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ACU Education student giving English tutoring to high school OR Primary students in Wyndham area.

Firstly I would help the students establish some goals, based on things they want to improve on in the upcoming topic, by targeting their weaknesses. Setting some objectives for the lesson so that the student knows what to expect and can feel fulfilled after completing the tasks.

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Latrobe student currently studying English and History to give lessons to students in the Melbourne area.

My lessons are geared towards high school, years 7-12, who are looking to improve their essay writing and their ability to complete assignments related to the literature they are reading. My lessons are quite flexible as I understand that students learn material at different rates. My lessons will be geared to the students needs.

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H1 University of Melbourne Bachelor of Arts ACADEMIC ENGLISH + Beginner Chinese Tutor

My mantra is: make every topic relevant to the student's life and interest. The reason I love language class is that you can customise any learning experience to make it relevant to your own interests. For example, if in my academic English class we were learning about referencing, I could ask a student to bring their favourite book or newspaper.

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Melbourne Law Student and experienced VCE Tutor looking for High School students seeking to excel in English or Literature

My teaching method revolves around the development of three crucial skills. 1. Close examination of the text. (This skill dictates the quality of your response). 2. Construction/Structure. (Ensuring arguments are presented logically and appropriately). 3. Expression (Finer details such as spelling, grammar, vocabulary and fluidity.

Ferntree Gully
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Monash Psychology student, a nerd who loves to teach all things English.

I cater my lessons to you! You want to focus on spelling today, you got it. You want to write a killer essay? Awesome! Done deal. You don't know what you want? I'm here for ya, I have years of English experience and am 1 year experienced in tutoring English in a wide range of contexts, from primary school to the top end of year 12.

Malvern East
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Monash Global Studies student, tutoring English for primary school and high school students (VCE included) in Melbourne's inner suburbs

My approach to tutoring changes depending on the student I am working with. I acknowledge that not one style works for everyone and so use the first session to work out how the student will respond to different types of teaching methods. Then determine how best to help them learn and get the most out of the session.

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From Home Writing Skills Seminars, With Pre Service Teacher! (ONLINE CONNECTION NEEDED)

I base my classes on YOU. All methods I devise are based on where you need help. I also know that the best way for the majority to learn is to have practical applications. That is, not sitting down and filling out a sheet, but discussing the issues and how we can improve them. Most of my learning tasks have some form of practical task.

Mount Martha
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Monash Law/Global Studies Student offering English and Literature tutoring to VCE students

My tutoring sessions run - roughly - as follows: assistance and discussion of school work that you have any queries about, preparation for upcoming assessments (whether they be SACs or the exam), and the provision of extension material (such as notes, essay practise questions etc.

Wantirna South
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Deakin Public Relations Student gives English Lessons to High School and Uni Students.

As I have taught Arts related subjects like English, history, political science etc., for 4 years, I have realised that students learn and remember things better in two ways; first) when they explore a subject themselves and in-depth or second) when they are asked to re-write the given study material in their own lingo that will help them memorise it.

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VCE graduate (99.25 ATAR) gives English lessons to high school students in Melbourne

Having just finished my VCE studies, I understand that navigating high school English can definitely be overwhelming for students! As such, I find that the most effective way to see rapid improvement is to break down the different areas of the course and target specific difficulties the student has faced in the past.

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Year 12 Graduate gives English Lessons to students at both Primary and Secondary

My teaching method consists of two hours of structured discussion which pertain to ideas, themes and the intended messages towards the audiences of novels that are being studied at the Year 12 level as well as the appropriate structuring of an essay which .

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Trainee Teacher providing English support for high school students to improve literacy and writing!

I am a pre-service teacher with 3 years experience teaching English in high schools, 2 years experience as a private tutor, and 1 year experience teaching EAL to adult learners in businesses.

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Melbourne University student offering English tutoring to all levels of high school.

My teaching method is geared towards best preparing the student whether its for an upcoming assignment or to work on their essay and grammar skills. I aim to structure my lessons to fit the way my student may best learn.

Brunswick West
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Current RMIT student gives English lessons in person or via webcam, learn how to get a 40+ ATAR

I base my classes around open ended questions that can lead to discussion and in turn critical analysis. I feel that the best way to learn and improve is to discuss first, create a plan with objectives and goals, and then seek to improve through further study.

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Experienced and passionate Primary School Teacher available to tutor in Melbourne's inner East

I base my teaching around the Australian Curriculum and current practices implemented in primary schools, such as the inquiry based approach to learning. I am passionate about teaching students to really imbed and gain a deep understanding of relevant content as opposed to simply regurgitating memorised fact.

Williamstown North
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University student & VCE high achiever (ATAR of 90.75) providing Literature tutoring sessions (for Year10-VCE level) to help students achieve success in this wonderful (but often tricky...) subject :)

I like to look at my students' goals, strengths and weaknesses and go from there. This provides students with an opportunity to let me help them use their strengths to fight their weaknesses, and see success in their results.

Blackburn South
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Biomed Student gives flexible English tutoring that aligns with new study design

I am more than happy to go through a practise essay that you've sent me, but walking through a prompt and simply chatting about the ideas explored in a text can be just as useful. I may give you a homework task, but I will not be getting you to write pieces during sessions.

Burwood East
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Monash student giving tutoring for VCE English Language, and math, science and English (yr 1-10)

I ensure that all my students have a fixed lesson plan and that before any worksheets are given they are familiar with the content, and that they have understood everything. I like to use notes, and visual aids such as PowerPoint to help them understand not only theory based subjects, but also practical subjects like math.

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Monash medical student who got 46 in VCE English and 99.55 ATAR

I am a relaxed person, so I try to tailor sessions to my students' needs, rather than choose a strict system. Practice essays are very important in Year 12 English, so I encourage students to write throughout the year. I always mark essays I am given and provide feedback within a short time, as this seems to be the best technique.

Glen Waverley
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Melbourne Masters Student gives lessons to both High School and University Students in Essay writing and Exam Structure.

I have taught individuals and students of all ages and backgrounds. I largely base my experience in areas i have studied, but i am willing to research and relearn areas that may be beneficial to students. My teaching method tends to focus on the basics of essay writing and exam preparation, before moving on to theory and knowledge building for the subject area.

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Compassionate English Tutor offering lessons to primary school, high school and university students in the Melbourne CBD and Northern Suburbs

I endeavour to empower students by helping them cultivate confidence in their life-long learning abilities. I adopt a personalised approached to tuition, infused with patience, positivity and compassion. Given my multidisciplinary background, I strongly believe in the importance of learning to think, write and communicate creatively and critically.

Mont Albert
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Recent year 12 graduate tutoring VCE school based English in Melbourne (High Study Score)

There is no specific way to 'teach' or 'tutor' a student as everyone is different. By learning about the student and establishing their points of strength and weakness, I will be able to give advice, read through practice pieces, give past practice pieces and provide support. As year 12 is so fresh in my mind, I would love to help out a beginning year 12 student.

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VCE English Tutoring for English Units 1 + 2 (Year 11) and Units 3 + 4 (Year 12)

I'm a recent graduate of Suzanne Cory High School and I've maintained a 93% average for both Year 11 and Year 12. My lessons will include regular worksheets and notes to solidify concepts. To ensure you are prepared for your SACS and the exams, I have prepared planned lessons for 40 weeks which will greatly help you achieve a high study score for the subject.

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Masters of Education and Bachelor of Law/Arts (English and History) TUTOR AVAILABLE

I begin with the premise that ALL students have what it takes to achieve their academic goals. Completing a Masters in Education (Inclusive Learning) has given me the tools to meet the learning needs of all of my students. Our sessions will be informative, fun and creative.

Cranbourne East
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Hi, I’m a young university student teaching the fundamental English skills you need to excel in school!

Hi, my name is Chelsea, and I am an eager university student currently studying law. I am passionate about helping high school students achieve the best results they can in their core studies of English. My main area of expertise is aiding students with essay/answer structuring, deeper text analysis, and prompt/question comprehension.

Narre Warren South
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Monash Education preservice teacher providing English lessons in the Narre Warren/Berwick area

My philosophy is simple: All students require different approaches to learning. My approach to teaching focuses on where my students are at and what they are capable of. My lessons will ensure that student consolidate their prior knowledge and build upon their literacy skills so that they become proficient readers and writers.

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Monash undergraduate Psychology (Honours) student capable of teaching English, Psychology and science.

I like to interact with my students as much as possible involving asking them questions and trying to get the best out of them as possible. During the lessons, I will assign homework, give tests and many worksheets. I will track the students progress aswell.

Clayton South
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99.95 IB graduate from MLC providing SL/HL Maths, SL/HL Chemistry, SL/HL Biology and SL Mandarin B tutoring at State Library and in Clayton.

Not only do I have a thorough understanding of the curriculum and assessments, I would love to share my highly-effective study and revision techniques. Our lessons will be supplemented by detailed notes and flashcards (Anki) that enable spaced repetition and active recall.

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PhD with 11 yrs experience tutoring VCE English, Literature, History, Ancient History +more

I am a confident, kind, sensitive, earnest and enthusiastic communicator who is able to disseminate and make complex concepts clear and comprehensible.

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Highly experienced VCE graduate seeking to provide English tutoring to high school students

I'm able to adapt my lessons to students from all educational levels, from F's to A+'s, by individually tailoring them to each student's needs. I understand the different ways students learn, and hope to be able to use this understanding to help each and every student understand their content seamlessly.

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