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Body Therapist graduated in Psychology offers sessions of Coaching for an Integral Life based on her studies and practices in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I do not believe in magic formulas or effect phrases. I believe that anyone who pretends to be a Teacher must be aware that he/she can only teach what he/she is. My goal is to offer guidance and psycho-emotional support based on the theoretical approaches that mobilize my intellect, body and emotions that make total sense and update daily for me: the deep symbolic psychology of CG Jung and the ancient Chinese wisdom. Both perspectives are based on the humble observation of the laws in the internal and external nature and the symbols offered by the same to remind us that we are a whole, a collective and that we need to co-responsible for what is around us if we want to develop and find harmony and happiness.

I teach life coaching, personal development. For the following level(s): beginner, intermediate, advanced, kids.
I give lessons in person, at my home or the student's home.
I give lessons by Webcam.

6 reviews on Mariana
  • 5/5

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6 recommendations

Luiz Fernando

Dedicação incansável. Ensina bem porque tem conhecimento sobre o assunto. Sua experiência se alia a busca inconstante pelo conhecimento.
Eu, como pessoa orientada em suas aulas, entendo que a Mariana como profissional tornou-se instrumento essencial no meu aprendizado.


Mariana é sincera e esforçada. Um belo ser humano.


Mariana é uma professora de confinça por sua sensibilidade e afetividade.
Nos conhecemos no compartilhamento de saberes e sua generosidade é marcante.

Mariana's Experience

My experience as a teacher begins in the psychological clinic: I have always dealt with my patients as a counselor, someone who sees the hidden potential of the other and who proposes paths, new practices and challenges from the "wire of ariadne" that is there but that person still can not see. Whenever the fall occurs, we can help by giving a weight and a measure more appropriate to the situation and motivating the advancement of that being in the walk of life. For the past year I have been practicing the role of teacher, directly by giving private lessons for primary education from 3rd to 7th year and in Shiatsu and other Body Therapies courses and training.

As much as seemingly contradictory ways of life seem to me, I understand that the Teaching Path is an open door in my life and that it can manifest itself in interestingly opposing and complementary ways. This is exactly the perspective I have to offer you to deal with your challenges and conflicts: teach you how to manage them from a broader perspective and a more graceful, flexible and accurate attitude, such as the movement of the bird to the snatch your fish into the sea.

Mariana's CV

Post-Graduation in Bioenergetic Acupuncture (Heiwa Eastern Therapies / UNIBAHIA) - in progress
SOTAI International Training - Comprehensive Postural Reeducation
Training in Integrated Neuromuscular Shiatsu (Supreme Harmony Center of Integrated Therapies)
Advanced Training in Emotional Shiatsu (Shiatsu School SHIEM) Advanced Training in Chinese Massage Terapy (Tecer Terapias / TAO House)
Advanced Training in Junguian Art Therapy (Artemisia Space)
Degree in Psychology (UERJ)
Private teacher - 3rd to 7th year. (2017)
Body Therapist and Professor of Shiatsu and Chinese Massage Therapy - development of a Sensory Pedagogy of Five Movements, where we seek to broaden the perceptions and senses of body movements and rhythms, awakening the sensitive nature that constitutes us inside and outside, and use it as a tool of self-healing, self-awareness, caring for self and others. (2017) Psychologist at the Pestalozzi Association of Niterói - individual psychotherapeutic consultations, multiprofessional screening group - public: children with disabilities (2016)
Professor Almir Madeira's Psychologist (FIA / RJ) - individual and group visits, , organization of cultural tours - public: children, adolescents and adults with disabilities. (2015).
Pro-Child Psychotherapist at the Pró-Criança School (parish of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart) - public: children from neighboring families in need (2015)
Private psychotherapist and several multidisciplinary clinics and volunteer psychotherapist at the Parish clinic Nossa Senhora Auxiliadora de Niterói , with mostly children. (2014)
CAPES / PIBID trainee at the State College Júlia Kubitschek, coordinating reflection workshops in high school on the theme: Freedom. Ethnographic fieldwork; reporting; theoretical research and textual production published in books; presentation of posters in congresses. (2013)
Volunteer at TETO Brasil NGO - Interviews with families and evaluation of their basic needs; planning of emergency housing construction and resource mobilization. (2013)

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