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Highly experienced,motivated and passionate teaching professional for home tutoring in mathematics

Tutoring is my passion which makes me enjoy my job. As a Tutor it is very important to be adaptive and innovative as one deals with different students with different requirements and capabilities. Adaptability, patience, focus on simplifying the teaching are my strengths as a Tutor. I always help my student to become an independent learner.

Apart from Carnegie I charge 30 - 40 $ per hour.

I teach maths, algebra, trigonometry, physics, geometry, arithmetic. For the following level(s): primary school, early high school, year 10, year 11-12, TAFE, undergraduate, diploma/certificate, postgraduate, phd.
I give lessons in person, at the student's home.
I give lessons by Webcam.

Ami's Experience

I have more than 10 years of teaching experience as an university lecturer and tutor for primary and secondary students. I am working as maths tutor in Melbourne. When any student assign to me I always make sure that my students improve their performance.

Ami's CV

12/71-73 Coorigil Road Carnegie Melbourne VIC 3163
(concealed information)
Australian Permanent Resident  Available Immediately

A motivated and committed teaching professional with a strong career history in delivery of quality teaching as lecturer/assistant professor/tutor in engineering college/university.
• Creative and innovative thinker with demonstrated ability to teach various subjects and topics in the easiest way possible.
• Passionate about assisting students to reach their full potential within a nurturing and supportive environment.
• Proven track record of working successfully as a Private Tutor and Engineering Lecturer in one to one and group.
• An ideal mentor, motivator and guide for the students encouraging them to innovate and think out of box.


• Excellent knowledge of subject and also have great practical knowledge.
• Strong organisational skills with the ability to manage own workload
• Proficient in the use of office systems, software and technical equipment
• Excellent interpersonal skills and good computer skills
• Highly adaptable to any change in environment.
• Efficient research skills to seek out new technologies
• Excellent written and oral communication skills and good academic knowledge
• Ability to work in teams as well as individual for continues improvement.
• Ability to be vigilant and proactive with regard to student safety and child protection issues


Clayton North Primary School
Learning Support Assistant for grade 5/ /6 Nov 2017 to Jan 2018

• Work within well defined processes and guidelines established by school for various activities.
• Provide general support to teachers in managing students and day to day class activities.
• Assisted teacher in maintaining an environment conducive to learning
• Provide assistance in the preparation of student resources and equipment.
• Assisting students in learning various subjects and developing social skills
• Providing one-to-one tutorial support to students
• Provide basic physical and emotional care for students
• Act as a bridge between teacher and non English speaking students as well as parents
• Keep close observation on students and draw the attention of the teacher to them where required.
• Ensure work areas and materials, equipment and appliances are maintained in a clean and ready to use condition.
• Work with children who need motivation and encouragement.


Ezy Math Tutoring
Tutor for students of grade 1 to grade 10 Nov 2017 to till Date


• Provide private tutoring service to students of grade 1 to grade 10.
• Identify strengths and weaknesses of the student and work towards improving weaknesses and nurturing the strengths.
• Implement various learning strategies like back checking, Speak aloud, pen and paper, It’s OK to be wrong, rule dependency etc.
• Apply innovative approach in teaching.

Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology
Assistant Professor – Electrical Engineering 2nd-Jul-2012 to 27th-Jul-2015

Bhagwan Mahavir College of Engineering and Technology
Lecturer - Electronics Engineering 3rd-Feb-2011 to 29th -June-2012

Kalol Institute of Technology and Research Centre
Lecturer – Electrical Engineering 10th-Aug-2009 to 30th-Oct-2010

Bhagwan Mahavir Plolytechnic
Lecturer – Electrical Engineering 1st -Jan-2006 to 8th -Aug-2009


• Plan and deliver high quality teaching on a range of courses within the curriculum area.
• Plan and use a range of effective and appropriate teaching and learning techniques to engage and motivate learners and encourage independence and learner autonomy.
• Establish a purposeful and motivating learning environment where learners feel safe, secure, supportive and confident.
• Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of own teaching, including consideration of learner feedback and learning theories.
• Contribute to the preparation of course materials.
• Carry out administrative tasks related to courses and attend meetings as required by the Department’s management team.
• Promote equality of opportunity and diversity in all aspects of the job and challenge inequality and discrimination and/or report concerns as appropriate.
• Design and Conduct Laboratory Experiments for various subjects in Electrical Engineering.
• Accountable for arranging different club for the continues improvement of students in study, extracurricular activities, personality development etc
• Accountable for purchasing equipments for laboratories.
• Act as a mentor for students and guide them for various Academic, non-academic and career related queries.
• Arrange Industrial visits for students to keep them in synch with latest industrial trends and actual implementation of various academic theories.
• Arrange students’ parents meeting and discuss about students’ progress.
• Faculty Mentor/Guide to more than 40 undergraduate and postgraduate students for their final year Research projects.
• Participate in student recruitment, registration, and placement activities.

Course taught

• Elements of Electrical Engineering
• Electrical Measurement and Measuring Instruments
• Theory of Electromagnetics
• Control Theory
• Electrical Network Analysis
• Electrical Machines
• Power Electronics

Consultancy work with industries
• Design of power Electronic equipment.
It includes designing microcontroller based power electronic equipment and PLC based control panels.
• Energy Management
Electrical Energy Audit and provide solutions for the Electrical Energy Conservation and Management.
• Testing and calibration of electrical instruments
Testing of equipments and instruments as per specified Indian Standards, ascertain the quality of equipments and thus consumer’s interest is protected.

Supervised Project for the post graduate students

• Boost PFC Converter with Two-Switch Clamped Flyback Converter
• Current Ripple Reduction Using Two Inductor Boost Converters
• Simulation of 3-Phase Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of Switches

Notable works

• Actively managed all activities for institute to get NATIONAL BOARD OF ACCREDIATION (NBA). SCET became first Technology Institute in Gujarat to get NBA certified for Electrical Engineering.
• Worked actively as a member of Academic Monitoring Committee and played vital role in designing and improving Academic Methods and teaching approach.
• Worked effectively as a member of Discipline and Monitoring Committee and Extra Curricular Committee.
• Members of different Committees of Techno Festival (URJA & KSHITIJ) and design Technical and non-technical events which provide platform for students to showcase their innovative skills.



• Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical), SCET, India (2004)
• Master of Technology (Industrial Electronics), SVNIT, India (2009)


• Aakash for Education conducted by IIT, Bombay, at SCET, India (10 & 11 Nov. 2012).
• Research Methods in Educational Technology conducted by IIT, Bombay, at SCET, India (2 & 11 Feb. 2013).


• Recent Trends in Power System Protection SCET, India (3-7 Dec. 2012).
• Analog Electronics conducted by IIT, Kharagpur, at SCET, India (4-14 June. 2013).
• Advanced In High Voltage Technology, SVNIT, India (23-27 June. 2014).
• Control Systems by IIT, Kharagpur, at SCET, India (2-12 Dec. 2014).
• Power Electronics Circuit and Control, SVNIT, India (14-18 Dec. 2015).

• Power Factor Correction (Boost PFC Converter with Two-Switch Clamped Flyback Converter)
International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology
(ISSN: 2277 – 4106) in Vol.4, No.4 (Aug 2014)

• Current Ripple Reduction Using Two Inductor Boost Converters
International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development
(ISSN (online): 2248 – 4470, ISSN (print): 2348 - 6406) in Vol.20, Issue.4 (May 2015)

• Simulation of 3-Phase Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of Switches
International Journal of Innovative and Emerging Research in Engineering
(ISSN (online): 2394 – 3343, ISSN (print): 2394 - 5494) in Vol.3, Issue.5 (May 2016)


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