special. At times I will re-word or explain things again relating it to something the student is familiar with usually a workplace or hobby. I am also a Hypnotherapist, Councillor and NLP Practitioner.

South Yarra
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Teacher & Working Professional Certified to Advise and Support the Academic Curriculum & Practice of Individuals

My teaching methodology is based on the growth mindset- that the individual learner can be motivated by learning from their mistakes. Furthermore, the individual can holistically improve their academic and social life by obtaining a positive attitude and encouraging their personal motivation to succeed.

Glen Waverley
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Deakin Sessional Lecturer gives teaching on Construction Management for Uni Students in Victorian Universities

Cost Planning Procurement Construction Measurement Civil Engineering Construction OHS Requirements Construction Estimating Software Contract Administration Progress Paymnet Contract Variation Change Management Tender Review & Recommendation Time Extension Assessment Claims and Disputes Professional Development Project Planning & Scheduling Cashflow forecasts Insurance Cost...

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An expert early childhood teacher with 8 years classroom experience looking to support and tutor the next generation of teachers (Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Primary)

I teach base on the students' needs; my methods vary with different subjects and different learning styles. I believe research, visual aids, practise, interactive learning, and repetition are key to understanding.

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Qualified Teacher willing to work with different abilities and needs from F-year 12.

I can teach all subject areas at the primary school level and all subjects up to year 10, VCE maths and English.

Point Cook
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Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School Student tutors for Selective Entry Exam, One on One and Group Studies.

I base what I teach on the individual student and construct lesson plans accordingly. I listen to parental and student concerns and judge what is best to teach a student for their skills.

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Currently in my fifth year as a primary teacher, looking to provide one-on-one or small-group support for primary students or high-school students in Maths or Science.

Everyone is different and I plan my sessions accordingly, whether you're looking for support, consolidation or extension. A sense of humour is a must for every methodology, though.

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English and History double major and past teaching assistant at UK boarding school gives lessons to Melbourne primary and secondary students

My lessons are geared towards all students as I am to encourage engagement in learning through adaptability and tailoring to the needs of a student. My tutoring structure would take into account what the student is having trouble with, what any teachers comments have highlighted and what I believe could be improved.

Dr. shumaila
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FAMILY VIOLENCE and sexually assault against women. Advertising management Media and Communications Studies

I have experience in teaching face-to-face, online and organizing and running an international research program, liaising with international researchers and their representatives.

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Im from Latrobe University and can give the best school pickup and baby sitting to kids.

Methodology depends upon the nature of the subject and the student im having. everything depends upon the way of teaching and this is the thing that varies from student to student. i will make the method very easy and helpful for the every individual student.

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Latrobe university student giving primary and secondary level support to students locally.

My teaching methodology is to get students to first understand the work before they are to complete it so that they are better equipped to face the challenge of the work that they must complete. This is done by sitting down and going through with students the entire piece of work by their pace and then supporting them during the completion of the work.

Taylors Lakes
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Bachelor of Biological science (Honours) Student offering to teach Biology subjects in Taylors Lakes :)

Face-to-face teaching with students going through their subject guides ensuring they understand all concepts of the subject/course. Working through textbook and/or material given by main teacher/lecturer. Working through the concepts that the student is struggling with as well as the relevant questions to apply the theory and ideas that arise during study.

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Melbourne University Bachelor of Commerce student with knowledge in Global Politics, Australian Politics, Chemistry and Biology. Can also help with improving debating, public speaking and theatre skil

I approach my lessons by reviewing previous lessons and finding out exactly what my student is finding difficult. I prefer to help my students become able to tackle the problems rather than just giving them the answers and essentially doing it for them. I want my students to feel as if they've improved after our lessons.

Narre Warren
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Melbourne Uni Arts student available for tutoring for Primary and Secondary Students

As a tutor I want to be able to inspire children to learn and expand their knowledge. I want them to wake up and want to go to school, and not see it as a requirement. I believe education is essential to the growing mind, and has a great effect of the development of the child. As well as helping your child increase their grades, I will increase their moral and confidence too.

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Italian girl helps students with home-works in CBD and around St Kilda

During my lessons I focus first on what the student understood from the teacher and if she/he has questions or doubts about it, then I pass on explaining, summarise and doing exercises and homeworks. To me, it's really important that the student understands what she/he is studying and what she/he has to do, instead of doing it for her/him.

Cranbourne North
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Tutor available in South East suburbs to teach all subjects including literacy, numeracy, language and VCE and 3rd Level Research skills

Teaching methods for each student differs based on their learning needs and subject. Each student learns differently and many subjects can be approached in different ways including analytical tools, research, self learning through the internet, and rota methods based on repetition. I would use text books, online programs, workbooks and teaching through visual aids and research.

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Primary and ECE Teacher offering school support and academic guidance to 3-12yrs

I approach academic guidance in a hands on, active fashion. I believe children learn best when they are able to explore and experiment with a topic, talk about it and apply.

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