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English coach Voice expert trains you in conversation and public speaking or/and full front camera .

With an English coach give your fluency or public speaking an english booster !

L’oralité pour passion even in English!
For a better image, credibility and fluency in your English public speaking.

And if the first step was to believe in your voice?

A controlled, assertive voice that expresses itself with a calm and assured flow inspires confidence, seriousness and the desire to be listened to.

Speech comes by speaking and practice will make you more fluid and confident. At the beginning nobody will resent you if you make some grammar mistakes and there’s nothing more attractive than a beautiful French accent so go for it without worrying about your accent because it is a MUST and the Anglo-Saxons adore the French touch !

Does one of these phrases ring a bell?

- Your vocabulary and practice are short
- You don’t like your accent and it blocks you
- You are looking for perfection and it paralyzes you
- You loose control in front of an audience ou full front camera
- You are afraid of failure
- You have butterflies in your stomach
- you don’t know how to move on stage
- You feel negatively judged by others
- You don't manage to take the floor in general because you are shy, reserved, you want to but you dare not...
- Your were demotivated by your teacher back in the day
- The idea of being forced to speak English blocks you
- You lack confidence in yourself to get started

My conviction :
Putting pleasure and generosity into what troubles you, makes you uncomfortable, stops you, discourages you ... is one of the keys to transforming your approach to English language in all circumstances.

4 Steps to find the solution to improve your English conversation flow :

1) We will clarify together what blocks you & the goals you want to achieve in conversation.
2) We will work on your blockages, the aim being to work with pleasure and to make you speak as much as possible on subjects that you are passionate about or interested in by using articles, audios, debates, specific subjects (travel, cinema, music , environment ...)
3) We will fine-tune pronunciation and diction with "repeat after me"& "ear training".
4) We will start with role plays of everyday life (small talk, travel, professional meeting, leisure ...)

The result in a few weeks only :

- You will speak without complex.
- You will enrich your vocabulary in context.
- You will speak slowly and clearly to encourage your spokes person to listen to you.
- You will regain confidence in yourself.
- You will accept your imperfections which will allow you to improve and correct them.

5 steps to improve your English public speaking or/and full front camera:

1) We will analyze together what scares you the most (fear of the unknown, ridicule, lack of conviction, gestures, stress management, loss of memory or mastery of your subject ...)
2) We will review the text related to your presentation, speech, pitch in order to adapt the written language with the spoken language to deliver clear and powerful messages, sharpen your repertoire & structure your speech in connection with your objectives and your audience expectations.
3) We will work the vocal technique (breathing, diction, articulation, rhythm) the aim being to restore confidence in your voice so that you have a consciousness and a mastery of it.
4) We will start the work of role-playing by working in the concept of pleasure, sincerity and generosity. To begin with, you will need to know your subject well and then we can work on the shape.
5) We will dig to make you a convincing speaker who knows how to fill the space by working non-verbal communication (gesture, smile, look) and visualization.

The result can be fast in intensive work within a few days but it will depend on the steps’ improvement.

Note that:

I will train you adapting myself to your personality and your needs in order to make you evolve in the notion of pleasure to break the ice smoothly and with simplicity. I will correct you live so that you understand the right formula in context. And above all we will speak in English and English only.

5 TIPS on the rocks :

1) Always start with breathing exercises, meditation, visualization to relax before a speech.
2) Know your subject well and use your words, your personality to deliver a clear message.
3) Be natural, sincere and generous, have consideration for your audience and do not try to be perfect, if you’re stressed out just say it and it will relax everyone.
4) Visualize the audience as friends not like judges and talk to them as to a friend, be natural and yourself.
5) Don’t hesitate in using your sense of humour if you have a technical problem or other things that troubles your presentation, use it to make people laugh by towning down in order to always reassure, comfort your audience, improvise and above all don’t get stuck in the problem.

Here is a fortaste of what I want to pass on and the work that we will achieve together in generosity and positive vibes .
No challenge and the rest will follow ...

So Just do it, Yes you can and keep it simple !

A story, my pedagogy:

Raised by a French mother and a father living in the United States I grew up in both cultures. The first part of my schooling in Paris and the other in the United States made me a citizen of the world. One of my strengths is communications with energy and I wish to pass on the taste of speaking English by having fun because doing things with pleasure changes everything!
Vocal coach for actors, company heads, employees, Ecoach on the online platforms,, voice-over actress and singer I know both corporate and artistic worlds which allows me to meet the demand of a large public.
I love people and I love to pass on my expertise.
The music, the sound, the rhythm of the English language excite me and are the driving elements of my training .

Looking forward to meeting you soon for a first free session in order to discuss about your needs.

Contact me: (concealed information)
Skype : marief.vocalcoach

Yours Englishly

Conversation courses, fluency, pronunciation and get rid of your complexes :
1H : 35 €
10H : 32 €
20H : 30 €

Coaching in public speaking to boost the speaker within you:
1H: 65€
10H : 60 €

I teach esl (english), oral comprehension - english, vocabulary - english, accent reduction-french. For the level(s)year 10, year 11-12, , TAFE, , , , , , , , , , beginner, intermediate, advanced.
I give lessons exclusively by Webcam.
I logged in, this week.

17 reviews on Marie
  • 5/5

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17 recommendations


Marie adore enseigner, elle a la passion ,la patience et surtout un super niveau niveau en langue anglaise.On aime apprendre avec elle.


Marie est un professeur plein du peps qui vous transmettra sa bonne énergie et son enthousiasme pour la langue et culture anglo-saxon ! Elle est chaleureuse, patiente et déterminée de faire avancer ses élèves pour qu'ils puissent attendre leur objectives d’apprentissage.


Marie est une superprof, car elle n'enseigne pas de façon "classique"...
Elle nous fait travailler sur des sujets qu'on aime et nous fait beaucoup parler...En fait, on apprend sans s'en rendre vraiment compte, du coup c'est fluide.
Mon fils avait un réel blocage avec l'anglais, en deux cours avec elle, il n'avait plus d’appréhension et du coup, osait s'exprimer en anglais.

Je la recommande vivement :-)

Marie's Experience

I worked as an English teacher for over 10 years at Linguaphone but also as a freelancer.
I worked a lot face to face at the beginning then with groups of 4 to 12 people for companies such as Hachette livre, Lagardère Group, BHV, Gallerie lafayette, Alcatel,, Comédie française, NRJ radio and many others . Singer and voice-over actress I also coached CEOs, managers, actors and singers in English pronunciation and public speaking. My various activities around orality are for me communicating vessels that enrich my teaching method.
Working in a playful and dynamic universe, I always animated my workshops and learners in an atmosphere of positive vibes and pleasure which has always pleased until today.
I motivate the learners by bringing them to what they like and I adapt to their request by making them actors of the session, I make my learners speak a maximum by guiding them so that they remain active. My method is based on a part framed with material and the other part based on improvisation and flexibility. My goal is to make you evolve, I try to touch what animates you and interests you in order to work in the notion of pleasure vs suffering.
I ‘ve always had good feedbacks which is for me very rewarding, because the goal is to make you evolve and to make myself evolve as well remaining an eternal student totally perfectible.

Looking forward to meeting you soon for a free skype session to discuss your needs

Contact me : (concealed information)

Yours, englishly

Marie's CV


1992- 1993 Benjamin school, Palm Beach [Florida USA]

1994-1996 MERCER University Macon [Georgia USA]

1999-2002 American School of Modern Music [B.Billancourt]

préparation à l’harmonie, solfège, rhytme et composition jazz

2001-2003 Cours Claudia Solal chant et technique vocal jazz [Paris]

2004-2006 Coaching voix-off centre de formation au métier de la voix [Paris]

2007-2009 Roy Hart Theater, atelier d’improvisation vocale/corporel H. Isaac [Paris]

20011-2012 Charpentier Art studio, cours de théatre de Luc Charpentier [Paris]

2012-2013 Cours de technique vocale à l’académie M. Montero [Paris]

2013-2014 Cours d’interprétation et d’improvisation en anglais Sanford Meisner [Paris]


FORMATRICE D’ANGLAIS en entreprise Linguaphone [Paris 9] [Alcatel, groupe Lagardère, Areva, Hachette livre, éditions Fayard, NRJ, Bosch & Siemens, Galeries Lafayette,, Total, BHV le Marais, NRJ radio] .

E.COACH DE COMÈDIENS VOIX OFF ON LINE [coaching voix] Coaching de voix off novices, travail sur le placement de la voix,
rythme, diction, articulation, mélodie vocale et interprétation.

TEAM COACH D’ENCADREMENT POUR SFR ET AXA [Paris] Travail sur l’improvisation et l’imagination
dans le but de favoriser l’harmonie entre collaborateurs.

Aurélien Recoing, Christian Blanc et Alexandre Pavloff, préparation d’auditions pour rôles en Anglais.

E.COACH FRANÇAIS-ANGLAIS MAXXIVOICE [(concealed information) méthode en ligne pour maitriser la voix et les prises de paroles en public.

I also worked with independent artists, singers, actors, CEOs, managers on the American and BBC English accent and public speech.
I am myself a perpetual student who learns a lot from her learners and experiences.
My reward as a coach is when my learners progress, improve and reach their goal!

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