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University Student Offering Tutoring for High School Students in Music, Maths, English, AIT & Biology Fields

My teaching method is focused on equipping students with a strong understanding of core concepts, enabling them to approach questions that they will be asked under test conditions. Therefore, my lessons are individually tailored around areas of difficulty & preparing students for assessment tasks.

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Accredited Tutor with the ATA. Psychology Graduate. Tutoring & Mentoring for SUCCESS

I am in currently completing my thesis at Deakin University with plans to continue on to my Doctorate of Psychology studies. I have great interpersonal skills making me very easy to get along with. There is also the ability to work under pressure as well as great time management so students can get the most out of our tutoring sessions. I have exceptional written and verbal communication.

Salisbury North
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3rd Year student at the University of South Australian- studying to be a teacher

I use Australian Curriculum Content descriptor and achievement standards. I start with knowing students to find out their learning styles, what they want to achieve then create lessons based on their goals and needs then I move into professional development section and teach them.

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Primary school, academic support. Home tutoring in a very reasonable price! Message Now!

I'm a very dedicated person and I know how to work well with different kinds of people. I'll give your children my best to help them achieve their full potential. The lesson will run for 2 hours and it'll be on the weekends as I'm a student too.

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LaTrobe Accounting Student give school support lessons to high school students in Melbourne.

my teaching method is very simple. I first teach with the school book and then share additional notes as per the students requirement, followed by weekly test. I understand every student has a different learning curve and my students get the extra attention and time required to cope up with any tough topic or subject.

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Design Student with nominations in design and art, and state rank in design

I base my classes on the work provided as school, particularly with assessment tasks. I am able to assist in theoretical and practical sections of art and design, and am flexible in my hours. I believe in supporting learning and individual development, rather than providing all the answers.

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Murdoch University PhD Candidate offering academic support to students of all ages

Having previously worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and a bilingual kindergarten teacher in Japan, my lessons are catered towards learners of various subjects of all ages.

Elizabeth East
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Year 11 student | Tutor | Babysitter | House duties | Cleaning and cooking | Contact me now

I have an equivalent level of English, maths, science and other subjects to tutor children in primary school that need help with their homework and course work. I also can teach ukulele and a little bit of other music knowledge. I also offer babysitting including house work and cooking.

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MBA Graduate gives lessons to high school and uni students in Joondalup

I'm graduate of MBA and has over 05 years managerial experience in financial sector. Looking forward to help in Marketing & Business Management subjects for high school students & undergraduates. My teaching will mainly focus with real world case studies and discussions which will enable the student to practically understand the theories lernt.

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High school graduate girl gives school support/tutoring lessons in math and English also providing babysitting if needed

my teaching method is usually 1 on 1 or in small groups i base my classes on who i am teaching and what their hobbies and likes are. i am most suited to teaching the younger students who are struggling emotionally in school as i have personal experience that can be of help in convincing them get on the right track and giving them advice and methods to help the in dealing with emotional struggles.

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I would like to help people with school homework from ages Kindy to year 6

I like to teach each person with what their strengths are and work on from that.

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Education Student at UTAS offering assistance to Primary and Secondary students Launceston

I will allow students to enhance what is being taught at their school with new strategies that suit their learning style. It is important that teaching of content is individualised, which is not necessarily done in all classrooms. I am here to develop an individual technique for all students.

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Exceptional Academic writing tutor with 10 years teaching experience at Australian Universities.

Have a qualified University academic skills Advisor and English language teacher check your written work for grammar, spelling, structure, formatting, voice, flow and logic. I can review your work and send you feedback on what and how to improve your work to ensure best results.

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OP1, Academic Scholarship Recipient at UQ gives academic tutoring from Maths/Physics/Chemistry/Biology to English and Geography

I tailor my teaching method to each student's individual needs, from assignment tips to covering class content. I am a big believer that we learn best from being tested, and will regularly provide my students with small, low-stakes, quizzes so that we can accurately track how they are progressing.

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English and History double major and past teaching assistant at UK boarding school gives lessons to Melbourne primary and secondary students

My lessons are geared towards all students as I am to encourage engagement in learning through adaptability and tailoring to the needs of a student. My tutoring structure would take into account what the student is having trouble with, what any teachers comments have highlighted and what I believe could be improved.

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UQ Master's student helping students with their studies at their door step

My approach is creative learning where interacting with studies helps them to concentrate on studies. Making the classes go easier with more fun would welcome them to the interest of learning the subject more which helps their academic profile.

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University of Melbourne 2nd year Psychology/Anthropology major and International Baccelaureate alumnus tutoring in English, SL biology and so on

I teach by finding out what a student requires help with and helping them through it in logical, easy-to-follow steps. Good at breaking difficult concepts down into easy parts, and collaborating with student to help them learn for themselves. Ultimately depends on the kind of student, content and skills that need teaching.

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Primary teacher with a Master of Education (with TESOL) providing tutoring for students in Perth. Mainly for primary-aged students however possibly high school as well for the English subject area.

As an English tutor, I would begin with the student discussing what their homework/task is about and the areas in which they are weak at, particular to the task. I would then discuss my knowledge and ideas upon the task, and if available, allude to the student’s rubric for the best mark for the particular student.

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NSW recognised experienced teacher gives Science and Maths lessons upto year 10 and biology lessons to year 11 & 12

I did BSc in 1979 and then did BEd. After this I did Masters of Science and then in 1988 I completed my PhD degree. I first assess the student and accordingly make the plan. I use different methods of teaching according to the need of the student.

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Shamli,UQ research student of Agricultural science gives tuitions to primary, high school and University students.

As I am a student too so I know how to learn and gain things when sometimes it’s difficult to understand.I never fed up and give up until the student gain those things no matter how many times he or she will ask.

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Bachelor Degree in Primary Education in Tweed Region eager to tutor primary students K-6

I offer engaging lessons that are tailor made to the individual. I am a young and enthusiastic teacher and love to support students on their learning journey to develop their skills where they are needed. My teaching caters to both the advanced and developing students that are eager to work alongside an encouraging and dynamic mentor.

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Newcastle area tutoring.Teaching graduate and environmental science masters offers reliable service. Years 7-10 all subjects. Biology, Earth and Environmental and PDHPE or 11 and 12.

I will aim to co-ordinate with the student, parents and student's teachers to cover material and concepts that will increase a students performance while also increasing their thirst for knowledge. An approach I believe is essential in order to promote effective and long term learning. After all we are all different and therefore learn in different ways. Inspire understanding.

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Masters of Science Student gives all subject lessons up to Grade 10

I am a friendly, patient tutor that encourages and supports students to be independent, self-learners. Lessons will be geared towards areas the students are personally finding challenging. Then, challenging concepts will be broken down into sequential, step by step lessons.

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Qualified teacher able to provide tutoring across a range of subjects at both primary and high school level.

With five years teaching experience in an Outstanding London school, I have developed a range of pedagogical teaching methods that aim to inspire, enthuse and excite students, alongside consolidating new knowledge. Graded as an outstanding teacher for the past three years, I understand the intricacies of the curriculum and how students learn effectively within this framework.

Hope Island
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Primary Teacher tutors students to success and growth on the Gold Coast

Qualified and experienced Primary Teacher who focuses on individual success and growth by finding out how your child learns best! Learning must be engaging and fun where the lessons are driven by the students and what they want to achieve. No two lessons are the same as all students vary in their abilities and capabilities.

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Adelaide Primary/High School/Uni tutor, English/Maths/Science/Humanities subjects, fun, innovative and engaging tutoring sessions.

I am passionate about students discovering the best method for them to learn, from verbal learning to drawing subject content on the whiteboard! Whatever method works, I am excited to support students and witness them become enthusiastic about their learning!

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Psychology student with 2 years of tutoring experience, offering essay writing in English and History to a HSC level, based in St George area of Sydney

I am an enthusiastic and motivated individual who is dedicated to seeing students achieve their full potential. Lessons are catered to the students needs, but could include goal setting, drafting and proofreading, and organising a plan to engage with future homework and assignments.

Redland Bay
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Philosophy and English Student and Experienced Tutor Giving Primary School Subjects, and All Ages English, History, Philosophy Lessons

As a student of philosophy and people lover, I change my teaching method for each and every one of my students! Building a strong communicative bond with my students is the BEST way to make sure lessons are both productive and enjoyable for the both of us.

Bondi Junction
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Experienced Primary School Teacher - Young, Passionate and Motivational - Available for homework help and tutoring - Single or Group

I believe ICT plays a huge role in educating children. Please read below about my experience and achievements in teaching with ICT. LEGO Education Innovation Studio As part of my chosen elective (Lego Education), we partook in the premiere of LEGO Education Innovation Studio workshops with children in various schools in Ireland, using LEGO as a learning tool.

Middle Park
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Academic Year 10 student able to give support to primary age students in multiple subjects and areas

Flexible teaching method adaptive to the needs of the student, encouraging and enthusiastic. Past experience in tutoring maths, English, reading, writing, spelling and more lessons range from 30 minutes to one hour.

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