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Master's degree in Information, Communication and Publishing Sciences offers lessons for homework help and after-school assistance. My lessons are based on the acquisition of m

My lessons are based on the acquisition of method and involvement (also emotional) to the subject. There are no mnemonic or overly technical studies, but the student will have to learn to acquire any notion or concept with a personal method and path. The lesson will be personalized based on the type of student (age, gender, interests, personal path), interactive and dynamic.

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Psychology student in Dijon, babysitting and homework help from primary school to high school

I approach the course by clearly explaining the key concepts of the chapter and then doing application exercises. For children, I can help them better understand by taking the time to explain everything simply. I can teach you to organize your work to do it more efficiently, to make flash cards and mnemonics that will save you a lot of time.

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School support in English, Catalan, Spanish, Mathematics, Natural and Social Sciences / Review classes for Primary and ESO

I am a student of Psychology at the University of Barcelona and I would like to finish dedicating myself to education (I'm passionate!). I teach private and refresher classes in English, Catalan, Spanish, mathematics, social and natural sciences for elementary and ESO. (English, cat and cast also for Bachillerato).

Reggio Emilia
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Student at the second degree, offered for help elementary and middle school RE

Primary school education student, already sociology graduate, offering for homework help for kids in primary and secondary schools. Patient, precise and reliable, I love spend time with children and help them with firmness and understanding. Mainly humanistic training.

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Graduate of HEC Paris and UCL - Assistance with the preparation of admission records and interviews and examinations of foreign universities in the UK (Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, UCL, King's College, War

Graduate of HEC (Grande Ecole program) and UCL (Law School), a former student of the Lycée Louis le Grand, I admitted to the best universities in the world, I propose to accompany you and coach you prepare for your admission records , your interviews and you also incorporate the best foreign universities worldwide Bachelor or Master (Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, LSE, Warwick, Harvard, Yale,...

New York
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Young and Experienced Psychology and Sociology Teacher Offering Superb online Quality Tutoring

My classes are fun, interesting and overall challenging but fair. I develop critical thinking skills that are essential for the modern day worker through debate, academic writing, and research. I have a special emphasis on grammatical and writing skills that will improve your essays, speeches, and academic performance.

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Senior lecturer, Academic tutor and supervisor at a Russel group university

As an experienced academic I can support with academic writing of essays and assignment, academic coaching and support. I am a specialist in learning, teaching, education, social science, science and construction.

Paris 12e
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Computer programming courses (C, C ++, Python, etc.), Windows or Linux and computer security

Hello, I am currently an engineer. I have already provided trainings to groups of people in an association and a significant number of people do not bother me. These trainings were mostly about computer security or free software. I also helped classmates. I am here in order to give courses on various fields of computer engineering or help in this field.

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Experienced English teacher, with a background in linguistics, for IELTS and academic English help in London

I have been a pre-sessional English teacher for over 5 years and have worked in a number of colleges and universities, both here in the U.K. and abroad. I prefer a tailored structure to lessons, which are guided by the wants and aims of the student.

San Antonio
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Educator and Education Administrator offering College Application, Essay and Scholarship Help to High School Students

I am a College Administrator with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Education. I taught High School history for two years. I am interested in helping high school students with College applications, entrance essays and scholarships. I plan to help build writing, resume building, scholarship and school research skills.

Paris 7e
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American teacher offers courses in English language, Political Science, Cinéma for all levels

I welcome all levels of students, and have taught in a wide variety of contexts, from english to children at their home to cinema analysis and history in a university setting.

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French teacher for foreigners gives courses in Nice and its surroundings.

Want to learn French for study in France. You wish to settle in France to live or to do business. You want to improve your communication, writing, oral presentations. I can help you. All skills are worked on: understanding / speaking; comprehension / writing; interaction. + Phonetics. Method tested and approved. And all this in a good mood.

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Graduated in Human-Machine Interaction, she offers design lessons and thesis support in Pisa

I believe that the best approach is that of learning by doing and that the methodology, however, must vary according to the needs of those who study and the subject matter. The motivation for learning is fundamental, what I try to convey, besides the concepts, is the passion for the subject.

San Bernardo
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Student of pedagogy maked classes of reinforcement of school subjects, basic and media

My teaching method is based on explaining the subject with facts of each day, being patient and dactical, in which my student at the end of each session understands and analyzes the subject. And furthermore, what is explained is questioned.

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GCSE student offering help with maths to students and young children up to year 9 students

Normally I use whiteboards to interact with my students I use math quizzes at the end of lessons sometimes . I first identify the problem and work through the question with the student in stages so that they are then capable of having a go by themselves without any help.

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Diploma in Social Work, specialized in children, for nanny, English teacher and school support

My teaching method is interactive, and fun, because children need to learn by having fun and making them participants at all times with small games and questions to get their attention.

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IITians Tutorial for Chemistry/ Delhi, Guwahati/Vimal Pratap Singh(M.Sc. In Chemistry from IIT Guwahati/ Join us to be a chemistry expert.

Teaching is always like a question answer session, I believe to be a teacher you have be a student at the same time to understand the problems of a student. So join me for Chemistry from 9th to JEE / JAM/GATE/CSIR-NET level.

San Donato Milanese
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All Literary subjects, Latin, English, Mathematics. Experience in dyslexia learning and in mental maps.

I graduated in Modern Letters. I have many years of experience in private teaching, even to children with learning disabilities. My lessons are highly personalized. Depending on the student's ability to reprocess and replay, I provide customized summary maps per subject. Use, where appropriate and advisable, web tools to support and integrate learning.

Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII
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I offer private lessons for elementary, middle and high school students in Bergamo

My methodology is based on the use of schemes and summaries according to the needs of the student for a better comprehension. During the lessons I'll try to make the students feel comfortable to make the study more pleasant. My private lessons are for elementary, middle and high school students looking for help both in the study and in the performance of their homework.

Cerdanyola del Vallès
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Private classes of English, for children and teenagers in Cerdanyola del Vallés

My name is Alba and I am a University student in Barcelona. My specialties are languages ​​(Spanish, Catalan, English and French), biology, history and philosophy. In addition to the basic levels of all the subjects of the school and the ESO. I adjust to the needs of the students as well as their level.

Paris 6e
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Support and Conversation in Italian

I propose a course of Italian, concentrated mainly on conversation and according to the will of the students, on the Italian literature. Having lived 10 years in Italy, I did all my studies the bottom before coming to Paris. I got a tray at the Liceo Classico Linguistico, the equivalent of a Bac L with also three foreign languages ​​and literatures (English, French and Spanish).

St. Augustine
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Retired Medical Doctor Available for tutoring in natural and health sciences. Take the opportunity to learn through this Excellent resource for better understanding, grades and retention of material i

I am Christine Danielson, MD. I am a retired Board Certified Family Practice physician, also a therapist, certified in modalities of energy medicine and psychology. I am available for general biology but my expertise would highly benefit those studying health sciences, physiology, human anatomy and pharmacology.

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Qualified teacher gives french lessons tutoring, translations, all ages & levels,

Qualified and experienced teacher private lessons, all levels - children & adults 2002 Level CAPES - University & IUFM Montpellier 2000 Bachelor's Degree - University Montpellier 1999 Certificate of Proficiency in English - Anglia Polytechnic University, Cambridge

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Teaching the way of learning not just reading the book. Join now

My basic method of teaching is to relate each and every topic with the real life situations. And these real life situations allows you to understand the topic in seconds rather then hours and days. Virtual imagination of a topic allows you to memorize it for years not for hours.

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Learn from the Best Teacher in the course. A well experienced IIT FOUNDATION Teacher is available this Summer in HANAMKONDA

My teaching method is student friendly maintaining Discipline with lively examples.

Jardim Republica
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Private lessons / tutoring, for all school levels in São Paulo or online via Skype or Google Hangout.

Private courses in engineering, computer science and mathematics in São Paulo or online via Skype or Google Hangout. SCHEDULE YOUR 1ST CLASS FOR FREE! Curriculum: Graduated in production engineering with international experience.

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Student of Economics and International Business in bilingual option, experience with students for 3 years

I try to teach in a way that my student not only understands what I am explaining, but is able to explain it. It is not about swallowing a book, but about internalizing it. I like that my students have fun while they learn.

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Graphic Design student teaches language classes, school review, help with homework and preparation for exams.

My method is to respect what students request according to the need for it. I have a scientific baccalaureate, so I can also teach mathematics, chemistry and biology. And also give classes of common subjects of both ESO and baccalaureate.

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Third year student of psychology, I offer my homework help services in Nîmes.

My name is Mathilde, I'm 20 years old. I am currently in the third year of psychology. My goal is to continue in Master MEEF to become a teacher of schools. I offer my classes for kindergarten / primary / college students until the second. Being in possession of BAFA, I know other learning methods like the game for example for the little ones.

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Student with 10 years of graduate science studies gives homework help in Brussels

I just finished a doctorate in geophysics and geology in the USA and I've been studying for the past 10 years since I left school (3 yr bachelor, 1 yr master, 6 yr PhD) so I have a strong background in sciences (physics, chemistry, maths, biology, geography ...).

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