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I am an RMIT Environments Student in Melbourne with a wealth of experience and I would like to support high school students academically and otherwise

I am a 27 year old RMIT student currently studying Environmental Development and Sociology. I am interested in supporting young people academically and otherwise to hone in on their talents and passions to be effective and empowered in their lives. I have always been a good student because I have been lucky to have found the support I needed throughout my schooling.

North Melbourne
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Tutor with experience tutoring students at The University of Melbourne available now

My teaching method is tailored to suit the needs of the individual student. For example, I tailor my teaching method to include more visual cues for students who learn best visually. For students who face challenges recalling information, I give them strategies to improve memory and recall.

Fitzroy North
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Bernadette Riley many years of tutoring. Tutor Primary students and IELTS students

If I am teaching IELTS I use the practice books to prepare the students for their exams. With primary students I always bring my worksheets and games with me to the lesson.

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Experienced primary teacher and Indonesian teacher looking to tutor in Latrobe Valley

Depending on the difficulty that a student is having, I will seek to assess where they are at to make a plan for future learning. To achieve this, I will use my teaching experience to create learning experiences that are both fun and engaging.

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Engineering graduate pursuing MBA at Deakin university offers study support for school students and to University students whose interests and subjects align with management and computer science.

I Can offer Help with math, English , computer science and basic science. For university students, can teach basic data analysis, marketing concepts. I will go through your subject notes and the syllabus and plan by lessons based on it.

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Masters of Psychology Student providing assistance to Highschool/ VCE/ Undergraduate students in and around Melbourne.

I believe that students guide their own learning; I cannot take the material and make you magically learn it. As such, I base my teachings in a collaborative nature - Students should come geared with questions and an inquisitive mind. We will work together to tackle difficult questions and ensure that by the end of it you have a clear understanding.

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Serving as Sociology Lecturer for last 10 years and researcher in social sciences.

My teaching method includes 3 periods lessons. focusing more in the subject matter. The important part of my lesson includes analytical explanation of the given topic. However, it differs as per the lesson required for.

Glen Waverley
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Swinburne engineering student with 2 year experience as a Senior Education Trainer in Maths and Science teaching looking to teach kids in a fun and simple way to boost their performance !

Teaching with simple and fun tactics and effective mind Mapping techniques to make maths and science simple and effective and easy to understand!

Geelong West
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Deakin University students can explain in detail with confidence, enthusiasm and determination

I approache on topics by data needed for the students in the present scenario and in easy manner to help them not to get confused

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Providing student an easy learning environment to learn and obtain good results.

My teaching method is to be able to consistently perform through learning new content whilst revising previous content until it becomes long term memory.

Roxburgh Park
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Electrical Engineering student who graduated from Melbourne High School, and has all the skills to help you learn!

Hands on learning in an interactive environment is best because students are able to ask questions and learn from each others strengths

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University of Melbourne PhD student provides high level academic tutoring all subjects

My teaching method is based on bringing together my skills and knowledge to comine it with the students to produce successful outcomes

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Unimelb Master’s student and Philosophy graduate available for tutoring in Melbourne CBD area

I approach topics by first comprehending the meaning of the text, then analysing and connecting this understanding to previous topics and class readings.

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Year 10 student willing to give extra help/ tutoring with homework and assignments. Expert in English, science and French.

My teaching method will vary depending on the student. I would try to make learning fun and explain things in a way their school teachers can't, so as to find the most efficient learning method for that person. I will try to make a comfortable learning environment so that the most can be taken out of my lessons.

Noble Park
Cao uyen
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Biomedical Science Honours students teaches you the tricks to scoring a HD with simple yet effective study methods.

I can teach from a book or through notes. I do most of the content and concept leading in class and maintain outside communication with my students through slack for questions (which I have allocated to them) that they might have. Although, I always encourage them to be independent and thoroughly check the questions to aid in with critical thinking before they do come to me.

Cranbourne East
Gurleen kaur
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Monash Education Student gives academic tutoring to the students of melbourne in high schools

My teaching pattern is to create a class where each and every student participates .There is no restriction to think and say what they comprehend from my kesson.I like to make my classes inmovative by teaching through fun games and then at the end have a recap quiz.By this students are keen to learn and participate.

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University of Melbourne Arts student available to tutor secondary subjects in Melbourne

My teaching approach is to ensure students are on par with their classmates before working to excel them in all of their subject.

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Dedicated educator for students in need for extra help in academics in Melbourne.

My teaching method includes actively listening to students learning needs, providing individualized attention and instilling self-confidence through encouragement. I am dedicated to motivate students to participate in lessons that enhance essential life and educational skills.

Notting Hill
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Monash Biomedical Science student. Seeking tutoring opportunities to teach maths and science

My teaching methods is focus on the basics and then working our way through to identify areas that need improvements

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Swinburne Engineering and Management Student give the maths, academic and personality development tutoring upto year 10 students in Melbourne.

My teaching techniques are more based on more practical examples, including day to day life related task. Which makes student to get the concept more easily.

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I can help you to become a problem solver for your academic problems, where i can guide you with algorithms to solve your problems.

My teaching method will be based upon your learning style. I can help you through the process without straining much.

Glen Waverley
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All academic subjects will be taught specially maths and physics. All doubts would be cleared.

My teaching methodology depends learning the concepts and applying the concepts to solve the questions. Practice makes the man perfect.

Black Hill
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Federation Univeraity Post Graduate student with teaching experience is passionate about tutoring.

I consider individual differences while teaching following deductive approach and always structure my lessons beforehand with illustrative examples.

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Federation engineering student helping out grade 1 to grade 7 student in major academic subjects.

My teaching methodology is totally based on the lesson plan for the day and practical knowledge based learning that enriches Students’s knowledge.

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Simply, I’d make you learn in a fun way! Got heaps of experience.

I believe everything is math. Even theory is. Just gotta catch it well.

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Neha likes giving academic support to students up to primary school level.

My teaching approach is 'learning by doing'. I believe in 'hands on practice' approach. I want to create a learning environment, where every student has the ability to reach his/ her best potential.

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Photography is one of the oldest fields that is known to preserve records as they really are. They say a picture speaks a thousand words. So working in photography needs professionalism and a cutting

My teaching methodology is through classes and then practical that is field work is very necessary so as to put into practice what is learnt

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Qualified primary teacher available for tutoring English and Maths - ages 5-12

I begin with assessing students through observation to gain an understanding of current knowledge and gaps. I then explicitly teach students and regularly reassess to ensure progress.

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1st lesson free !

Monash Law student provides tutoring services for VCE students in Legal Studies, Philosophy and Further Mathematics. I received study scores of 42, 44 and 46, respectively.

My teaching methodology involves teaching content, going over practise sacs (in which I will correct and give feedback on), doing practise exams etc.

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