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Learning the power of colour, using acrylic on canvas to create an abstract piece. Melbourne

First I think it's really important to learn that painting is not just about the outcome of your piece but the journey that it will take you on. Letting go of any insecurities and fear of "not doing a good job" or "not turning out how I wanted it to". Being open and free to believing that it's okay to make mistakes. I believe lessons like these are essential for everyday life.

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RMIT University Fine Art Graduate offers art lessons for children and young adults!

My teaching method will be inspired by Reggio Emilia approach. This is where the program will be student-centered and constructivist that uses self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments. I believe that art is one of the platforms to introduce a structured yet nurturing path for children to grow.

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Rap Music with twenty years of experience giving lessons at home online and in schools.

My teaching method is open base on student- subject specific base on the student level of understanding and skills. Am a freestyle person to suit the client/person or student in question. It can also be a subject base lesion.

Darling Heights
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Visual Arts teacher give art lessons to primary and high school students

my teaching methodology is use the tools, methods and techniques that can be used in making art works. I want to teach students that want to learn the basics of drawing, painting and printmaking. Usually, this means looking at using the various media and techniques to make individual artworks.

Banora Point
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Creative artistic teacher focusing on student development, individual talent and unique abilities

My teaching style is helping build confidence in the students own abilities and unique talents. Sharing my passion and knowledge and building a strong foundation for the student. I have a strong foundation in art and design and have studied and master my craft for many years.

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Self taught Year 11 Visual Arts student, can run Painting, Drawing and Art Lessons for Primary School students in Hinchinbrook and Green Valley area

I am geared towards primary school students who wish to advance their skills and creativity in an informal, non-competitive setting, with individual freedom and an opportunity to discover new ways of expressing themselves. My teaching method is to plan lessons ahead, and focus on a different skills with each activity, while encouraging individual creativity and a personal touch to each activity.

Peregian Beach
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Victorian College of the Arts Graduate teaching high school students, university students and adults painting and drawing techniques.

My teaching method is very hands on. I believe the best way to learn is to allow students to get a physical feel for the medium they wish to work in and therefeore can work through problems and together we find the solutions. I work with secondary school students to develop their portfolio for entrance onto university. I teach artsists at all skill levels.

South Perth
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Experienced Artist gives Fun and exciting Art classes in my home in South Perth

My teaching method is I work intuitively and I have a core belief that everyone is creative in there own way I love working with colour and I combine the creative process with a range of techniques to support your outcome.

Port Macquarie
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"Mural artist with BA degree, TAFE Associate dip. of Fine Arts and about 5 years of teaching experience would like to unlock your world of creativity and imagination!"

My teaching methodology is based on a communicative and creative approach. I use the everyday situation, movies, literature, popular culture, history, and many games that awaken the creative side of my students, while I also use certain techniques to improve their skills.

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B. Fine Arts. Abstract painting on canvas. Printmaking by creating own printing plates

I base my classes on what the students are interested in. I teach how to look at the world with an eye for detail and how to view different objects and see things that are normally missed. I use charcoal for drawing images onto canvas as a base and then painting what your imagination can come up with.

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UTAS Visual Art (honors) student offering in-home Visual Art lessons to those aged 6 to 16

My lesson structure would be strongly based around the student's artistic inclinations and interests, as well as experimenting with new techniques and materials in order to expand their confidence, resilience and artistic skill-set.

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Art Practice, Art Theory and Art History tutor for individuals and groups

My teaching method is very self-paced, I cannot move on from a topic if my student doesn’t completely grasp it. I am also a very ‘black and white’ learner-I can’t understand something without order, so I try to implement the easiest, most straight forward methods in my classes.

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Creative art and craft using mixed media for children in joondalup area

I teach by demonstration using step by step and working with the student to help them to create a piece of given art. The student is supported whole way through the process as we all work together. They go away with an experience they can try for themselves.

Clear Island Waters
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Art teacher, with experience in a broad range of different techniques and media.

I cover a broad range of techniques with a range of mediums varying from pencil sketching, watercolour, pastel to acrylic painting. Classes commence with basic technique skill, design and art concepts, usually working with one medium to begin with until the students developed their technique. As classes continue we increase the variety of mediums to find the ones that suit the student.

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Hobart art tutor and professional painter gives enjoyable and dynamic painting classes

I keep my classes open, fun and optimistic, while teaching a wide range of technical skills. I give in-depth demonstrations, discuss famous paintings, introduce ideas and artists from art history, and engage in one on one discussions of student's work.

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Out of square art lessons, abstruct painting techniques and Japanese flower arrangements

My philosophy is to teach each student diffrently depending on their interests and ability, even in a goupe lesson. Everybody has something unique. My job is to find their uniqueness and nature it. Every age is welcome.

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I am a watercolour artist, I got many awards and prizes in India. And I handled summer camps for students of different age groups.

For the students to get interested in painting, I always start with a motivational class, So that they can look into the future. later on, my start from basics drawings, so that students get a strong foundation in drawing. And the next it is about playing with colours.

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Bachelor of Visual Arts & Design gives tutoring lessons in painting, exploring the abstract world of Art

My main objective is to find a way for the student to express themselves and find their own style of art, a lot of artists are stuck in a "technique" mindset and they fail to produce something unique. While teaching the student the fundamental techniques of drawing and painting my ultimate goal will be the development of a unique style that the student can call their own.

Barwon Heads
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Connect To Your Inner Artist- Geelong and Surfcoast with Mindful Artist Louise Purcell

I like to infuse my practical knowledge of art practices with a mindful and organic teaching style. My intention is to encourage others to find their individual style and hopefully while learning art they also get to know themselves on a deeper level. Lets say the methods will be fun, light hearted and unorthodox.

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RMIT Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) graduate teaches painting to high school students, university students and adults on the Sunshine Coast.

I take a student centred approach to learning, as each student will have different interest when it comes to creating. My lessons are geared towards advancing students skill development within their chosen subject matter. We will explore composition, colour mixing, shading and much more! For seniors in high school I can help create a University portfolio.

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Artist with over 20 years experience in Europe and USA, currently taking RMIT Fine Art Batchelor study will be teaching online and at home in Adelaide

I like to approach my students with view to inspire an enthusiasm to be daring. Sometimes we will be hands on with instructions and other times will be lively discussion on the endless possibilities in front of us. We can never get bored with this type of exchange. Part learning experience, part therapy to break the shackles of conventional thought.

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Art-Painting lessons- Central West NSW- I have taught at Schools and a Health Centre. I hold a Art Therapy Diploma Certificate and have experience of several years of art painting (Watercolour, Acryli

I am passionate about helping people and my art. Art is a way of expressing yourself and learning this skill is a way of life for me. I like helping all people and teaching them art skills. Anyone can do art its aimed at expressing yourself.

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Bachelor of Fine Art Graduate teaching students in The Alpine Shire and surroundings.

I allow the student to inform me of their interests and goals, them there I construct a program, activities to boost their confidence and abilities. I like the student to keep their work in a folder so they can reflect on the lessons and projects they have constructed.

Jose victor
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An experienced Fine Arts teacher who uses different approaches in painting and drawing.

The approach is a coaching style which underscores the theoretical underpinnings in the Arts. I always encourage artists to go into the content of the artwork other than its visual impact. So part of the theories I teach is on how to develop a strong narrative in every artwork.

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Fun Art Classes for kids, Great for small group activity - Eastern Suburbs

My teaching method is to keep it simple and fun. Explore different styles and materials, depending on the age group, look into various artists, so that they are inspired by the possibilities. Exploring paints, crayons, pencils, charcoal, etc. Looking at landscapes, still life and abstract pieces.

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La Trobe University, second year Education student studying with a major in Visual Arts and minor in History - strongly believes in the power of education

My teaching method is strongly based on positive relationships and open communication amongst teacher/student. I teach with a guided mediation idea, the student undergoes their individual work and I am there to facilitate their learning and assist when needed.

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10+ years experience as a life drawing artist, teacher and group facilitator.

My teaching style is most appropriate for individuals who are interested in developing their skills for life drawing, figure drawing, and ways to interpret what they see with pencil, charcoal or other mediums. Initial lessons involve a period of getting to know each other and developing goals for the sessions.

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Learn and enjoy Art to fulfill the creative instinct in you. Preferably in and around Strathfield

My teaching methodology is totally based on the kind of students I get to teach. Art is interest driven. I first try and understand the level of students and then impart knowledge accordingly. Generally, I prefer to give a general overview of what all things are going to be covered and then proceed further.

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Geelong based Creative Arts student teaching painting skills and general art knowledge

My teaching methods depend on you! I want to know how you think you learn best, and I will do my best to teach in that way.

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Art Drawing Therapeutic Sessions in Mildura. Teaching style: pretty chill and liberating

The whole idea of my teaching method is to give students the freedom to take my method I teach and make it their own. The lessons will touch base on the basic elements of drawing/painting and will then use the basic elements to create a masterpiece that relates to each student.

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