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West Hindmarsh
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UniSA student giving school support for all subjects to students up to High School in Adelaide

I approach each subject differently, depending on the requirements. If the subject has a laid out lesson plan, I will teach according to with topic they are learning in school. If the subject does not have a laid out lesson plan, I will see which aspect of the subject the kid is weak at, and focus on strengthening them at that area.

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Support students with Personal Learning Plan and assist with learning plan for assessments

My teaching method is translanguaging. I base my classes on learning activities influenced by bloom taxanomy. I approach topic by affording learners the opportunity to formulate and share ideas using … different dimensions of their experiences and their entire linguistic repertoire.

St Marys
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ESO CIV (Education Support Officer) available for Primary School aged children R-7

I have a creative approach to given tasks, and never give up on a task. My approach is the same to the student. They deserve someone who believes in them and their capabilities, and ability to succeed, given the right assistance.

Eden Hills
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High School Student give maths, english, science, art lessons to primary students in Adelaide

I am a student at Unley High School who is excelling at academic subjects and would like to help students younger than me that need some help in school work. My teaching style would be different to every single student depending on how they learn best.

Henley Beach South
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25yr old Uni graduate looking to tutor while preparing to start Masters of Education.

I am happy to help both High School and Primary School students with their homework, with High school focusing on my relevant subjects. The focus would be on what they are learning, so looking at their class material and assignments, working out plans for essays and trying to encourage their learning.

Hackham West
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Flinders University special education student, wishing to teach all subject areas. In the southern area of Adelaide.

My teaching style is largely based around developing a relationship and learning how the student enjoys learning. I would then use a range of activities such as games, worksheets, hands on/visual explanations, oral questionnaires/discussions and explanations that I know the student will understand to ensure they develop a full understanding of the concept.

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Hi! I am currently doing my bachelors in medical science. I am in my 3rd year. I teach university and school students. Biology, chemistry, science and maths are the subjects that attracts me the most.

I am in my 3rd year of my bachelors degree. I have tutored biology and chemistry to uni students and have tutored science and maths to school students. I have usually done 1 hour study session but if you need more I am happy to increase the time. My method is simple, I want to help my students overcome their weaknesses and improve their marks.

O'Sullivan Beach
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PhD in Writing and Communications to assist students with academic essay writing

My teaching methods are either to assist students with specific assignments or projects on a one to one basis, or to give classes in essay writing, script writing or text analysis. My teaching is aimed for students who wish to enter university, or who are already at university and struggling with essay writing. I have also mentored many playwrights and screenwriters on their projects.

Salisbury North
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3rd Year student at the University of South Australian- studying to be a teacher

I use Australian Curriculum Content descriptor and achievement standards. I start with knowing students to find out their learning styles, what they want to achieve then create lessons based on their goals and needs then I move into professional development section and teach them.

Elizabeth East
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Year 11 student | Tutor | Babysitter | House duties | Cleaning and cooking | Contact me now

I have an equivalent level of English, maths, science and other subjects to tutor children in primary school that need help with their homework and course work. I also can teach ukulele and a little bit of other music knowledge. I also offer babysitting including house work and cooking.

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Adelaide Primary/High School/Uni tutor, English/Maths/Science/Humanities subjects, fun, innovative and engaging tutoring sessions.

I am passionate about students discovering the best method for them to learn, from verbal learning to drawing subject content on the whiteboard! Whatever method works, I am excited to support students and witness them become enthusiastic about their learning!

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University of Adelaide graduate tutors high school and university students in Adelaide

My approach to tutoring is to first get to know the student so that I have an understanding of their needs and expectations. I aim to make my tutoring sessions immersive and enjoyable so that students feel empowered to do their best.

Largs North
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Flinders University Psychology honour student providing tutoring to high school students in Adelaide

My teaching method is to guide students to help themselves by assessing their own work, but of course still provide guidance to help them with their coursework. Structure of the lesson will depend on the student and what their goals are.

Mile End
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Adelaide university graduate gives Mandarin Chinese, English, and humanity courses to secondary school, and university students

I am good at explaining complicated concepts with simple language, and I prefer to utilize multimedia forms such as movies, videos, music, photos and paintings when approaching serious topics, so that my class can be more interesting for students

Mawson Lakes
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Educator with 8 years of teaching experience. I am here to spread and share my expertise in academic tutoring and computer subjects.

for individual lessons, my teaching method would definitely depend of the student I am teaching or choice of student/parent. In a group lesson, I would prefer to use projector or only computer. My classes will be based on individual needs.

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To contribute immensely to the achievement of human development now and in future through the impartation of knowledge

My teaching methodology is pupil-centred approach. I actively involve the learner in the teaching and give more examples for understanding.

North Plympton
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High school student willing to tutor students on all subjects, Plympton area

I believe that students should be taught to learn not just to meet deadlines. I think they should be taught to retain the information and given support instead of the work being done for them.

Mile End
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Meenu (PTE 90 Scorer) gives PTE Coaching to individuals aspiring to have Australian PR or other Immigration Purposes

PTE is basically a Test of English Language...... but.............Strategy to attempt the test plays the key role to score high......... I impart PTE coaching by making people understand the basic strategy required to come out with flying colours.Coaching will be given as per individual needs...Packages available for unlimited coaching until you meet your requirement....

Gulfview Heights
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English teaching of all years, Primary Maths and general assistance to Uni/School students!

Many of my lessons revolve around general homework assistance for younger students, essay assistance for older and Uni students. In maths and reading especially there are instances where I will design extra tasks to allow students to better understand concepts.

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Most English math chemistry envoironmntal studies economics art greek Adelaide bachelor degree english

englsig grammer eading writing spelling creative writing literature Australian basic speaking skills overheads blackboard English ieals English reading books work books storytelling . academic writing skills poetry craft of poetry major flinder suniversity.

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Mentoring for students who needs support and wants to learn extra knowledge

Well, I don’t have any methodology. i develop a methodology based on the student I am tutoring. That’s how I make sure, they get propoer guidence and help.

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University of South Australia student doing masters in engineering management will make study easy.

My teaching methods includes examples from day to day life related to subject which makes easy to understand for a student.

Mansfield Park
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I make biology and math simple ! torrens university student ( did my alevels in biology and mathematics) giving class in biology and mathematics in adelaide (primary/ secondary/ highschool/ college le

I work alongside my syllabus and tick as i go. My teaching Methods and approaches will vary as it is customised and individualised according to each individual's needs( strengths and weaknessses) as my aim is for YOU TO SUCCEED.

Brooklyn Park
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University of Adelaide student teaches maths, physics, social of school students in Adelaide

My teaching methodology is approaching classes wise as well as giving information about more topics related to that topic on subject

Parafield Gardens
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English and Science help available with an experienced registered teacher. A negotiated plan according to child’s need.

My methodology is child based and flexible according to individual needs. I focus on realistic improvement and extend my support in all ways.

Windsor Gardens
(2 reviews)
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Teaching/History student looking to enhance high school student's written and interpersonal skills.

Will look to introduce concepts and provide clear examples of use. Progressing to test the student's ability to implement the given concept in a problem solving situation. Overcoming challenges provides the most wholesome learning experience, preparing them for assessments in the best possible manner.

Mawson Lakes
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Get help in Essay/ assignment writing, including academic citation and proof reading.

I am extremely student centred and believe that if taught through right tools and approach everyone can achieve great results. You will find my class a space where you can be yourself and learn in ways that best suit you, all I ask for is that you bring with you an attitude to learn and we will work together to help you achieve your academic potential.

Holden Hill
(1 review)
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Warm and encouraging experienced teacher offering tutoring in all general subjects for junior to middle primary, in Adelaide's north eastern suburbs.

I believe in helping children to regain confidence in themselves as successful learners, and in providing learning activities that are enjoyable. I am successful in identifying underlying causes of learning problems and finding innovative ways to address these. My rates are $35 an hour with an introductory half hour session to assess your child's needs, for $20.

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Academic support for students of the humanities, specialising in English and history. University Graduate in both Law and Arts with tutoring experience.

I adore the study of both history and the English language, and I strive to instil in my students both the joy and the advantages a good grasp on such subjects will bring. I tailor my approach depending on each student and their varied strengths and weaknesses, as well as any desired outcomes expressed.

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UniSA Accounting Masters Student gives business studies, economics and commerce lessons to high school and diploma students in Adelaide

Every child is perfect in his/her own way. My teaching method is both theoretical and practical. I base my lessons upon the individual standard of my student/s. I choose to personalize my lessons depending on the requirements and best practices for my students.

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