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I am an engineering student.i can teach a subject with applications and uses of it, so that you get interested on subject and learn well and i have a very creative way for teaching so that you learn

i am very friendly and happily teaches any subject. few points of way of my teachings are:- 1)i spread positivity to students. 2)i make them happy. 2)i crack jokes for them so that they get interest of the class. 3)i make them learn well and i will check them he is getting what i am teaching, 4)i give additional knowledge required to lead the life and on subject.

West Midlands
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Masters student in communication, culture and media with a BA in communication tutoring in arts and humanities in coventry

I am currently a masters student and I give lessons across a wide range of individuals; primary, secondary and undergraduate levels. I tailor my teaching methods according to the individual I am teaching as I believe we don't all learn in the same way.

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Experienced teacher and tutor with Master's Degree & 15 years of teaching gives English and Thai lessons to primary students and ESL/EFL adults in Nashua, NH or neighboring towns

My name is Nicha, and I have been an EFL/ESL instructor for over 15 years for the government of Thailand Board of Education. I currently live in northeastern America.I enjoy teaching students of all ages and like to focus on grammar, idioms, real-world usage and having fun, and I have taught hundreds of high school, elementary school, preschool and professional students.

Queens County
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Academic subjects through the visual arts, English language Arts, Literacy, World and American History

I am a graduate of the school of visual arts and university of new England. I possess a bachelors in fine arts and art history, and a master's degree in the science of elementary education. I have been teach in New York Department of education for about 18 years through a grant and curriculum that teaches subject areas through the arts.

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Second year Aerospace Engineering student babysits and provides after-school tutoring help in maths and physics in London

I am a second-year aerospace engineering student and I am a maths and physics tutor for pupils up until A-Levels. Since I currently am in university, I know what is necessary in order to be qualified to apply and the skills that are crucial and need to be exercised daily in order to get the best university experience.

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English and Spanish tuition in Liverpool and surrounding areas with qualified (MA, BA hons) and experienced teacher

I am a 30 year old male and a qualified teacher with over six years of diverse teaching experience. Having studied languages myself in an academic setting, I understand the individual needs of learning and the immense pleasure that can be drawn from studying languages. My lessons begin with a diagnostic approach and I then prepare classes and course for individual students or small groups.

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Environmental Scientist and Geographer; Teacher / Professor; Testing Coach; Professional and Experienced both in the Field and in the Classroom

I have been teaching for more than the 5 years on my resume. I was the oldest of my sisters and helped raise them with my mother. I went on to become a Volunteer Coordinator for the Bureau of Land Management in Colorado, where I was privileged enough to work with students during the summers. It was during the course of earning my 2nd MS degree in Environmental Science that I became a teacher.

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SCHOOL SUPPORT / HOMEWORK HELP (via webcam) by serious and qualified SCIENCES PO PARIS graduate (French, mathematics, Chinese, philosophy, history, geography ...)

As currently studying at Sciences Po Paris (master "Economics and Business") and a graduate of the dual-degree "EU and Asia in Global Affairs" (between Sciences Po and Fudan University in Shanghai), I offer serious and effective tutoring sessions (good experience in education) for all levels, from primary to higher education.

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Graduated in humanities with highest marks gives private lessons in Italian, History, Geography to middle and high school students. I guarantee maximum seriousness and availability

My name is Giuseppe Garofalo, I graduated and specialized in Archeology, with a Master in Marketing and Museum Management. I give repetitions of Italian (literature, grammar, history of language), History and Geography to secondary school students of I and II degree. Lectures can be held by me or at the student's home (I am available to move in case the student is unable).

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Last year's student at the Liceo Scientifico offers support for homework and preparation of tests for curriculum subjects

I am a student of the last year of high school, who would like to be available to give repetitions (both at home and online) of curriculum subjects (mathematics, physics, Italian, Latin). Rather than giving simple lessons, my purpose would be to help in carrying out tasks and in preparing tests with a peer to peer relationship.

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Young Student in french Literature gives support to student of primary or middle school in Lille

I am currently in my first year of a degree in Modern Literature, a Bachelor's degree that I chose for my passion for literature. I am able to help schoolchildren and students in difficulty whatever the subject, even if my specialty is French and English (for non-speacker). I want to bring a school support that remains playful s that homeworks stop being a constraint.

Collado Villalba
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Magistero student gives private classes for ESO and primary school, all subjects, personalized schedules and cheap prices! Zone Collado Villalba

The classes will be aimed at all students of children, primary and secondary who want to improve and learn, or have a problem with any subject, we will solve it soon! The classes are dynamic, personalized and from affection, learning by playing is a nice way.

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Student in L info-com (from a bac L) can give lessons in Rennes

I am currently in a first year in information and communication at the University of Rennes 2. Next year I had my litterate baccalaureate (with a mathematics specialty) in Brest. In language I have study English, Spanish and Breton. I can globally bring my help in subjects around the litterate pathway.

Prof hitesh
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Expanding HORIZONS...! - Be FOOLISH...! Stay HUNGRY...! - A Great SUCCESS waits 4 "U" only...! - H. Joshi

A committed and most caring ever-time Learner cum Tr, equipped with Ph.D. (p) from IIT, M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., PGDHE, DCO, CIG, … and @ 20 years’ experience at Schools and Colleges. I would like to teach and develop youth in motivational way; and to engage with new methodologies.

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Caserta: PhD offers private lessons (Latin, humanities, Spanish, Biology) and homework help

- Homework support for elementary and middle schools students (all subjects); - private classes for high school students (Latin, philosophy, history, Italian, English language and literature, Spanish language and literature, biology, law); - help for papers and thesis (bibliographic researchs, organization, writing, layout and printing); - Help for university exams (PHILOSOPHY, PHILOSOPHY...

Banyeres de Mariola
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Learn to study, know how to plan, increase your productivity and acquire study habits

LEARN TO STUDY! Would you like to improve your performance and increase your productivity? Does it cost you to acquire study habits? Do you spend long hours studying and the results are not as expected? You have found your solution! We teach you: - How to organize yourself - How to have free time - How to plan your homework, exams, ... For all ages.

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Professor-Researcher in the Humanities and Social Sciences offers help with homeworks in Marseille from primary to secondary school

Holder of a "Bac S specialization in mathematics" and of a PhD in Social Anthropology and Ethnology (EHESS), I offer personalized tutoring courses to each student with difficulties or wishing to strengthen his knowledge in all subjects from primary school to college. I am available Wednesday afternoon and evening, Thursday and Friday evening, and every other weekend.

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Experienced teacher, gives lessons in French, Spanish, FLE and ES. Around 100 km around Lectoure, Gers.

I hold a Master's Degree in French as a Foreign Language (FLE), a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish, a Bachelor's degree in Economics-Tourism and a high school degree in ES. Subjects taught: French (including FLE), Spanish, English, Italian, Economics, Sociology, History, Geography. Offered levels : high school / BTS / Bachelor.

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PhD in neuroscience provides school support from primary to secondary school or high school in SVT - Hières on Amby / North Isère and South Ain

After a long university degree in biology and teaching at the university, I now teach at home while preparing the CAPES to become a teacher of biology/geology in college and high school. I am therefore able to help primary and middle school students in helping with homework and learning. But also high school students in science or general courses in biology.

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Graduated in Agricultural Sciences proposes homework help for elementary and middle schools, and repetitions in scientific subjects for high schools and professional institutes

I am a master's degree in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. I propose help tasks on all subjects for elementary and middle schools, and repetitions for high schools and professional institutes in scientific subjects: biology, inorganic and organic chemistry, physics, earth sciences, agronomy and food science.

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Engineer offers repetitions of Mathematics and Physics to children of all ages.

I am a graduate in Energy Engineering / Mechanical Engineering at the Milan Polytechnic with study experience in Paris and in California. I offer repetitions of Mathematics and Physics to elementary / middle school and high school students. I can also repeat in English and French. I can put the children at ease always trying to find their strength on which to push to make them learn the best way.

Tyne and Wear
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Education specialist with 12 years experience gives academic support in education and academic skills.

Hello, I support adults and young adults of all ages at a range of levels of study from GCSE to Masters. My lessons are individually tailored to the learner and I mainly implement a semi-structured method of instruction within a directed learning approach.

Jerez de la Frontera
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Biotechnology graduate teaches support classes (science) and languages ​​(Spanish and French) in Jerez

I'm Cristina, graduated in Biotechnology with B2 level of English and B1 of accredited French. I teach support classes (especially science) and languages ​​(English and French) at any level at home. Possibility of displacement to teach the class according to area.

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Graduated - experience in England and Spain - gives English, Spanish, Italian lessons, photography, communication and journalism, homework help

She graduated in communication and marketing at the Nottingham Trent University, with long working experiences in Spain and England (Madrid and London) in the world of communication and journalism, gives lessons of ENGLISH, SPANISH, ITALIAN (Italian for foreigners, grammar, writing etc.

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Student of languages ​​and cultures for international trade gives help for homework to elementary school children and lessons to middle school and high school kids. All subjects for elementary schools

I am a university student with experience in teaching French and Chinese to elementary and middle school children. I am a happy and sunny person, I have experience with children because I have always taken part in grests, summer camps, after-school programmes as an animator.

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High Level Academic Tutoring for Students of All Grade Levels (Newberg, Oregon)

I am a high level professional offering individual academic tutoring to students of all grade levels in the greater Portland Metro (Newberg, Oregon). My education includes the following: MBA in Healthcare (In Progress), Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, B.A. in Psychology.

S divakar
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Efficient and Best Homework Assistance especially in Maths and Physics from i am located in Kochi

I am Divakar residing in Kochi, Kerala. I finished my Undergraduate Degree in Electrical Engineering with First Class and Distinction. I am very interested in subjects like Mathematics (Engineering undergrad level) and Physics ( Higher Secondary level) and I can help anybody in need of me in these subjects.

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Graduate student in Engineering offers repetitions of Mathematics and Physics for middle and high schools

Depending on the level of preparation, the teaching method is personalized. In general we proceed to an explanation of the theoretical argument and then carry out summary exercises. Finally we provide the material / exercises to be carried out autonomously with the possibility of correction via Whatsapp / Skype or on your own in a subsequent meeting.

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Online lessons and repetitions of Mathematics of all levels from middle school to upper level

These lessons are aimed at anyone who wants to deepen or better understand mathematics and improve their knowledge of the subject. I graduated in International Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management with honors and in record time. Through my lessons I will transmit my method of study that allowed me to achieve excellent academic achievements.

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Master's Degree in Economics and Finance. Province of Foggia. With experience in after-school, repetitions of Mathematics-Business Administration, etc. For every level of education.

The pupil, with the support of the teacher, must acquire the method to understand and then be able to approach himself to the 'critical' subjects. The study must become a pleasure and the pupil must acquire the familiarity and safety necessary for an effective understanding. Available for preparation for homework and recovery of scholastic debts. Available for morning lessons.

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