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Dual qualified Early Childhood and Primary school trained teacher offers individual and group tutoring!

Everybody learns differently! We live in a world where we are starting to see the more approaches to learning rather than the typical 1 standard test fits everyone. My teaching styles consists of many different learning styles. I like visual a lot.

Box Hill South
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An Industrial Engineer, currently pursuing MBA gives maths and english lessons to primary school students.

Every student needs a different teaching technique to get his/her interest to study a subject. Once this is identified, the thirst for knowledge is created within the student which makes one learn from the radical level and not just meet the academic requirements but also use and knowledge in real life. Identifying the the right teaching technique is my first step in my teaching methodology.

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University of Adelaide graduate tutors high school and university students in Adelaide

My approach to tutoring is to first get to know the student so that I have an understanding of their needs and expectations. I aim to make my tutoring sessions immersive and enjoyable so that students feel empowered to do their best.

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Curtin's current nursing student provides aid to primary and secondary school students in their after-school homeworks and tutoring in maths and biology if needed.

My teaching method is a bit friendly one along with providing knowledge. I base my classes on examples, lots of examples from things we see in our daily activities. It is a better way to approach topics as well and this way, students and everyone has a visual memory, which in return helps to store it very quickly and remember it for a longer time.

Cairns City
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Improving school performance across all subjects - Qualified teacher status and Masters level degree (Cairns)

I am an approachable and down to earth teacher. I try to use points of common interest with my students to help them not only understand the curriculum, but to enjoy the subject as they learn. I firmly believe that the easiest way to engage young people in education is to be able to relate what they are learning to their individual areas of interest.

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Mature age Teacher Assistant in Hobart offers personal tutoring to willing students

I keep trying different methods until I find a window of learning that works for the individual student. My preferred approach is to build a trusting relationship rapport with the student as a person, leading to rapport. Any child can learn when they feel safe, relaxed and motivated.

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Perth PhD providing tutoring for academic/school support in science, biology, English, writing, agriculture, etc

My teaching method is to work one-on-one with students to customize lessons to each student's needs and learning style. Flexible schedule, can tutor in groups or independently.

Sarah leanne
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Flexble tutor studying in RMIT and looking for students who are interested in academic tutoring

I have prepared materials on my own and sometimes I think it would be better for the students to buy books depending on the situation. I will also take a look at the syllabus and focus on their weaker areas. There would be a test every 2 weeks.

Redland Bay
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Philosophy and English Student and Experienced Tutor Giving Primary School Subjects, and All Ages English, History, Philosophy Lessons

As a student of philosophy and people lover, I change my teaching method for each and every one of my students! Building a strong communicative bond with my students is the BEST way to make sure lessons are both productive and enjoyable for the both of us.

Bondi Junction
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Experienced Primary School Teacher - Young, Passionate and Motivational - Available for homework help and tutoring - Single or Group

I believe ICT plays a huge role in educating children. Please read below about my experience and achievements in teaching with ICT. LEGO Education Innovation Studio As part of my chosen elective (Lego Education), we partook in the premiere of LEGO Education Innovation Studio workshops with children in various schools in Ireland, using LEGO as a learning tool.

Middle Park
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Academic Year 10 student able to give support to primary age students in multiple subjects and areas

Flexible teaching method adaptive to the needs of the student, encouraging and enthusiastic. Past experience in tutoring maths, English, reading, writing, spelling and more lessons range from 30 minutes to one hour.

Largs North
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Flinders University Psychology honour student providing tutoring to high school students in Adelaide

My teaching method is to guide students to help themselves by assessing their own work, but of course still provide guidance to help them with their coursework. Structure of the lesson will depend on the student and what their goals are.

Denistone East
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Macquarie University Student offering to tutor to students from Kindergarten to Year 10 in all areas of NSW Curriculum

My lessons are geared towards Kindergarten - Year 10 students. My lessons can include helping in areas of content where you are struggling, completing past paper questions, revising content, teaching content before it is taught in class giving you a more in-depth knowledge, etc. (the possibilities are endless).

Forest Lake
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Tertiary educated and experienced tutor will make learning fun again! All primary subjects

The first step is to make the child feel competent, so we go back a few steps from where they are struggling and take it from there. Using a range of techniques including kinaesthetic (or tactile), visual, aural learning styles we will find the style that speaks to each individual student.

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Qualified primary school teacher (K-6), Sydney/Greater Sydney region, Masters of teaching (Primary), Bachelor of Arts.

I believe teaching is about: . Blending coherent curricula knowledge with an engaging pedagogy that builds the belief in students that ‘school is for me’. . Making learning relevant and important to children’s 21st century lives. . Integrating ICT into learning to promote student engagement. .

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Electrical Engineering Graduate gives maths, chemistry, and biology lessons to high school students

I approach the topics by breaking down into points, making comparisons through illustrations or drawings, discussion, and questioning. The lessons are structured as point notes and drawings where the student finds it easy to grasp. Homeworks are assigned for practice.

Lake Albert
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Reliable and trustworthy university Bachelor of Education student - Dean's list award winner.

My teaching method is to work together as a team to complete the task in a logical yet successful way. It is important children understand the topic and are able to break down any questions and make sense of what is required before completing the task.

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18 years teaching experience in Perth, WA with over 5 years of tutoring pre-primary to year 10.

My method of teaching has always been to provide real life examples in relation to the curriculum work. Using students' current activities has also helped them connect with the content. Having students use paper work and a mixture of hands-on activities has connected the work and shown that each student has their own areas at which they excel.

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Primary teacher with 15 years experience can tutor primary students in English and Maths

I assist students with their homework or focus on literacy or numeracy. I have experience marking the Naplan assessments. I guide students to do their own thinking and to become independent learners. I work with the students making sure they understand the work.

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Qualified teacher helping primary school students reach their potential on the Gold Coast.

I believe the first step in any educational journey is getting to know each student. Finding out their interests and learning style will assist in tailoring lessons that engage the learner. I enjoy using hands on activities and try to relate learning to everyday life.

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I'm an expert academic and content writer. I will provide plagiarism free work within your given deadline. I have 4 yrs of experience in writing. I always work with passion in every writing project. t

My teaching methodology teaching method comprises the principles and methods used by teachers to enable student learning. These strategies are determined partly on the subject matter to be taught and partly by the nature of the learner.

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University student with A grade high school grades gives Human Biology and Physical Education Studies lessons at home

Due to my limited tutoring experience, I have yet to discover the most effective method of teaching. however, during my gap year, I had the privilege of working in a special needs summer camp in America. Not only did it allow me to work in a multicultural society, it also gave me the tools to become adaptive to different personalities, learning styles and above all, patience.

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Newcastle Politics honours student teaches social justice topics (Politics, Sociology, History, Gender Studies) and English from home

Name: Kegan Mannell Email: (concealed information) Phone: (concealed information) I pride myself on utalsing a methodology that prioritises the power of empathy and a fun learning environment to bring out the best in my students, as such a general lesson structure may involve warm up exercises or games to break the ice before moving onto the purely academic activities.

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I have an Associates in Applied Meteorology, a Bachelors in Mathematics/Nat. Sciences, as well as, a Masters in Accounting. I have a plethora of experience and would love to pass that on. I can tutor

I believe that each person learns in their own special way. My tutoring tailors around each individual so that they understand the material.

Vermont South
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Deakin Juris Doctor Student giving students tutoring in law. Can also tutor finance, maths, business, english, philosophy or nutrition. Qualifications in Accounting and Economics. Twenty years experie

I have been in the accounting and finance industry for over 15 years but have also had a personal interest in health sciences, so as well as the law, i am currently undertaking post graduate studies in human nutrition. A lesson structure could gear towards relevant topics in your own studies that you are trying to tackle or a curiosity for knowledge in a field you have never been able to pursue.

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UWA Student with Professional Experience offers English, Human Biology and Maths Tutoring

I am a Psychology Student at the University of Western Australia with an assured pathway in Psychology Honours. I teach preschool, primary school and high school students. I was trained by a leading tutoring centre called 'Innovative Teaching Academy' and worked there as a Human Biology, Mathematics and English tutor.

Glen Huntly
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Passionate architect and RMIT project management student, have past informal teaching experience,

If you are dont enough time to teach your children, i can help your kid with their homework and teach art and craft science, maths, social science and psychology to primary and high school student. I can also teach languages like hindi and english.

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90+ ATAR WSU Physiotherapy student giving academic tutoring to primary school age kids

91.45 ATAR Band 6 English Advance Band E4 English Extension Band 6 Biology Will be studying at WSU for Bachelor of physiotherapy Can tutor Maths and English for primary school kids. Currently tutoring a year 4 student and involved with Home Tutoring centre.

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A PhD level HSC Marker of Business Studies, Studies of Religion and Modern History would love to guide our Year 11 and 12 students through what to expect in their HSC year.

I am a very experienced high school teacher who has a wealth of tips and strategies to pass onto our.students. My 18 year old son has just finished his HSC and scored a magnificent 94 which gained him entry to an excellent UTS course.

East Fremantle
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Murdoch University Counter-Terrorism graduate offers assistance in the humanities and social sciences

I am able to teach academic analysis techniques and critical thinking. I can teach essay writing, and academic argument formation. The lesson would be tailored to your understanding and perception. The lesson has to be custom built to the individual.

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