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Samridhi provides with asking students about specific topics or subject areas that are giving them trouble or warrant further exploration Review recent homework assignment and test scores, and wor

Pprivate tutoring services for children between the ages 6-13 in their homes Identified the needs of learners and if necessary adapted course content and delivery style to meet their needs Assisted with homework and other class assignments Developed academic strategies to improve student self-sufficiency

Saint Kilda East
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Experienced and enthusiast primary school teacher available for tutoring in all primary level subjects.

Hi! I’m Amy. I love working with children and helping them to reach their full potential. I have experience teaching children from 4 years old to 18 years old. I teach maths, English, the arts, history, geography, science, physical education and religion. I also love playing sports and exercising.

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Experienced teacher educator and university lecturer ( Education) ready to assist with your university studies and teaching practice. Expert tuition in English (Prep to Year 12) and Maths to Year 10

My teaching approach is flexible based on identified student needs, preferred learning style and designated curriculum outcomes. My teaching model is a combination of diagnostic assessment, direct teaching and modelling and individually-targeted practice with informative, actionable feedback for improvement.

Kangaroo Flat
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Primary and special education teacher with 12 years experience available to tutor primary and lower secondary school students in all academic areas, Bendigo region.

I would like to utilise my knowledge, skills and experience, as well as my enthusiasm in teaching, to educate and empower students of all abilities. I have a calm and gentle approach when it comes to supporting students, and I am very thorough and organised. Tutoring sessions would last for an hour with myself.

Dr. shumaila
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FAMILY VIOLENCE and sexually assault against women. Advertising management Media and Communications Studies

I have experience in teaching face-to-face, online and organizing and running an international research program, liaising with international researchers and their representatives.

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Im from Latrobe University and can give the best school pickup and baby sitting to kids.

Methodology depends upon the nature of the subject and the student im having. everything depends upon the way of teaching and this is the thing that varies from student to student. i will make the method very easy and helpful for the every individual student.

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Latrobe university student giving primary and secondary level support to students locally.

My teaching methodology is to get students to first understand the work before they are to complete it so that they are better equipped to face the challenge of the work that they must complete. This is done by sitting down and going through with students the entire piece of work by their pace and then supporting them during the completion of the work.

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Master of Teaching Student is unleashing the creative and curiosity from within the learner

My teaching methodology is I assist learners to achieve by helping them identify their own learner preferences, then develop personal learner strategies to fit the learner. My areas that I specialise in is the performing arts: Dance, Drama and Music. I can also teach a number of other areas such as Science, English, Mathematics from Prep to year 12.

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Melbourne University Bachelor of Commerce student with knowledge in Global Politics, Australian Politics, Chemistry and Biology. Can also help with improving debating, public speaking and theatre skil

I approach my lessons by reviewing previous lessons and finding out exactly what my student is finding difficult. I prefer to help my students become able to tackle the problems rather than just giving them the answers and essentially doing it for them. I want my students to feel as if they've improved after our lessons.

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High Achieving Year 11 student, can help younger students with homework and study.

As a naturally outgoing person I am able to work with all sorts of students. Generally my lessons have an informal structure, and I focus on assisting my students with whatever work or subject matter they are currently struggling with. I am always happy to alter my lessons to what works best for the student.

East Melbourne
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Ex-secondary school teacher from Singapore wanting to give online consultations to students who need extra help from all over the world

Taught Sciences and Math for the last 20 years to over 50 students at different academic levels. I have an excellent track record of my students showing tremendous improvements and I have a passion for helping students by making subject matter relevant and engaging.

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Tutor with experience giving academic support tuition to Grade 1- 8 students in English, Maths and Science subjects.

My teaching is tailored to suit to the current level of understanding. Concepts that have not fully understood will be explained before doing practice questions/tasks. I try not to teach just for the sake of passing tests, but to relate its applications in real life and stimulate the students' interests in the subjects.

Shepparton East
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3rd Year Bachelor of International Studies student at UQ offering academic support in English/Japanese/All Humanities.

In the case of high school students I follow the curriculum requirements, while trying to encourage the critical and academic skills that will make for a successful university student. This often creates more engaging lessons where the subject matter becomes enjoyable as students are encouraged to be passionate about what they find interesting, rather than rote learning the content.

Mount Waverley
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Deakin Arts student and prospective teacher! I love to learn and share my knowledge, as well as learn about all the cool things my students know!!

My teaching method is personalised for students. I like to see how students interpret the material and then pose questions that I think will spark their interest on the topic. I usually start with contextual information about the topic (e.g. if I was teaching logic, I would tell them about it's applications and how it can be useful and when it's most effective).

(4 reviews)
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I am a student at Deakin University and can give tutorials for children studying at school in all of the subjects till 8, I can also teach business and economics subjects to high school and matrix stu

My methodology of teaching is to give an elaborative information about the topic making it delivered as a story then building interest to focus on the teaching the child the appropriate content.

Doncaster East
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High school graduate with an ATAR of 93.5, specializing in Media Studies and Business Management tutoring.

I believe every person learns differently and requires different approaches to understanding. This is why I adjust my teaching methods to suit those of the student(s). Furthermore, I offer a legitimate passion and interest in improving the education of my students.

Manifold Heights
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Deakin University student who’s not only friendly and approachable, but can also tailor work to your needs

I like to be adaptable according to what people respond to. However, I prefer to be mildly passive, and let the student work towards the goal, and provide help and support when needed. This involves getting to know the client, and listening to what they have to say, instead of ramming information down their throats.

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La trobe niversity student give maths/english/science/punjabi lessons to school/high school/university students and has 5 year experience of tutoring at home

teaching to primary, high school as well as university students. not specific lessons beacuse they range from subject to student's grade level.

Narre Warren South
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CQU Melbourne Postgraduate student give math and designing lessons to students in Melbourne

My teaching methodology doesn't base on the individual or group classes. I believe is being a student that it's really difficult to concentrate. So, Most of the teaching sessions are limited to one hour sessions. And practice makes everything perfect. Due to this reason teach the concept for about 5min and practice right after that for 15min. Repeat the process.

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Online teaching/tutoring in management subjects from professionally qualified teacher/tutor in Melbourne's SE.

My teaching methods vary, depending on the students that I teach. However, I am a firm believer in student-centered learning as demonstrated in my teaching strategies. Generally, I commence a lesson by ascertaining students previous knowledge through questioning.

Narre Warren
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Uni student giving tutoring on most school subjects in South East Vic!

As everyone learns differently, I will ensure to accommodate for each individual and understand how important this is being a recent high school graduate myself! Am a patient and friendly tutor who simply wants students to get the most out of each lesson.

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Accredited Tutor with the ATA. Psychology Graduate. Tutoring & Mentoring for SUCCESS

I am in currently completing my thesis at Deakin University with plans to continue on to my Doctorate of Psychology studies. I have great interpersonal skills making me very easy to get along with. There is also the ability to work under pressure as well as great time management so students can get the most out of our tutoring sessions. I have exceptional written and verbal communication.

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University of Melbourne PhD student teaching school subjects in science, geography, and computers..

I follow a very open and adaptive teaching methodology that depends on the individual student, and also on his needs, expectations, and challenges faced.

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Italian girl helps students with home-works in CBD and around St Kilda

During my lessons I focus first on what the student understood from the teacher and if she/he has questions or doubts about it, then I pass on explaining, summarise and doing exercises and homeworks. To me, it's really important that the student understands what she/he is studying and what she/he has to do, instead of doing it for her/him.

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RMIT Creative Writing student gives private tutoring in Philosophy and Art Theory for high school students in Melbourne

I’m a friendly and flexible individual, and I base my sessions on my students individual needs. My style of tutoring is to help my students reach specific goals, identifying their strengths and weaknesses in their academic work, and motivating them to do their personal best, and gain confidence in their abilities.

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Federation University 2nd Year Teaching Student, located in Traralgon. Can do after school tutoring for primary or secondary students.

I base my teaching method upon ensuring students enjoy their time, especially due to the fact that they have often been in school all day. I am an efficient worker and I like my students to think that way too so they can really maximise their time.

Sunshine North
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Qualified Teacher wanting to help students realise their talents and potential in primary school subjects

My teaching method is based on quality assessment and constant review. I adapt my approach with what each student presents and aim to find a way to make lessons centered around their interests. I have undertaken professional development with Stanford University around mathematics education and most of my teaching philosophy stems from this course and Jo Boaler.

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Dual qualified Early Childhood and Primary school trained teacher offers individual and group tutoring!

Everybody learns differently! We live in a world where we are starting to see the more approaches to learning rather than the typical 1 standard test fits everyone. My teaching styles consists of many different learning styles. I like visual a lot.

Box Hill South
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An Industrial Engineer, currently pursuing MBA gives maths and english lessons to primary school students.

Every student needs a different teaching technique to get his/her interest to study a subject. Once this is identified, the thirst for knowledge is created within the student which makes one learn from the radical level and not just meet the academic requirements but also use and knowledge in real life. Identifying the the right teaching technique is my first step in my teaching methodology.

Middle Park
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Academic Year 10 student able to give support to primary age students in multiple subjects and areas

Flexible teaching method adaptive to the needs of the student, encouraging and enthusiastic. Past experience in tutoring maths, English, reading, writing, spelling and more lessons range from 30 minutes to one hour.

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