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Sippy Downs
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International Student give social science lessons to high school students and younger.

My teaching approach are based around dialogue, where discussions are encouraged and where we set a goal for each meeting/class. The method of "two stars and a wish" is used frequently that focus on strong points (positive) , and one area we will work on.

Maida Vale
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Early Childhood trained teacher available for primary school tutoring in Eastern Suburbs, Perth

I am available to help with any school subject for primary school aged children. I believe that children learn in different ways and like to work with the child to find engaging and hands-on approaches to helping them learn.

O'Sullivan Beach
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PhD in Writing and Communications to assist students with academic essay writing

My teaching methods are either to assist students with specific assignments or projects on a one to one basis, or to give classes in essay writing, script writing or text analysis. My teaching is aimed for students who wish to enter university, or who are already at university and struggling with essay writing. I have also mentored many playwrights and screenwriters on their projects.

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Accredited Tutor with the ATA. Psychology Graduate. Tutoring & Mentoring for SUCCESS

I am in currently completing my thesis at Deakin University with plans to continue on to my Doctorate of Psychology studies. I have great interpersonal skills making me very easy to get along with. There is also the ability to work under pressure as well as great time management so students can get the most out of our tutoring sessions. I have exceptional written and verbal communication.

Salisbury North
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3rd Year student at the University of South Australian- studying to be a teacher

I use Australian Curriculum Content descriptor and achievement standards. I start with knowing students to find out their learning styles, what they want to achieve then create lessons based on their goals and needs then I move into professional development section and teach them.

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Primary school, academic support. Home tutoring in a very reasonable price! Message Now!

I'm a very dedicated person and I know how to work well with different kinds of people. I'll give your children my best to help them achieve their full potential. The lesson will run for 2 hours and it'll be on the weekends as I'm a student too.

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LaTrobe Accounting Student give school support lessons to high school students in Melbourne.

my teaching method is very simple. I first teach with the school book and then share additional notes as per the students requirement, followed by weekly test. I understand every student has a different learning curve and my students get the extra attention and time required to cope up with any tough topic or subject.

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Design Student with nominations in design and art, and state rank in design

I base my classes on the work provided as school, particularly with assessment tasks. I am able to assist in theoretical and practical sections of art and design, and am flexible in my hours. I believe in supporting learning and individual development, rather than providing all the answers.

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Murdoch University PhD Candidate offering academic support to students of all ages

Having previously worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and a bilingual kindergarten teacher in Japan, my lessons are catered towards learners of various subjects of all ages.

Elizabeth East
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Year 11 student | Tutor | Babysitter | House duties | Cleaning and cooking | Contact me now

I have an equivalent level of English, maths, science and other subjects to tutor children in primary school that need help with their homework and course work. I also can teach ukulele and a little bit of other music knowledge. I also offer babysitting including house work and cooking.

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MBA Graduate gives lessons to high school and uni students in Joondalup

I'm graduate of MBA and has over 05 years managerial experience in financial sector. Looking forward to help in Marketing & Business Management subjects for high school students & undergraduates. My teaching will mainly focus with real world case studies and discussions which will enable the student to practically understand the theories lernt.

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Tutoring Across all subjects of study and from all schools in Canberra

My teaching methods are kinaesthetic, meaning that I would explain how to complete an activity or whatever needs to be done, as well as, showing how to complete the activity. That way I am catering to both the audio and visual learners at the same time.

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University of Sydney Medical Science student teaching in a wide range of subjects from K-HSC in Sydney East

I believe that learning is different for every person, and understand that many teachers don't have the time that is necessary to cater to all kid needs in the classroom. I will be able to explain the fundamental processes and concepts in many subject areas which make being able to complete problem solving tasks actually manageable, not just providing a vague understanding of the subject.

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RMIT Creative Writing student gives private tutoring in Philosophy and Art Theory for high school students in Melbourne

I’m a friendly and flexible individual, and I base my sessions on my students individual needs. My style of tutoring is to help my students reach specific goals, identifying their strengths and weaknesses in their academic work, and motivating them to do their personal best, and gain confidence in their abilities.

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Newcastle med student offering help and guidance to high schoolers and GAMSAT-takers

I am a first year Medical student at the University of Newcastle. I am offering tutoring and guidance for IB, UMAT and GAMSAT (particularly in terms of the Science and Essay sections). My teaching methodology is flexible and depends on the individual needs of the student. I usually like my students to let me know beforehand what they’d like to go through in our lesson.

Fairfield West
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Psychology Student from Fairfield available to tutor students and help with homework

Tutoring Primary to High School students in Maths and English! I base classes on Australian curriculum textbooks. I also write my own work for students to help with student's weaknesses. I closely follow their school's curriculum so that we will learn the topics ahead of school. A typical lesson would include book work, worksheets, help with any difficult school homework/assignments.

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Perth education assistant gives academic support to primary, high school and uni students

I tend to encourage my students to be able to work autonomously as well as in a group environment. I teach mainly through demonstration and facilitation. My believe if a student can solve a problem with minimal assistance it increases self-confidence and fosters a love for learning.

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QUT Master of Business graduate assisting students with business disciplines (marketing, management & IMC)

My teaching method is to make sure students understand key principles and theories from a practical perspective. This ensures students can apply these methods to exam or assignment setting.

Canning Vale
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Murdoch Uni student with 96 ATAR offering high school tutoring in all areas.

I base my teaching around the individual student. I hope to create a non-stressful environment where my students feel comfortable and open to ask for help as much as they need. I aim for my students not to feel pressured to perform above their ability but to have the opportunity to work to their highest potential.

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Murdoch University Criminology and Psychology Graduate, tutoring offered for general school subjects

My teaching method differs depending on the student and their learning ability.

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Professional tutor providing innovative teaching lessons to all students seeking support and want to excel in their studies

I believe in deep understanding of concepts rather than cramming and making them understand everything in detail and motivates them to practice and learn and try to write themselves rather than copy and paste.

Sippy Downs
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University of Sunshine Coast law and criminology student gives a variety of lessons for high school students and university students

My teaching method reflects the students desired and most beneficial way of learning, I try out different ways to find which one the student understands best. I also try and make learning as much fun as possible. I base my classes on what they are learning within their classroom that semester.

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VCE Studio Arts & VCE Arts Tutoring for Folio and Theory Support, Tutoring & Materials

I like to guide students, not direct. I ask questions about their work, how they go about it and what they're doing, challenging them to think for themselves rather then providing an answer for them.

Sandy Bay
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High school/college tutor. Graduated from Friends’ School ( ATAR98), and currently completing honours in psychology at UTAS.

I am flexible in my approach. Especially for year 11/12 students I help them to prepare for TCE exams - understand the course content, and how to apply this to exams and assignments they are given.

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Secondary Mathematics Teacher Wagga Wagga giving maths lessons and tutoring to high school studtents

I use explicit teaching as my key plank for helping students understand mathematics. I put the content in ways and language that students can understand or relate to. I take out the jargon and employ student centred methods including technology to help students 'get it.

Dee Why
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4th Year Primary Education Student, finishing in 2019. Very familiar with the nsw syllabus and what kids need to know and at what level they should know it at. I can do assessments and make individual

My teaching method is positive reinforcement and collaborative thoughtful work. I believe students learn in a positive enviorment and enjoy collaborating and talking when they are doing activities. They are more active and engaged when they are reinforcements with positive energy.

Camp Hill
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Tutoring all primary and high school subjects, health and fitness and university subjects in Political Science International Relations and Peace and Conflict by a master graduate with extensive tutori

I base my classes on the needs of the student. First we clarify where they need assistance. I then take note of all exams and assignments in this area. Second we work on the area, this could be assisting with an assignment, homework or going over classwork. I never do the work for them, I only help them clarify the concepts and assist them.

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Commerce Student (Majoring in Accounting and Finance) can Tutor General Acadamic Study Techniques

My approach to teaching is based upon stylized learning around the individual's learning technique and ability. My primary focus is making sure my student retains the information for the long term. A common approach I use is, I do - We do - You do.

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Project management student provides academic tutoring for primary students to college students in Brisbane.

I've been teaching English as a Second Language for 3 years now. I majored in Business Management. I specialized in technical and customer service. I've been with the call center industry for more than 10 years. I have been teaching English offline as a source of income while I am working as a technical analyst in a call center. I teach basic, intermediate, business and casual English.

Pacific Pines
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Master of Business Administration Graduate with current teacher experience offer high school and uni student support!

I believe in an individualised philosophy where each student is allowed to learn in the way he/she prefers - whether it requires reading support, memory games, visual exercises or involvement of games I adapt all lesson structure as needed. As I am currently working as teacher of a mixed-age class, I have proven ability to adapt my teaching skills as necessary.

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Perfect! Kirsten is very professional and we are very happy with her work.

Dane, Student
2 months ago
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