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Industrial designer with 8 years of experience in 3d printing, modeling and prototypes

I like to approach the student own project or propose one from beginning to end so we could develop all the competences needed for a successful design project , 3d printing operation , material selection and applying finishes to the prototype.

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Engineering graduate and Masters in IT student tutoring in Engineering, Information Technology, Computer aided designing, Mathematics etc.

Electronics - A complete guide to basic electronics a student needs to step into industry or higher studies. Industrial Automation - A complete guidance on Engineering concepts and practical approach to understand Engineering components and programs used in the industry. (PLC, SCADA, HMI etc.

Paris 18e
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Let's discover 3d printing and modelling with Autodesk Fusion 360 in Paris

I am a designer who specializes in additive manufacturing and I offer courses in computer graphics and 3d printing. These courses for all ages are aimed at individuals and professionals, beginners or not. My methodology is to learn by doing.

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AutoCAD, Microstation software Tutor for students and job seeker in Brampton, GTA

Step by step training to the student for easy grasping and long lasting effect. Command practice with actual use in industry. This is not a mere training but applied training which will put you in more commanding position in your study or profession.

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Learn How To Model With Me In Autoedesk Maya, 3Ds Max and Zbrush

My name is Moshe Mangena i'm a 3D artist i specialise in game assets modeling for game engines like Unreal Engine and architectural visualisation and texturing using photoshop, quixel, xnormal and marmoset toolbag. study with me and i will take you through every step and teach you how to model from basic shapes to advance shapes like cars and building, create UVs, texture, light and render.

New York
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Located in New York, I teach Autodesk Maya, and other 3-D Animation programs, from first grade to college!

My work and my teaching methods are interwoven; many of my student projects are based on my own artistic practice, in which I make installations that incorporate sculpture and 3-D Animation. I teach the basics of these skills, focusing on how these media can intertwine to create complex installations.

Greater London
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Character modeler for Animation and 3D printing offering tutoring based in Toronto.

My style is to help you to bring your project to light. To do so I'll advise you to what are the best modeling approaches and helping you to define the design. I'll be mentoring you to create your demo piece, your animated movie, or your 3d printed sculpture.

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Brighton architect offering Photoshop, Indesign, 3d modelling, + drawing lessons with 2 years teaching experience

I have experience and confidence in teaching those at school as well as university and adult learners. I am patient and offer handy tips to teach software, as well as calm and reassuring. I enjoy seeing my students become more self-confident as we proceed in tuition together.

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Friendly Bristol based Creative Designer specialising in cutting edge and traditional skills - VR (Vive & Oculus Rift) to Motion Graphics & Video (Adobe Creaive Suite) to classic Art & Design.

I have over 13 years of experience as a creative professional and I'm very enthusiastic about passing on skills and knowledge to students of all ages. Class structure can be catered to the individual and homework optional or dependant on subject.

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Visual Artist with an interdisciplinary skill set offering Digital Photoshop imaging & Branding lessons in London

- I set my output to the current trend standards. - I feed in an Architectural language to whatever work I do. - In an era of unparalleled opportunities for skilled visual players and sequential image-makers, you will create, explore and play with digital technologies and develop a specialist personal practice. - Medium of instruction English. - 100% Practical lessons.

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Aspiring art teacher giving 5 years experience in game art lessons in Worcester, MA

Whether in group or individual basis, I start with group general lessons regarding the basics of the subject before turning the table over to YOU. After a point, YOU will learn what YOU WANT and make a project out of it! I switch to various methods of teaching to reach as much of the class as I can.

Orange County
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Hey! I've Been a Graphic Designer for 15 Years. Lets Learn Something Together!

I 'll teach you basics. And i am gonna ask you actually that what you need exactly. You could interest in character animation or you would be like to learn only graphic designer needs. Or you wants to learn how to make instagram videos maybe.

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Learn How to model anything you have ever dreamed of, from simple to the most detailed creations.

My teaching methods are based in the development of my students sence of creativity and capacity to come up with new and consistent work. Most of the course time will be spent in practicing new skills and technics. In my opinion, students need time in class to practice what they were just thought in order master new skills, especially in this field.

Fordham Heath
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3D modelling and printing workshops with industry professional based in Colchester UK

Online or live workshop either in person or through skype or via projector. I will demonstrate how to e.g. sculpt a character or creature whilst the student follows along. I then check students work and mentor their progress. In some cases I will use team viewer or similar software to help the student remotely if live demonstration is not enough.

Med. amir
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Student in DE Architecture at NANCY, already a graduate of the Architecture and Environment Modeling Master, gives courses in 3D modeling, 3D animation and 3D INTERACTIVE.

I mainly base courses on the practice that will allow the fide and able to learn software more easily, it is always more motivating to see his work evolve during the sessions. this method is very effective for building your future library.

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General fundamental Computer Aided engineering Design (Catia and Cadds5i) with support systems

- AAS degree in design engineering - Practical applications with guidebook interactions and references for a general outlook prior to intricate working knowledge.

San Nicolás de los Garza
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3D video game artist gives modeling classes in Maya and 3Dmax

I am a 3D videogame artist i enjoy sharing everything I learn in the video game industry. I like teaching through practice, and guiding the student during the process of creating his model.

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ACA Certified Trainer teacher, offers 2D & 3D Graphic Design, 3D Design and modeling for beginners and advanced classes in Rome, through the softwares Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Zbrush

I am a Certified ACA Graphic Designer, who has been working as freelancer for creative companies and private studies. For two years I have been training students on graphic disciplines, in both public and private entities. I hold individual and group courses: Each student will be guided, and eventually followed in the correct approach towards the acquisition of the chosen jurisdiction.

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Graphic Design for virtually anything! 3d printing, modeling, animation, photoshop, illustrator, and anything else.

I believe in an open classroom as it certainly doesn't end at the door. I encourage different and all forms and ways of finding how each student may further grow their specific skill sets and how they will eventually work together as a whole.

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Currently going into grade 12. Working towards a computer science degree. I will tutor in computer science (Java and C). I can also teach solidworks.

I approach teaching in a fun way because kids do not focus that often and keeping the learning area nice and fun allows for them to stay on task.

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3D Artist offering lessons in Character, Environment and Vehicle modelling up to University level!

I teach and base my classes around my student's needs/wants. Whether you want to learn something new or improve on something you're already experienced with, I will personally plan for, teach and support you to your exact requirements.

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Digital Teaching on softwares and prototyping tools for architectural conception (CAM / CAO)

I can provide teaching, tutoring and help on the following subjects : - Softwares : CAD/CAM (Rhinoceros3D - Grasshopper3D), Naval (Nemo, Orca3D, Maat Hydro, Fine/Marine), Rendering (Enscape) - Scripting : C# (Grasshopper3D), Web (HTML, CSS) - Tools : Digital Fabrication (3D Printing, Arduino DIY, Industrial Robotics, Laser Cutting)

(10 reviews)
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Industrial design in Lille! Designer product for over 15 years, former pedagogical manager. Learn how to bring your ideas to life!

Experienced industrial designer, former head of a major design school, I propose to teach you how to make your dreams come true.

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MA Architecture alumni with 8 years of experience offering 3D modelling lessons.

I base my classes on my student. If the student is quiet advance then my class adjusts to his needs, otherwise I am teaching step by step the logic of the 3d modeling and ways that makes it easier. Usually through exercises.

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Creation of video games (mobile and PC) with 3D's max, Photoshop and Unity3D

Hello, Computer graphics enthusiast and graduate of Supinfocom in 2002, I realized many images and videos in 3D for the professions of architecture and real estate development, before launching myself into the video game industry. I now give courses in parallel in a training institute. So if you want to produce your own games (and apps) but do not know here to start, these courses are for you.

Ciudad de México
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Mechanical design CAD system, CAM CAE (Solidworks, Mastercam, Camworks, Bob CAD CAM)

Teaching method based on MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses), in addition to technical advice and consultancy through a digital platform, analyzing the training needs and developing learning contents for any group type(age, technical level, professional training degree, etc.).

Quartu Sant'Elena
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Graduated in Interior Design I offer lessons in graphics and post production with the main Adobe software!

The years of University and the preparation in a given field indirectly provide skills and knowledge about the preparatory tools for the profession. It is also a problem of the "Italian school" the lack of purely practical teachings in favor of a purely theoretical orientation.

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1st lesson free !

3D Artist with a Master Degree (Supinfocom) teach 3D/graphic Design/Drawing for animation films

The courses are particularly suitable for beginner or intermediate levels, students, preparing a 3D school, or just people wishing to discover 3D or animation. I adapt to the needs and desires of the student, according to what he wants to do and learn.

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