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I am a Health Science student that gives fun, easy to understand, and engaging biology lessons to high school, TAFE and university students on the Central Coast, NSW

I'm a student doing a Bachelor of Health Science Degree, majoring in Naturopathy.
I'm passionate about health and am fascinated by how perfectly designed everything in nature is, including the human body. I have confidence in my knowledge of the human body and I aim to ignite the same passion I have for this subject, within my students as well.
Finding relatable comparisons, and using metaphors and stories to enhance learning is the main way I ensure my students achieve.
I invite students to notify me of their learning style, or I help them discover it if they are unaware, so that I can modify my teaching methods for them.
I also encourage a 'work smarter not harder' approach to study and enjoy giving students fun and effective study techniques that both save time and work extremely well. All techniques are ones I use myself.
Lessons will be structured in a bottom-to-top approach in which students will advise me of the content they need help with, and I will begin by covering basic understandings of this and then layering depth on top of this platform when the student is ready to move on to the more complex material.
During teaching, I find it important to cultivate a stress-free environment in which my students feel comfortable and confident in approaching me with any questions or concerns they may have.
If students are comfortable with me controlling the pace I will do so, however, if a change of pace is preferred, then I am happy to accommodate.
My teaching style is as much about allowing the student to take control as it is about myself having control. I am more concerned with my student learning in the most effective way for them than I am about insisting my own methods onto them.
I look forward to teaching you!

Basic rate is for when a student comes to my house ($25 hourly)
Online rate is cheaper where I give tutoring lessons via Skype ($20 hourly)
If you would prefer for me to come to your house I can do so however due to petrol costs and travel time, the rate is higher ($30 hourly)

Please be aware that if you have bought a package from me and you have chosen that you come to my house for lessons, we will need to continue the lessons via Skype while I am travelling. Do not buy packages if you do not agree to this arrangement.

Note: The package prices I offer are the fixed prices for Skype lessons as well as lessons attended at my house.
I do not offer packages for at home lessons.

I teach biology, cellular biology, anatomy, molecular biology, physiology. For the following level(s): primary school, early high school, year 10, year 11-12, diploma/certificate, early childhood education.
I give lessons in person, at my home.
I give lessons by Webcam.

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I am so very lucky to have the privilege to call cassandra my beautiful sister, and If there were more people like her, the world would be a better place. She has the biggest heart, the kindest soul and would do anything in her power to help others. I think teaching comes very natural with her as she is patient, dedicated, passionate, and true to herself, having such a descriptive and understanding way of getting her point across. cas makes you feel at ease, making you able to see things from a different perspective giving you clarity and an open mind to other possibilities. She will conquer any task given to her, and I am so very proud of cas and the amazing women she has become.

Cassandra's Experience

I have taught many individuals who were interested in biology and were serious about wanting to understand and know more.
I have studied biology and am currently studying pathology at university, and have achieved very satisfactory results for all of my biology subjects.
I learned the hard way what the best study techniques were and the best ways to study smarter not harder so that I could achieve the highest marks, but also have time for friends, family and myself, without feeling guilty about it.
I can help you get there too.

Cassandra's CV

Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Naturopathy (5 years course). I am currently in my 3rd year and the subjects I have completed relevant to biology are:
1st year:
- Human biological science 1
- Chemistry and biochemistry
- Human biological science 2
2nd year:
- Pathology and clinical science 1
- Nutritional biochemistry
During this 3rd year:
- Pathology and clinical science 2 and 3

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