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Student in college of arts and french letters gives French courses in Lille

Hello! My name Daoni Nguyen, 18, currently studying humanities and arts at the Catholic University of Lille.

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Student in history at Paris-Sorbonne gives tuition class, French ... primary to high school near Paris

Hello, I am currently studying sociology and history option Norwegian at the University Paris-Sorbonne (Paris 4) I have previously obtained a bachelor ES (Economic and Social). even I have brothers and sister I know that a child is captivated a child with confidence and the person in front of celui-ci.

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Helping you to achieve your goals - Helping your kids to gain confidence

- Willing to help you in progressing in French, English, German (until high school level) - Providing methodology sessions to improve your productivity, energy management, reduce stress and gain confidence - Supporting your kids in homeworks - Empathetic I am adapting my message, my teaching style - improvisation and great listening will make the difference - Patient and warming

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Teacher Education with English specialty Pirmaria class gives children / as of Elementary and Secondary Education in Seville math, English, social and language. Also organization, structure d

I am a primary school teacher specializing in English. I have experience as an instructor, cheerleader leisure and professor of individuals to address different areas of Elementary and Secondary Education classes.

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French primary teacher offers tutoring for elementary and middle school students in both french and english

I am currently studying for a Master's degree in teaching, but I've taught at several schools. I taught in a French immersion school in the United States in 2015-2016. I am trained in several types of teaching, I use tools like drama and relaxation to help students better understand and learn more effectively.

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LYON - French courses and French literature + Tutoring students for homework

I am currently studying English at the Ecole Normale Supérieure. After three years of literary preparatory class and a literary baccalaureate, I think I have acquired a sufficient level to work with students ranging from primary to higher on the French, whether as a language as with literary texts. I will especially focus on what can cause you problems and adapt myself to it.

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Hotel Management Student provides homework assistance, methodology, and academic support in Bordeaux

I am a student at Vatel Bordeaux, a Hotel and Tourism Mangement School. I have lived in the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi and I am from Lebanon. I have a french baccalauréat in Abu Dhabi specialised in mathematics. . I had a lot of responsibility throughout the yars. I'm very rigorous and organized.

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College graduate with a degree and certification in Early Childhood and Special Education, located in the Pittsburgh area. I am looking forward to giving lessons in academics, reading, literacy, test

I graduated from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania with a bachelors degree in Earlu Childhood Education and Special Education. I am experienced with teaching in the virtual environment. I taught English to students in China through an online classroom. I strongly believe in basing instruction off of the students needs and in the most effective way that helps them learn.

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Dual Master student in Corporate and Public Management between Sciences Po and HEC offers lessons

Entering a M1 in Corporate and Public Management in HEC and Sciences Po Paris, I offer my tutor services. I've been tutoring students of all ages and all levels for four years. I just finished a double licence in Applied Mathematics and Political Sciences between Sciences Po and HEC. My both scientific and arts profile enables me to help students in a really large range of subjects.

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Italian Courses in Paris center and suburbs

Doctor of Philosophy (University of Paris IV), with long experience in teaching, offers language courses adapted to all requirements, all levels and all ages. Teaching method: progressive training in oral and written language. Conversation. Exercises in oral and written comprehension. Reading of excerpts from the press. Speaking in Italian.

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French lessons tailored to your needs by experienced french teacher in Paris

Between work and pleasure, why do you need to choose ? Why not try both while working "writing" and "speaking" ? With tailored lessons, you will move forward in your goals (academic, cultural or professional) needing to master Molière's language.

Ponte San Nicolò
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Help for homeworks and repetition of foreing languages and humanities subjects

I'm Giorgia, I'm 26 years old. I have a master degree in clinical psychology and a phd degree in tourism management. I lived in different European cities for this reason I learned several languages ​​as well as also several methods of study and learning.

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Student in 2nd year of prep school in Pau teaches methodology, reading and school supports

My methodology courses, reading and academic supports is designed for students from elementary to high school. The first session will review a lesson to understand where the student's difficulties are. I develop schedules, of course leaflets and patterns of minds.

San Diego
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MCAT Private Tutor in San Diego (Scored in the 98th percentile) Current Medical Student

I am a current medical student at UCSD and while preparing for my own MCAT, I learned that I greatly enjoyed teaching the material. I scored in the 98th percentile when I took the new MCAT and since then I have helped others prepare themselves.

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Serious high school student from Sciences Po (Euro-American campus) giving courses and coaching students

I first uses examples to derive the theory and not the reverse as it is too often done in school. I explain in several ways. I am very patient and can't end a lesson without being sure that my student understood what we studied.

María del mar
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Student of Philology offers private lessons to high school students in Seville

Today, with 18 years, study the Degree of Hispanic Studies from the University of Seville. I am passionate about the performing arts and languages; but I do not close doors to anything and I love new experiences. My techniques and teaching methods are based essentially implement the whole theory has been learned. My motto is: no theory without practice, therefore if there is no theory, no practice.

Rosa marina
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Personalized tutoring and high schools in all subjects established

Professional secondary education, secondary education, vocational training and language training for the specialty of drawing and plastic, visual and audio-visual and Engineer Building arts. Very oriented to obtaining good results with an excellent capacity for work and concept of responsibility. Analytical skills to define strategies and make quick and sound decisions.

La Madeleine
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Former student of hypokhâgne (CPGE) and actually student in Cinema gives courses in joy and good humor!

Holder of a Literary bachelor and former student of preparatory classes, I propose to help students in my headlights areas: humanities, English, history, French of course...I'm more oriented toward general culture. I am also a musician for 9 years (violist) I can offer a course or support theory.

Lyon 6e
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Tutoring High School Mathematics Physics Chemistry from the sixth grade to the graduating class.

Tuition at the student's home. High School Mathematics Physics. Chemistry. Help to solve a group of exercises on a given theme. Identification of the points that need to be improved. Learning assistance on those points. Exercises.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
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Architect gives private lessons for primary school students in maths in Las Palmas

I am an accidental traveller, a sociable introvert, a relentless story teller, a passionate for children, a planning improviser, a lover of challenges, an around-the-house adventurer, a cross-culture communication explorer, an observer of daily, a pseudo-budhist agnostic, a confidence booster, a self-taught with education, an inborn motivator, an energy sparker, and a smile hunter....

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Experience with the duty while creative philosophy arts drawing

As a student and currently in Licence 3 of Fine Arts, I do and as diplomas obtained before returning to the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès, a pro tray EDPI (Study Of Definition And Industrial Products), the BEP.

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Law and politics student teaches every one who need it =)

As I am student of racing branch of social science, I prefer to teach in this field, ie, math, language, history, philosophy or economics.

San Fernando de Henares
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Early Childhood Education teacher offered to care for children and reinforcing materials.

I majored in Teaching Early Childhood Education at the University Center Cardinal Cisneros Alcala de Henares. I have experience teaching school classes. My duties (collection and delivery of children to their parents, teaching English, etc.) were.

Paris 17e
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Student literary preparatory classes (upper Letters) provides language tuition and humanities in Paris

I offer tutoring to students may be in elementary, middle and end up. Making studies of letters (upper High School Letters to Molière in Paris), I specialize in literary matters, either French, philosophy and also languages ​​(English, Spanish, German (Bachelor level) and Latin).

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Schoolgirl offer French lessons, homework help, babysitting, methodological assistance to students or foreign persons

Hello, I am a high school student 17 years. My courses are for students who have difficulties in French or just want to progress or, homework assistance which serve more in accompanying the child to independence. I pin my classes on the exchange with the student and the methodology.

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Law student gives private lessons in language, mathematics and school support. For children or adults.

I am a young girl of 20 years, who loves children and teach them or help them become better in their studies. I am currently pursuing a degree in Law at the Autonomous University of Madrid. I like teaching encouraging them to understand in a fun way and are passionate about what they do.

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You want to improve your studies? Contact me and we will make entertaining your long hours of effort.

I am a teacher with experience in small classes of students. Dynamic and attractive techniques are my strong for the toughest materials. Everything can get if you want to get. Contact me and we will draw out those who resist materials.

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Third year student Business Administration and former student of French school offers tutoring and English, French or Spanish lessons and exam preparation help. In Barcelona, ​​Castelldefels or Gava.

As an older sister and with my experience in teaching children up to 16 years, my classes are fun and entertaining. My classes are dedicated especially to children who need a boost and they need someone to study as well as children who are learning a language or want to start. I am hardworking and serious and I like to give classes as I would like my classes to be.

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Tutoring, center of Toulouse! Master student in humanities , English / French bilingual

Hello, I offer tutoring for all levels (CP - University (except for the Bac S sciences subjects). My specialty would be the humanities (history, sociology, philosophy, etc.) . I also give English lessons, all levels. I live in the center of Toulouse, near the Daurade and I have no car, so I depend on transport.

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I'm a biologist, I live in Rome, I give tuition in mathematics and English sciences

I am a biologist who has lived 14 years abroad, so I am a native English speaker, I am a teacher in high school. The method is varied, changing the lessons each time. They really like using the PC, the lessons must be interactive.

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